Jaime de Anda gets married

By Chito de la Torre

They say that one sure way to turn a chamaco in a man is to get him married, and apparently that has happened to Jaime De Anda.

Jaime, De Anda, leader of Jaime de Anda y los Chamacos, got married on Wednesday, January 22 to Sylvia Huerta, a long-time girlfriend.

Jaime certainly has a lot to celebrate. Last January 3, he turned 32 and was also recently nominated for a Grammy.

I hear that the wedding, a civil ceremony, took place at the Little Church of La Villita. His first best man was Eduardo Ordones, bass player for Los Chamacos. And Jaime's second best man is his best friend, Buddy. Buddy, a mixed breed Schnauzer. Pekinese wore a little tuxedo y todo. The Bride's Maid was Margot Salazar.

The reception was a real party with both Ramon Ayala and Campanas de America playing. Unfortunately, the honeymoon was cut short by Jaime's touring schedule.

Jaime met Sylvia while looking for an apartment. Sylvia is in apartment leasing, and a credible source told me that she didn't know who he was. In fact she didn't even have an interest in Tejano music. I guess it was his good looks and not his fame that got him hitched. FYI: this is the first marriage for both Jaime and Sylvia.

--30-- (printed with permission)