Rodeo sings a new tune

By Chito de la Torre

There's been a big rumor going around que el grupo Rodeo is breaking up. After talking to Frank Villarreal, el lider de Rodeo y tambien con Alfonso Jaime, uno de los cantantes, descubri que hay algo de verdad al chisme.

While EMI recording artists Rodeo has not disbanded, there are some major changes, singers Marcos and Alfonso Jaime have left the band.

"Basically it was about time," explained Villarreal. "Me and Alfonso and Marcos sat down and had lunch and talked about the whole last year and decided that it would be best if we parted ways. They want to do their own thing. That's always been they their dream. They figured this was the right thing."

Villarreal added that there were no hard feelings. They discussed it and parted as friends. Alfonso Jaime backed the sentiment up.

"It's kind of sad," dijo Alfonso Jaime. "I have a lot of good memories, but all good things come to an end." Pero things weren't always that good.

"Things got tense for a while but we ended on a good note," explained Alfonso. "We had our own ideas, and we felt that we had more to offer than signers."

Now Alfonso and Marcos Jaime have a shot of trying it out on their own, and some of the things they want to try is to play a little more conjunto oriented music as well as checking out the grupero scene that has been extremely popular in Mexico for the last five years. While they are still in the process of selecting band members, Alfonso said that they have already received some good offers from record companies.

As for Rodeo, they won't be suffering tampoco.

Rodeo already has a new lead singer. He's Roel Martinez of Laredo, Texas. Roel is a strong vocalist with a lot of experience. He has recorded with his own group (The Heat) under the Manny Music label. But when the label closed down last year, he like Oscar G., were left without a contract.

According to Villarreal, Rodeo is already working on a new album featuring Roel, that he hopes to bring to the market in a matter of months.

Photo courtesy Manny Music

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