18th Annual Tejano Music Awards

    Most Promising Band - Adrian Gomez &
    Alma Pulido
    Tejano Regional - Margarita
    Tejano Crossover - La Tropa F
    Album of the Year
    (Conjunto Traditional)
    - Stepanie Lynn &
    Johnny Bustamante
    Humanitarian Award - Gov. George W. Bush
    Show Band of the Year - Texas Latino (band)
    Male Vocalist of the Year - Elsa Garcia & Pio Trevino
    Female Vocalist of the Year - Ricardo Castillon &
    Nydia Rojas
    Song of the Year - Elio Quintanilla &
    Agnes Torres
    Male Entertainer of the Year - Shelly Lares &
    Ram Herrera
    Female Entertainer of the Year - Patsy Torres &
    Hugo Guerrero
    Album of the Year (Group) - Delia Gonzalez (Culturas) &
    Oscar G. (Grupo Sol)
    Video of the Year - George Gervin & The Coyote