Eddie Gonzalez se avienta

By Chito de la Torre

If you get a chance, catch (and mean that literally) Eddie Gonzalez's show. El vato se avienta.

Listen to any tejano station and you're going to hear Eddie Gonzalez y Grupo Vida. His song, "El Desprecio," is burning up the airwaves, so I was surprised to hear a rumor que his career was taking a dive. I decided to call Eddie up and get the low-down.

Sales for "El Disgusto" couldn't be better. Eddie is getting booked everywhere. Eddie's career couldn't be diving. But I discovered that Eddie was.

Eddie Gonzalez has started "stage diving," that's when a performer leaps from the stage and into the arms of the audience. Mostly, stage diving has been limited to rock artists, but Eddie's bringing it to la onda.

"We're crazy," dijo Eddie talking about the stage diving. "The first time I did it was in Harlingen. I worried a little bit, but people were so crazy, and they caught me. Now I do it everywhere."

Eddie says he started doing it because he wanted to "spark up the Tejano industry." He feels that sometimes Tejano shows can be boring. The stage diving has become so popular, that even his accordion player, Sonny, was started diving himself.

If you do see Eddie perform, and are a little worried that he might all of a sudden jump at you, stay calm. Eddie says that he gives the audience a little warning. "I pretend I'm going to do it to see if they'll catch me. Then I ask, `You all think I'm that crazy?.' If they go crazy, that's when I know they're ready to catch me.

The stage diving seems to be working for Eddie y Grupo Vida. They have been nominated to the Tejano Music Awards for several awards, including Showband of the Year.

--30-- (printed with permission)