This week's chisme

By Chito de la Torre

AB Quintanilla the third is going to take up dancing as a profession. But don't expect to see him do the bottle dance any time soon. Apparently AB is going to open up his very own night club in Corpus Christi. So even though he won't be shaking it up on the floor, there's no doubt he'll be dancing all the way to the bank.

And another Q Productions artist that's changing his tune is Pete Astudillo. Parece que Platinum Pete acaba de grabar su primera cancion al estilo mariachi. Y porque no. Selena triunfo con su cancion "Siempre Hace Frio" en los Tejano Music Awards este ano. Es mas dos otros artistas se llevaron un trofeo de los premios Tejano Music con sus interpretaciones de canciones mariachis. El video de Ruben Ramos por la cancion "Paloma Negra", y el video de Nidia Rojas por la cancion "Hay Unos Ojos" empataron en la categoria de Video of the Year.

Que se oiga el gutarron!

One last thing. Time/Warner just announced that they will soon publish the biography de Little Joe Hernandez. And you better start getting your popcorn ready, too, porque depending on how the Selena movie does, Time/Warner might make a movie about Little Joe's life tambien.

--30-- (printed with permission)