To: AC
From: One of millions of fans
Date: November 7, 2005

I would like to take the opportunity to express my disappointment in hearing your radio program this morning regarding Joe Lopez: First of all, Joe Lopez like any high profile professional that has earned the admiration and respect from his fans needs support under any circumstances when confronted with this type of allegations, that are common coming from infatuating fans. At the same time, we all know that Joe Lopez is going to have to face this unfortunate situation. The position that you are taking regarding the planned Award Tribute to honor Joe Lopez as if the tribute is now dependent upon his decision to come forward in order to "Pull this Off" As you state on the air, is totally absurd, and unfair! You are taking basically one of three positions: One is of a Politician, Which you are not; the other would be of a District Judge? The article on the Brownsville Herald states that the Judge is Leonel Alejandro. And the only other position left would be of a Hypocrite. The man is supposed to be honored for his professional achievement and the magnitude of his career, not for being Sister Teresa. In other words, if Joe Lopes comes forward to respond to the allegations presented to him, it is a PERSONAL decision. Any one that truly cares for an individual should respect whatever personal decision he/she takes regarding their personal life. Therefore, whatever is happening in Joe Lopez personal life is a separate issue? The tribute that has been planned is something that he has earned as an Entertainer, as a Professional and that should be an unconditional gesture from the organization; it is a decision that cannot take a set back. Otherwise it becomes false admiration, and hypocritical. Should Joe Lopes decides not to contact the authorities, it is his prerogative even if we all can disagree with his position surrounding this allegation, it has to be respected. At the same time, the organizers of the Award's Tribute have the right to make any adjustments or changes to the upcoming event without Joe Lopez being present, after proper notice to confirm his participation is given. It would be professional courtesy on his part to make contact with the organizers and if this conformation is not made. You can then make any changes in the "Event." Regarding his tribute, he has earned it! Joe Lopez deserves to receive this honor under any circumstances and not dependent upon his physical presence. You said your prayers are with him; personally the power of prayer can make wonders, when people are hurting. However Joe needs utmost support from you and all his fans. This is why your ongoing comments of this morning surrounding this incident come across as being false. Any rational individual cannot agree with a person's wrong doing, particularly when an allegation is proven to be criminal. This is not the case, at this point. Although the District Attorney is already making derogatory comments about Joe Lopez without even having a response statement from Joe Lopez in the incident Again, we all know that you are not a Politician nor a District Judge, so my direct question to you is this: what exactly are you? When you are prejudging and over dramatizing this entire issue surrounding Joe, without having any real evidence other than an allegation, and a negative comment from the Brownsville District Attorney and no personal statement from Joe Lopez himself?

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En lo personal, mis padres me inculcaron que cuando se escucha un "Chisme" de cualquier persona, ese chisme no se debe de andar platicando ni divulgando a nadie! Particularmente cuando ese chisme no nos afecta personalmente. En este caso, usted no es policía, ni investigador ni reportero. Usted dice ser admirador de Joe López, pero parece que nomás esta aprovechando este incidente para dramatizar un incidente que muy bien puede ser una falsa acusación, una mentira. Un simple "CHISME". Usted debería mejor no hacer ningún comentario ni mucho menos invitar al publico a comentar sobre el caso. Porque esta invitación de comentarios no trajeron nada mas que apoyo positivo. Aunsienbargo los comentarios de usted se escucharon ridículos y en forma de instigación sin saber nada mas que un articulo del periódico, y una alegación, dedíquese mejor a su trabajo! Hay un dicho que dice: Nosotros somos como piedras, rodamos y rodamos pero tarde o temprano nos encontramos!

Estoy seguro que a usted no le gustaría que nadie anduviera divulgando ni tampoco que se hicieran comentario e indiscreciones sobre usted ni su familia en publico sin tenerse de antemano evidencias concretas ni conclusivas sobre algún crimen cometido.