Tejano News

Elida Y Avante

By Javier Becerra
After a short absence from the Tejano music scene, Elida Y Avante's long
awaited compact disc has finally hit the record stores
According to lead vocalist Elida Reyna, the band has set aside previous
differences with their former label, Voltage Records, and is ready to give
fans what they've been waiting for.

"Algo Eterno," their first CD under Tejas Records, has been selling really
well since its release.  Reyna and bassist Noel, who helped produce the
record, are proud with their latest collaboration.

"We did a little bit of everything on this new CD.  It's basically our own
style.  We did it the way we felt like doing it," Reyna said.  "When you
listen to 'Algo Eterno' you'll hear how very special it is.  When we play
the songs live we get phenomenal response. We put everything on the line
for these new songs and Tejas Records was the label that understood the
best.  I can't tell you how good we feel because suddenly everything is in

Elida Y Avante erupted onto the Tejano scene in 1994 with their first CD
"Atrevete," which produced hit singles like "Luna Llena."
The group has won and been nominated for various awards since their gold
record effort.  In 1995 they received the TTMA Industry Awards for "Rising
Group of the Year" and "Rising Female Vocalist of the Year."  This year the
band won Billboard Magazine's prestigious "Revelacion Del Año" award.
With all their achievements in the past two years and despite a few
difficulties, the band still remains focused.

"This CD took a lot of effort and we want to make sure our supporters enjoy
every song," Reyna said.

"I think the wait was well worth the result," said accordionist Cande
Aguilar, Jr.  "We have grown as a band, and that is what making music
together is all about."