Notice The following information is for archiving purposes only. Manny Music was the first Tejano record company on the Internet through La Onda Network.

The company is no longer doing business in the secular music world. Manny Music was changed to AMEN, Inc., and is now an exclusive Gospel production house. Under the AMEN, Inc. banner the following services are rendered:

  • CITA Music BMI, our Gospel music publishing company.
  • Amen Recording Studio, equipped with the most modern of digital equipment.
  • AMS Records & Tapes, which distributes close to 100 titles of Spanish Gospel recordings.
AMEN, Inc. have many other services for the Gospel music community, which include promotions for radio, bookstores, and mail order catalogs, and complete production and duplication of cassettes and CD's, from the recording to retail ready product.

Volume III Number 1

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Vol I No. 10 - Culturas
Vol I No. 9 - Esmeralda
Vol I No. 8 - Roel Martinez