Song and story celebrate Esperanza's tenth

By Chito de la Torre

It's going to be a party this Saturday, when the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center celebrates it's 10 birthday.

The celebration includes art, song and storytelling by artists like Lourdes Perez, and Tecihtzin, among others.

It promises to be a an evening of laid-back fun that begins at 6 p.m. and ends at midnight on Saturday the 25th at the EPJC located at 922 San Pedro, just south of San Antonio College.

Lourdes Perez is a talented Puerto Rican singer from Austin, Texas, with a Mercedes Sosa style of singing, known as Nuevo Canto. Lourdes's lyrics are meaningful. Her voice is powerful.

Tecihtzin is a storyteller who recently published her first book, Chia a Powerful Recuerdo. Although she now lives in San Diego, Tecihtzin grew up in San Antonio, and her book tells the story of a young girl who lived in San Antonio during the 20's. With her gift for storytelling, Tecihtzin's book brings old San Antonio Chicano culture to life.

Tecihtzin will not only read from her book, she will also conduct the opening blessing at the anniversary celebration for the EPJC. As a Chicana elder, Tecihtzin has celebrated many ceremonias and has represented the Chicano Nation at gatherings with the Mohawk, Navajo, Nahua, Mayan and other indigenous nations.

--30-- (printed with permission)