OSCAR G is one of the most exciting stars in the Tejano music galaxy! Driven by his desire to express himself through music since the age of ten, Oscar G releases all the excitement and energy of a "no holds barred" performance every time he takes to the stage with GRUPO SOL. All his fans enjoy his music for its raw power and pure entertainment, for Oscar G's versatile voice squeezes every last ounce of emotion and passion from the lyrics of each song.

Oscar G calls upon his years of musical experience in every show-stopping performance. He's been there and he knows what it's all about. He knows what the people want and he gives it to them. One of the highlights of his career was fronting as the lead singer for David Lee Garza y Los Musicales! Today, Oscar G works with some of the best musicians in the industry in GRUPO SOL, whose members include: Eddie Rivas - Drums; Roger Contreras - Bass; Martin Garcia - Keyboards; Ernest Garcia - Lead Guitar; Xavier Trejo - Accordion; and Eddie Guerrero - Sax. Their sound is special... their sound is the heartbeat of Tejano... their sound IS the sound of TODAY!

No cause is ever too small, no need so minor, that Oscar G isn't there to do what he can to help. By the same token, no challenge or problem is ever too big for Oscar C to help with, either! His charitable work serves as an example to others in the Tejano industry that all performers need to put something back into the communities that have given them so much of their own success. Oscar G has earned the highest praise and accolades from such community service organizations as the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), Goodwill Industries, The Lil' Dribblers Basketball Program, The Lil' Darling Cheerleaders Program, The Harlandale Independent School District, The Council On Independent Living (COIL) and many, many others. In February 1994, the City of San Antonio presented Oscar G with a Certificate of Commendation because of his continuous efforts. He hasn't forgotten his Eagle Pass and South Texas roots and credits his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Juan Gonzalez for instilling in him a sense for doing what is right. OSCAR C is the Tejano spokesman for the "Clean Texas 2000" campaign and he also dedicates what spare time he has to helping handicapped children.

Latest CD/CXT: TE QUIERO Manny/WEA Latina 13045

Booking Information: Abel Garcia Productions Telephone (210) 733-6391 Fax (210) 733-6458