La Mafia expands horizons

By Chito de la Torre

La Mafia has become a Latin pop icon, selling millions of records and pushing Tejano music to areas that have never heard of it. But for the Houston based group, that just isn't enough.

In a recent conversation with Oscar De La Rosa, La Mafia's singer, he told me that the group is currently working on two projects.

One project is a traditional La Mafia album that will target the Latin pop market. According to De La Garza, "it's going to go back to the basics." It will contain songs similar to the hits off of the "Estas Tocando Fuego," and "Un Millon de Rosas" CDs. That album should hit the market in another couple of months. But the other is something totally unexpected.

According to De La Rosa, La Mafia is working an English language album. "If Gloria Estefan can do it, so can we," said De La Garza.

"We're talking to different song writers and producers. It would be a first time that we've recorded an English album. Although we've had many hits in our market in English, like `Oh Girl,' `Try Me.' It's OK for the market that we're in. But I think now it's the time for us to record in English."

De la Garza said they are looking for the right producers and song writers that will give them the right sound, a mix of music that will fit in to the top 40 market but at the same time be different enough to give them their own mark.

Look for La Mafia's English language CD to be out in 12 to 18 months.

--30-- (printed with permission)