Record companies sign on artists

By Chito de la Torre

There's a lot of moving going on ahorita en la onda. EMI, and Sony are releasing CDs by artists they have recently signed.

Texas Latino, who had been with Manny Music, is back and ready to record.

Texas Latino was one of the groups que se quedo homeless cuando cerro Manny Music about a year ago, but the group is too good to just bum around. According to JB Hernandez, the group's bass player and one of the four owners, said that they have just signed a contract with EMI Latin. According to JB, they will be releasing a CD that was mostly recorded when Manny Music was still around, but they'll add a couple of tunes to round out the CD.

Texas is not the only former Manny Music artist to be signed by EMI Latin. La Tropa F was taken on and so was Delia Gonzales y Culturas.

A few other Tejano artists that EMI Latin has just signed are Fito Olivares (his new CD is Con Amor y Sabor), Espada y Diamante (from Zapata, Texas, features a female vocalist) and a young woman by the name of Margarita.

Over at Sony Discos, they are getting ready to release "Apoco No", the latest recording by Los Temibles. Los Temibles, are originally from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, and although they are known mostly as a Norteno-type group, Sony is introducing them into the Tejano market. "Apoco No" will be released in a couple of months, and the single by the same name is already out. The CD will feature new tunes by Cornelio Reyna, Massias, and Luna Fria.

--30-- (printed with permission)