Roel Martinez is the face of Tejano music's future today. As if by a magnet, women are drawn to this charismatic good-looking singer and men readily identify with Roel's masculine personality. Tejano fans BEWARE of the newest Tejano addiction from the borderlands of Texas. Gleaming white hot talent behind a voice rich with power.......... The Tejano future is here and his name is ROEL MARTINEZ.

Laredo, Texas is the crossroads of our Latin American community; a gateway to old Hispanic culture and people. Roel Martinez is a bicultural artist with influences steming from both the Mexican and American side of the border. Roel's tremendous talent is second only to his youthful desire to be the next Tejano superstar.

In the business, DJ's have given Roel the nickname "Ramilio". They say Roel has the voice and the moves reminiscent of current Tejano Superstars. We prefer to call him Roel. His Tejano career accelerated to full speed when Manny Guerra, Tejano's top record producer, took Roel under his wing.

After signing with Manny Music in '93, Roel and his management team went to work polishing and perfecting a spectacular live show to go with a hot album. "Juntos", Roel's first album released by Manny Music and distributed by WEA Latina, received a warm welcome from the Tejanos at the top. "A Mover El Bote", a prickly cumbia, "Juntos", an upbeat version of the Emilio acoustic ballad, and "Tu Me Perteneces", a romanic ballad, all received recognition on hit lists across the state of Texas . At 22, Roel Martinez is the new Latin music movement in the flesh. Roel began his singing career with the Shelly Lares Band, where he sang back-up and gained invaluable experience. In August of '92 Roel decided to start his own quest for fame and fortune. Since then, Roel has opened for some of the best musicians the Tejano industry has to offer, including La Sombra, Mazz, and Emilio Navaira. All have shared the stage with Roel, but now he is ready for his own limelight. His musical roots took shape at birth the Casa Blanca in Laredo and the Yellow Rose in Corpus Christi.

Roel's live performances include a full Tejano band, sexy new dance steps, and of course, Roel's overpowering vocal ability. From the Hi-Ho Club in Dallas to El Mercado in San Antonio, Roel has opened the eyes and ears of Tejano lovers with his unique mix of old world style and progressive show and lights. Roel has heard the screams of approval and always leaves his crowds wanting more. And that is exactly what he has to offer........more!

Bien Chulo with a voice as deep as the Gulf of Mexico, Roel Martinez is a sure sigh that the best Tejano singers are still yet to come. Look for Roel, and spice up your Tejano music collection with the brightest young star with the voice of gold. Roel Martinez, a friendly wink, a handsome smile, an energetic song, is the Tejano showman with all the aces.

Roel's newest release is entitled "The Heat is On." It can serve warning that Roel is embarking on his most ambitious project yet, or forewarning to other aspiring Tejano artists.

Latest CD/CXT: ROEL MARTINEZ & HEAT Manny/WEA Latina 13051

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