With the ever-expanding sound of Conjunto music, it might not be too unusual to hear a young accordionist talk about melding the accordion styles of Paulino Bemal and Steve Jordan. But spice that tradition with the funk/punk gyrations of the. Red Hot Chili Peppers and the metallic rage of Poison and you've got a sound that speaks more directly to the Latino youth today.

As a singer, songwriter and accordionist for the Corpus Christi based group TALENTO, 25 year old Albert Zamora has found the key to creating a style that is exciting, youthful and powerfully defiant. For over 4 years, Zamora and his group have been driving audiences into dancing frenzies with his explosive accordion playing and the group's ability to interact with the crowd. "We never really plan anything out at our shows," Zamora says, "but, if the crowd responds to us, then we like to get things rowdy by responding with them."

The group features a progressive conjunto line up - Milo Rivas on the Bajo Sexto, Manuel Ponce on Bass, Steve Perez on Drums, and Trino Martinez on Keyboards - but its the hard funk polyrhythms of Zamora's accordion and his distinctly melodic song writing that makes their sound instantly recognizable.

Albert Zamora Y Talento are surely staking out their own claims to the new Conjunto sound armed with an electric blend of old and new ideas. Under the Hacienda record label since the groups creation, the group has released 10 albums with their most current being "No Puedo Quererte". This group is also one of the first Conjunto groups to release a full length concert video entitled "Albert Zamora Y Talento - Live in Monterrey."

With many successful tours of Texas and Mexico, Albert Zamora Y Talento, recently entertained thousands of fans during their first California tour, with performances in Los Angeles, San Jose and Fresno.

The world of Conjunto music is changing rapidly and Albert Zamora Y Talento are determined to lead the way.