SAN ANTONIO -- San Antonio Express-News music reporter Ramiro Burr has signed a contract with the New York-based publisher Billboard Books to produce the first ever reference guide to Tex-Mex music.

The book, covering the genres of Tejano, conjunto. norteño and other regional forms, will provide incisive and comprehensive profiles of top players from Emilio, Selena and Little Joe to Bronco, Vicente Fernandez and the venerable Los Tigres del Norte. It will be a combination reference source for music journalists and libraries, and an invaluable consumer's gtiide for record collectors and serious music fans.

"I am extremely excited about this opportunity," said Burr. "Billboard Books is a very prestigious name in the publishing world and I'm looking forward to producing the definitive book on Tex-Mex music."

Tentatively titled "The Billboard Guide to Tejano, Conjunto and Regional Mexican Music," the book will be both an encyclopedia of the music with an A through Z listing of all the top players, innovators, and record-breakers in the subgenres of Tejano, Norteño, conjunto, etc., and an overview of the roots of Tejano and its cultural impact.

"Any history of Latino music will have to include the important voice of journalist Ramiro Burr, a pioneer chronicler on the rise of Tejano and other Southwest and border musical forms," said Robert Rivard, Managing Editor of the Express-News. "Just seeing his name on this book will tell aficionados it's the real thing."

The book is expected to hit retail stores by spring 1999. It will be the first volume in the Musical Cultures Series initiated and published by Billboard Books.

Burr, a music reporter for the Express-News, is a 16-year newspaper veteran who has covered arts and entertainment since 1985. Burr is also a correspondent for Billboard magazine, and a free-lance writer published by Pulse, New Country Music, Texas Monthly and Hispanic magazines. Since 1986 Burr has also specialized in Latin or Spanish-language music. For more than 12 years, Burr has covered the Tejano waterfront, reviewing hundreds of bands and reporting on the music's milestones for both mass circulation and trade publications. Since 1990, Burr's weekly Express-News music columns have been syndicated as "Ramiro Burr's Latin Music," in several newspapers including the Houston Chronicle, Fort Worth StarTelegram and the Valley Morning Starr.

Billboard Books is an imprint of Watson-Guptill, the book division of BPI Communications, Inc., which also owns Billboard, the international newsweekly of music and video.

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