Texas Latino

When the Tejano Music Awards declared Texas Latino Best New Artist in '93, the stage was set for one of the hottest new bands to emerge on the scene. Texas Latino is more than a group of musicians; they are the strongest young professionals ever assembled in the Tejano music industry. While words are easy to come by, the chemistry that brings these young guns together can be experienced in their premier CD "Don't Mess with Texas". Though this was their first CD, you can't tell from the sound of their work.

Luis Ortiz, author of Culturas' mega hits, "Besame" and "Ay Mama", came to Texas Latino along with well-known Culturas accordion player Candor "Candyman" Tovar. Both were tried and true professionals with proven track records. Luis, a song writing guitar player with a Tejano heart as big as his talent, is a San Antonio product. The Candyman is so nicknamed because of his sweet accordion passages and overwhelmingly complicated musical runs. Rick Acosta, lead singer and sax player, is the point man for this super group and his voice is as deep and strong as the Mississippi river. Also coming from Oscar G's Sol are Manuel "Memo" Enriquez (Bass) and J.B. Hernandez on drums. All three are the voice, heart and soul of Texas Latino. With the vocal style of Rick and the driving rhythms of Memo and J.B., Texas Latino is a guarantee hit, now and for years to come. The youngest member of this group, Severo Contreras, is the keyboard specialist, but do not let this youthful hunk suprise you. Formerly with Tiger Diaz, Severo is an innovative musician with lighting quick fingers and style that will be imitated by many and duplicated by none.

These young artists bond with their fans igniting an unquenchable thirst for their music. As frontrunners, they have appeared on television shows including "Aqui Rogelio," and "Puro Tejano".

Texas Latino has given back to faithful fans by helping the YMCA, San Antonio Holy Cross High School, and the Santa Rosa Children's Hospital in San Antonio, just for starters. Texas Latino is a lean, mean example of a healthy powerful Tejano Band.

Texas Latino's latest release "Stempede" is in the right step. This new CD has three cumbias, five polkas, one slow ballad, and a swingin' country tune. Though the album is a stunning jewel, their live performance is their crowning achievement. The first release titled La Ultima Lagrima is an original composition of guitarist Luis Ortiz and drummer JB Hernandez and is currently receiving hot airplay. Altogether, the songs are all energy. Surely, the history behind Texas Latino has been the springboard to their quick success. "Stampede", is now available on Manny Music/Wea Latina.

Latest CD/CXT: STAMPEDE Manny/WEA Latina 13047

Booking Information: Luis Ortiz Telephone (210) 432-4575