If you missed chatting with her at Pura Vida Awards, here's your chance!

Monday, June 15 at 11 am Central time

IRC server: irc.dmans.net
IRC Channel: #laonda

IRC log started Thu Jun 15 11:58:53 1998

[WebJefe] Welcome to La Onda Network chat Elida!
[Chikko] huh?
[Vero] Hey Elie!
hello everyone

[Texican] Howdy
[Vero] El, do you know who I am?
[Chikko] hola Elida
[Selena] heya Queen Elida!
[ElNorteno] hola Elida
[RayRay] Que Paso Guys!
hi Vero how is lubbock

[Texican] thats not really Elida ..........is it?
[Vero] It's great! How have you been?
[Vero] Belinda says hello!
I have been great and yes it is me

[Vero] We've missed you
[RayRay] Hey Elida!!!!!
[Vero] Did you get my letter awhile back?
[Texican] where are you pinging in from Elida?
[Texican] BMW, TEXAS???
[Texican] LOL
[Chikko] hola emilio
[ElNorteno] hey Emilio
i am pinging from Mercedes, Texas

[WebJefe] Elida your EYA 98 CD rocks! Is it doing as good as you expected?
[Texican] Por supesto .............
[Selena] heya Emilio
[Texican] When is the next CD going out?
[RayRay] Que Paso Web!
[ElNorteno] Elida, where r u playing this weekend???
We have only released one song, Ya basta, it is doing good

[Vero] El, how are the guys?
[Texican] Small request.......please add more trumpets to your songs.........Thanks!!! We love the sounds of trumpets here in Houston
[Vero] I love Duele, I wonder why?????
[Chikko] Elida are u gunna be in corpus christi today 4 the Johhny Canales show?
[Texican] Trumpets and saxs.........less accordian
[Texican] Thanks!
yes I will be in Corpus Christi today for the JohnnyCanales show

[Vero] El, we need to get you some typing lessons, girl!
[Vero] lol
[Chikko] kewl i knew it was today
[Chikko] hehe
[ElNorteno] Elida, When is EyA coming up to Ohio and Michigan????????
[RayRay] Elida uses Trumpets now?
Sorry, I am new at this

[Vero] We forgive you!
[Texican] but not enough trumpets and sax sound
[Vero] El, Belinda wants to know if your mad at us?
[Texican] Elida.....ya'll play too much accordian.........play more trumpets and saxs
[RayRay] Texican where you from ese?
[Vero] Accordion is the BOMBS!
[Texican] Tejano music these days sounds too much alike
[Vero] except Elida, she's awesome!
[Texican] you need to differeniate your music from others
[Texican] don't be afraid to provide the Tejano industry with new sounds.......instead of the same old accordian sound
[RayRay] Elida you where GREAT here in Midland last month
[Vero] El, my mom says "Hola"!
[Texican] Thats the problem with Tejano music today.........all the groups sound alike
[Vero] Are you still there?
[Texican] make that move!!!
We try to diversify our music, and try to come up with fresh new sounds and ideas

[Texican] but ya'll still have too much of the old accordian sound
Hi vero's mom

[Texican] the younger generation likes to hear keyboards, trumpets, etc....
Elida says hi to Belinda

[Texican] perhaps a little scratching......
[Chikko] nah texican we like acordians too
[Texican] we still love your music........
[RayRay] There you go!
[RayRay] The first CD is the best one! My favorite!!!1
[Selena] Elida, any plans to come back up to Washington State? we'd love to have you back
[Texican] There needs to be more Tejano Videos on T.V.........
[Trueno] damn thing
[Texican] workk on the distribution problem.........
[Chikko] there go's web
[Chikko] choosh op me dude
[Chikko] plz?
[Chikko] gracias
[ElNorteno] np
[Vero] Hey, Belinda says it's about time you put that song by Los Bukis on a CD. It's AWESOME!
[Vero] and I agree
[Vero] The first CD was awesome and I agree! But El doesn't think so, do you el?
[Vero] Abel, you still there
[Chikko] so as i was saying u think u could stop by my house on the way to corpus Elida?
[WebJefe] yeah, just got back in
[Vero] lol
[Vero] good one Chikko!
[WebJefe] I wonder if we lost Elida?
[Chikko] damn
[Chikko] LOL!
[Chikko] yyeah
[Chikko] LOL!
[WebJefe] yup we did.....
[Vero] oh know!
[Texican] LMAO
[Vero] come back, el! Come back!
[WebJefe] Houston we have a problem....
[Vero] lol
[Vero] good one!
[WebJefe] =:^)
[Texican] where did she go?
[RayRay] Too much pressure questions!
[Chikko] LOL!
[Vero] we scared her!
[ElNorteno] yea right
[Texican] do you think the hamsters died on her pc?
[Chikko] do's she know how to reconnect?
[Texican] LMAO
[Vero] hamsters????
[Vero] hello
[Chikko] he's a commedian
[Chikko] damn theres 1 in every room
[ElNorteno] it could be that rubber band broke
[Chikko] LOL!
[Vero] Chiko, how do you get different colors?
[Chikko] make that 2
[Texican] lol
[Chikko] hehe
[Chikko] u just press
[Chikko] control k
[Texican] wazzz sup Big E?
[Selena] welcome back, Elida
[Chikko] then any numbers from 1-12
[Chikko] wb elida
Hello, I got lost for a while but I am back

[Texican] 2l
[Texican] Por Supesto
[Chikko] web u still there?
[Texican] On behalf of the brothers of Omega Delta Phi.......Elida we wish you much success in the future......
[Vero] dfdskf
[Vero] nope
[Vero] didn't work
[Vero] How's married life, El?
[Chikko] ask texican he did it
[Primo] HI ELIDA
RayRay hands Elida a Lollipop!
great vero

[Texican] 3l5o8l
[Selena] Elida, any plans to come back up to Washington State? we'd love to have you back
[Texican] 1lol
[Primo] Hi Elida, I'm Primo from Houston!
[RayRay] Anybody ready for Lunch?
yes I hope so but first we will be in Wisconsin

[Vero] Hey El, let's go to Denny's??????
[ElNorteno] i got some cold pizza
[Vero] lol
[WebJefe] Elida, people are dying to see you in a Wedding dress. Would you release any wedding photos to La Onda Network to share with your fans?
[Selena] too far away from me :)
[Texican] What........Mexicans in Wisconsin???????????
[Vero] Yeah, where's my weddin pic?
[Vero] wedding
denny's for my favorite buffolo wings with a salad

[Texican] who did you marry?
[Vero] There you go!
MaCkieMaC is fashionably late...
[Vero] Memories......
[Texican] Irma Chapa says hello
[Primo] wow, a Denny's lover!
[Vero] only at 3 in the morning, primo!
Tell Irma I said hi

[Vero] Who's Irma?
[Primo] hey Elida, how do you take care of your voice? Do you drink only certain things?
[Vero] gummy bears and water
[Vero] right, El?
I will try to get the Webfefe a picture of me in my wedding dress

[Primo] lol
[Texican] This is boring
[WebJefe] Elida, do you have any special events or concerts coming up?
[soultrave] naw..this is great!
I drink a lot of water and no Caffeine and a lot of margaritas ha ha

[soultrave] lol
[Vero] More like Tequila shots
[Texican] LMAO
[WebJefe] lol
[Primo] cool!
[Vero] oops sorry, that's me!
[Texican] Crawfish and beer
[Vero] my bad
[MaCkieMaC] BRB .....gotta reboot....
[Chikko] Elida could u stop by robstown on your way to corpus so i could meet u in person cuz i cant go to the johhny canales show cuz my sisters outta town and mom dont like taking me to tejano concerts?
[Bratzi] Someone say "Margaritas"
[Texican] Shrimp Ettouffe
Primo pours out the rest of his coffee....
We are playing in dallas at artist square this wednesday and six flags on sunday

[Vero] El, any where in West Texas? Anytime soon?
[Vero] Maybe Belinda and I can actually go this time
[MaCkieMaC] Vero where in West Tx..
[Bratzi] Hi Elida, I'm Bratzi from Lewisville
[Primo] will u be in SA soon?
[Vero] Don't be mad at us for not going last time? (Cry)
[Texican] El, will you be playing in Hattisburg, Mississippi anytime soon???
[Vero] Lubbock
hi bratzi and primo

[MaCkieMaC] cool...
MaCkieMaC is in Levelland
I was in San Antonio last Saturday

[ElNorteno] how bout someplace north of Dallas like Ohio or Michigan
[RayRay] Midland?
[MaCkieMaC] back to the subject...
[Primo] oh, darn it!
[Texican] Joe???
Hey this is fun talking to you all it is just a little to fast

[Texican] Raytheon Corporation ??
We are going to Ohio and Michigan this summer

[MaCkieMaC] Elida, any advice on how to build vocal strength?
[RayRay] Elida who do you listen too! Music wise?
[ElNorteno] cool
[Vero] Pura SALSA!
[Texican] Sneaker Pimps, Puff Dadddy, Smashing Pumpkins, La Fiebre, George Strait,
Mackiemac I recommend a good vocal teacher

[RayRay] Salsa?
[Texican] oh.......and La Sombra
[RayRay] Like India.
[Primo] wow, where could u find one?
[Vero] She's good
[RayRay] Old Sombra?
[Texican] Shikira
I like India the salsa singer, but right now I'm into Myriam Hernandez

[Vero] How are all the guys?
[MaCkieMaC] India? cool..
[Texican] I have been to India.
[Texican] she lives in Brooklyn, NY
[RayRay] lol
India Dicen que soy is awesome

[Texican] She was born in Puerto Rico
[Texican] but raised in NYC.......Brooklyn
Vero the guys are fine

[MaCkieMaC] my favorite is Jazzin (the one she did with Tito Puente)
[RayRay] India is like the Selena of Salsa.
[Texican] India started out in Latin House.....Hip Hop
I am dying to see india live would like her concert schedule

[MaCkieMaC] Elida, on average... how many nights do you play a week?
[Texican] check out.......www.India.brooklyn.com/
[RayRay] I'll sing you India right now if you want?
I am dying to see india live would like her concert schedule


[Vero] you already said that, are you trying to give us a hint!
[Vero] lol
[Texican] She will be performing in Queens this Saturday night!!!
[Vero] let's go El!
[Texican] she will be opening up for Mana
vamos para queens on me

[Vero] We can borrow Oscar DeLaHoya's jet!
[Vero] lol
[Texican] lol
thats what i'm talking about

[Vero] but we're not taking Belinda
anybody like franco devita

RayRay sings India......I just waaaaaannnnna hang arooooooound yooooou!
every day and night

[Vero] cause she'll talk his ear off!
all of my life

[Vero] Are you going to be in West Texas anytime soon?
[Primo] i do!
[Texican] Dude, what ever happend to Chris Perez?
ha ha vero thats true about Belinda about west Texas

[Vero] he's around
[Texican] which band is he in now?
[Vero] Cinco Souls
[WebJefe] Elida, do you have any plans on doing a duet with some male Tejano artist?
[Vero] JAY
[Vero] Jay
[Vero] JAY
[Vero] JAy
[Vero] JAY
[Vero] I wonder who I want her to do one with?
[Texican] how bout with La Fiebre?
[RayRay] Elida da BADDDDDD!
[RayRay] Jay Perez Rulez!!!!
Vero i don't know when we will be there hopefully soon

[Texican] Elida and La Fiebre........that would sound great!!!!
[Texican] Lots of Trumpets!
[Vero] Jay and Elida
[Vero] El, did you forget how to use the phone?
[RayRay] Different Record Companys.
[Vero] This is true!
I like Jay Perez too

[Texican] Trumpets and Sax rules........
[RayRay] Meeeeee and Mrs Jones.....Mrs. Jones.....Mrs. Jones...ooooh Mrs. Jones!
[RayRay] I had too sing it!
We are talking about a duet, but I can't mention any names until it goes thru

[Primo] Elida, have u ever thought about doing CD of mariachi songs?
Yes, I want to do a cd of Mariachi songs

[Texican] La Fiebre
[Primo] i think it would sound great
[RayRay] I need to go pick up Mrs. Jones (wife) in alittle while for lunch!
i love mariachi music

[Primo] how young were you when you first sang in public?
[Texican] Please have trumpets
I was 9 at a school talent show

[Primo] cool, what song?
[Texican] Where is Angel?
Theme of Fame

[RayRay] lol
remember remember

[Primo] yes
[soultrave] Elida, which of your own songs you like singing the most?
[Texican] Por Supesto
[Texican] Michael De La Renzo
[Texican] right??
[Texican] he played on New York Undercover
I like singing duele because it hurts

[Texican] Eddie Torres
[Vero] The one where she SHAKES the BOOTY!
[Texican] lol
[Vero] I wonder why?
vero ando navegando

[Vero] ok
hugs and kisses to texican and the webjefe

[Vero] we need to talk, dude! And you know this man!
[Selena] Elida, is that Tu Llegaste Remixes single still available?
[Primo] Elida, so didn't yall shoot your last video at Karam Restaurant in SA?
It should be Selena

[Vero] for real?
yes we did Primo the next one will be in Monterrey

[Vero] Your funny...
[Vero] What are you doing today???
[Primo] thought i recgonized the background
[RayRay] Vero you finally on the chat?
[Vero] yep
Vero today we are performing at the Johnny Canales show in Corpus

[Vero] about damn time, huh?
[Primo] Monterrey, i've never been there....do they take to Tejano real well
[Vero] oh yeah, I forgot!
[Texican] lol
[Vero] In corpus, huh? I have a friend there. You might know him?
[Vero] ???
[RayRay] No more Journal?
Primo they love tejano

[Vero] oh yeah, but I wanted to say hello to the Elida Girl!
[Vero] We haven't spoken since November.
[Vero] Hey El, I heard someone got a Brand New Car? And I also heard someone hit the fence at their house? Wedding day jitters, maybe?
[Vero] lol
[Texican] lol by peer)
We went and performed in on the Orale Primo show in Monterrey

[Primo] so are you planning a little Elida or Elias soon?
[Texican] How is life in BMW, Texas?
love kids but not now

[Vero] BMW, duh I'm so slow! I just got it!
[Vero] What an idiot
[Vero] lol
[Texican] LOL
[Primo] cool, your future backup singers!
[Vero] I want to be Elida's backup singer, but she won't let me
[Primo] lol
[WebJefe] Elida, what song will be on your next video you'll be doing in Monterrey?
I get the bmw thing a lot

you never asked vero


[Texican] lol
[Vero] anyway, you should already know my passion for music
[Vero] Like Whatever
Webjefe probable donde Y cuando

[Texican] Angel Rocha says hello Elida
hi Angel

[Vero] Call me when you need someone to record on the album, not Stephanie lynn
[Vero] ok?
[Primo] So are you gonna make this a lifetime career, Elida?
[Vero] oh, and I want to direct your next video! for free
[Vero] I'll direct for free... As long as we can fly DeLaHoya in for the day! Ok?
[ElNorteno] u don't want much do u
[Vero] I think this is fair
I am going to sing as long as I can, but i've been sick

[Primo] uh oh?
[Vero] what's going on? Nods
something in the air

[Texican] Elida.......don't tell me you married a Gringo.........Michael Closner??
Primo runs to get Elida some water...
[Vero] lol
no es mexicano

[Vero] Elida marry a gringo, please!
[ElNorteno] morning sickness?????
[Texican] lol
con apellido de gringo

[Vero] give the girl some credit
[Texican] is he an accountant?
[Vero] German
[Texican] with Cantu Construction???
no not morning sickness

[Selena] hey Elida, mi hermano wants to say hi
[Primo] eeeee, que gacho ElNo
[ElNorteno] lol
[Andrew] hi everyone
[Vero] Hey El, I'm asking!?
[Texican] Elida.......how does it feel not to have a real job?
[ElNorteno] what's up Andrew
[Texican] like 8-5
[Vero] Can I sing back-up vocals with you the next time you record?
it doesn't feel like a job

Vero I know you have a great voice

[Primo] but isn't the road, tough?
[Vero] but???
[RayRay] Hey me too!
Yes it sure is primo but I enjoy it

[RayRay] but you ugly! lol Not really!
[Primo] you're probably the first i've heard say that!
[Vero] That was ugly, Ray Ray
[CHjr] am I late?
[Vero] God don't like ugly, dude!
[Vero] lol
hello andrew

[Texican] Peace..
[ElNorteno] not too late CHjr
hello chjr

[CHjr] hi Elida :)
[Vero] El, have you talked to the popcorn?
[Andrew] hi elida your the queen
[Vero] Orville
[CHjr] I absolutely loved your performance here in Eagle Pass
no I haven't seen Orville , been busy

We had a great time in Eagle Pass

[Bratzi] Hey I've there..
[RayRay] I gotta go!
bye rayray

[RayRay] Nice singing with you Elida!!!!!!!
[Andrew] g'bye rayray
[Bratzi] Hey Elida, My sis Misty says wuzz up!!
RayRay is going to Lunch!!!!!
I may have to leave in a little bit myself, got to go to Corpus

misty wuzz up

[CHjr] Elida, what is the project you are working on with PrimeCo?
We are sponsored by PrimeCo and have a common interest which is the community and the environment

[ElNorteno] hey i'm outta here, Take care all and nice chatting with u Elida.
mostly the children which deeply concerns me

[ElNorteno] laters
[Primo] like an interest in education, school violence, and such?
be elnorteno

[Andrew] elida, you gotta have a concert up here in idaho or washington hehe
[Primo] yeah, like the ones that are abused and abandoned by parents
[Chikko] hey elida u gunna answer me or not?
yes primo, we perform at schools to promote say no to drugs

[Primo] Excellent!
chikko repeat your question

[Primo] or Say No to Joe!....j/k...lol
[Chikko] could u stop by robstown on your way to corpus so i could meet u in person cuz i cant go to the johhny canales show cuz my sisters outta town and mom dont like taking me to tejano concerts?
[Chikko] theres my question
[Vero] lol
[Vero] and stop by lubbock too, while your at it!
[Vero] Hey El, did you see Pat the last time you were here?
[Chikko] lubboc aint on her way
[Chikko] only robstown
[Vero] that's alright
[Primo] boy Abel, you've covered the whole state!
[Chikko] thats like 15 miles from corpus
i'd love to but I am with my band and will probably not have time

[Chikko] oh ok
I will be happy to send you a poster chikko

[Chikko] at least i think it aint on the way
[MaCkieMaC] Elida, if you ever get an America Online disk in the mail.. BURN IT.. it's evil...
[Chikko] kewl
[MaCkieMaC] hehehe
[soultrave] Elida, what do you like the most about being an artist?
[Vero] it's not, I was just kidding
[WebJefe] Elida, my daughter Annette says "HI" and hopes to meet you Wednesday...
[Chikko] where do i give u my adress at?
[Vero] That she's friends with Vero... Right El?
[Vero] and Belinda and Pat, and Michelle
soulrave I enjoy meeting people like you hi annette

[Vero] and..
[CHjr] Elida also put in a good word for my magazine with Tejas Records :)
[CHjr] get me on their mailing list :)
I saw them in lubbock Vero

[MaCkieMaC] we were supposed to open up for Elida on my 1st gig in Plainview but I wussed out...
mackiemac who do you play with

[MaCkieMaC] a local band Dezeo..
[Vero] Hey El, tell Corpus I said Hello y que le mando un Beso bien grande
[Chikko] elida where do i give u the address 4 u to send the poster?
[Vero] Hey, I know of that band, they're playing at this wedding we're going to in a week or two
[MaCkieMaC] years back.. (like 20 something) they were know as Los Sunshiners.. (thank god we lost the name)
[MaCkieMaC] : )
[MaCkieMaC] known even
[Vero] Joshua and
have other artists come on this chat

[Vero] Jesse
[MaCkieMaC] yup Josh and Jessie..
[Vero] Yes, but not talented ones like you
[MaCkieMaC] gee thanks Vero... : )
[Primo] eeeeee, que gacho, Vero!
[Primo] lol
soultrave first time for me in this room..
[MaCkieMaC] : )
[Vero] How are Josh and Jesse?
[Vero] lol
[WebJefe] yes, we've had Shelly Lares, Fama, Oscar G and Stefani
[Vero] I can't help it, I know talent when I see it!
[MaCkieMaC] married...and married.... can't say much more...
[Vero] oh wait, Shelly and Fama are AWESOME!
[Vero] are they still with the band?
[Primo] well, i think the others are very talented too!
[MaCkieMaC] yup
[Chikko] elida where do i give u the address 4 u to send the poster?
[MaCkieMaC] how do you know them?
write it down here

[Vero] I went to junior high school with them?
[Chikko] ok uh hold on
[Chikko] hehe
[Vero] Primo, your right they are talented... In their own ways
[MaCkieMaC] what's your last name?
anymore questions

[Vero] Hey El, I have one controversial question for you
[Primo] don't use permanent ink, Chikko!
[CHjr] any Chisme?
[MaCkieMaC] Elida, about how many nights a week do you play on average?
[Chikko] Agustin B. 516 E. Main street robstown texas 78380
[Chikko] there it is
yeah vero you would

[Vero] There have been some accusations about you copying other's wardrobe? How do you handle criticism like that?
[Chikko] send it there so it gets put in the right box
[Vero] Anyway!
3 to 4 nights a week

[Chikko] hehe
[Vero] Someone has to ask
[Vero] the dirt
[Primo] yes Vero, they are on the covers of CDs, and we're not
[Chikko] u got it elida?
[Vero] Whatever!
[MaCkieMaC] Elida, at what age did you start?
[Vero] this is true!
[Vero] primo
[Primo] lol
[Chikko] did u write it down elida?
I think I am my own person people will always criticize no matter what

[Primo] exactly Elida, there are so many jealous individuals out there
[Vero] Do you feel like la onda has given you a fair chance?
[MaCkieMaC] nice wardrobe by the way....
[Primo] especially when their husbands eyes are fixated on you!
[Vero] yeah, even I criticize her! But that's because We Love you man!
[CHjr] and you looked great at the Pura Vida Awards
I wish people could be more positive toward the artists, it will give us more animo, rather than cut us down

thank you CHjr

[Chikko] Elida answer me?
[Vero] people as in fans or who?
[Vero] me personally?
I mean in general Vero

[Vero] i know this, I'm just messing with you ]]] Chikko
[~AB@] requested PING 897930416 from #LaOnda
Don't get me wrong there are a lot of nice people out there and I love all of you all

Primo blushes....
oops all of you

[Vero] Elida, how do you want to be remembered 30 years from now?
[Primo] ehpa Vero!...she'll still be around!


[Vero] okay, then when your dead?
[Vero] lol
[Vero] just kidding
I want to be remembered as a good example

[Vero] in 60 years
[MaCkieMaC] geee...I look foreward to your self esteem seminars Vero..
a great grandma hopefully

[Vero] lol
[Vero] oh my gosh
[CHjr] Elida something I thought was special is when I faxed you some questions for an article I wrote, You answered them with your own handwriting and u were very nice about it all, real down to earth
[CHjr] thnx
[Primo] will u be talking to any schools in SA?
[Chikko] np
[Chikko] Elida I got a better idea just stop by with the poster
[Chikko] hehe
[Vero] Everyone I've ever met up with says you are the sweetest of the sweet

[Vero] don't worry, everyone loves you and if I do say so myself, you should have received that female entertainer of the year award
[Vero] You've come a long way, man!
[Primo] yes, keep the smiling going while you do everything in life
thanks for the compliments, they really mean a lot

[MaCkieMaC] Elida, what are your views as far as crossover musicians are concerned?
[Chikko] man i wish i could go to the johhny canales show today
[Chikko] hehe
I encourage it, just never forget where you came from

[MaCkieMaC] you ever thought about doing like a drastic crossover?
[Primo] no offense to Bobby P, but he always seems to sound as if he is complaining about all the "hard work"
[Vero] Elida speaks the best Spanish in La Onda Tejana!
sometimes I think about it, but tejano music will always be in my heart

[Chikko] Elida what time u taking off to corpus?
[Primo] what other music makes you wanna tap your feet, or dance?
Tejano is something I can't let go of because it is who I am

[Vero] Your good at what you do, keep it up, Chief! ;)
[CHjr] have u ever performed in Mexico?
[Primo] if you love what you're doing, then it will be!
I like latin dance music

[Chikko] Elida would u answer me 4 once
[MaCkieMaC] at what age did you decide that Tejano was something you wanted to make a career out of?
Yes Chjr guanajuato Y monterrey

[Primo] yeah, it's that latin percussion beat!
[CHjr] cool :)
I love any kind of latin music

[Vero] When are you going to put my song on an album, El?
[Vero] Besos y...
I was on the road at 19

[Primo] i think it's the most emotional type of music
but I was singing locally at 16

[Vero] Which album is your Favorite, Elida?
que se oiga un grito

eya 98 is my favorite

echale y apachurale

[MaCkieMaC] grrrrrrrr
[WebJefe] oh, oh, lost some people again.....
[CHjr] back
[CHjr] :)
[soultrave] %^)
[Vero] you need to release 'Duele'
[Vero] ya hombre, ya
[Vero] Your going to make everyone want to run out and have a margarita
[Vero] and some of us are at work! lol
[WebJefe] aaawwwwwwwwww
[Vero] El, we really miss you! Expect a package in the mail, soon! OTAY!
[Vero] including Elida
[Vero] Do you think she'll be back?
[Primo] pues que paso?
sorry I get thrown out primo

[WebJefe] welcome back, sorry that happens sometimes.
[Primo] so did i
[Primo] i missed your answer
[Bratzi] Somebody forget to pay their bill????
[Primo] lol
thank you webjefe I am enjoying myself

[WebJefe] That multimedia CD you put out is really awesome. Is it still available?
[Primo] yall do, i work for the feds!
[Primo] j/k
yes it is webjefe tu llegaste

[WebJefe] The check's in the mail Bratzi!
[Chikko] man back finally
[CHjr] I can't find it anywhere here in Eagle Pass!!! :(
hello to robstown

[Bratzi] Yeah, What ever..
[Chikko] elida u never ansered me did u write down the address?
[WebJefe] can people order it from Tejas Records?
[|me|] hehehe I'm still here?
[Chikko] yo someone op me por favor?
did everyone get thrown out also

[|me|] hmmm
[|me|] yup yup
[|me|] but my nick is still here...
[Vero] Unfortunately, I'm still here!
[soultrave] not me..
[Primo] Elida, what's the best advice you can give to someone interested in starting his own successful Tejano career?
|me| is MaCkieMac
[|me|] there we go
[Vero] What's the best advice anyone ever gave you?
[Chikko] yo sel how bout some ops eh?
[Chikko] gracias web
[CHjr] what do u think about what they say about the TTMAs?
[MaCkiEMaC] uh oh TTMA...
[MaCkiEMaC] : )
[MaCkiEMaC] incriminating question
[MaCkiEMaC] : )
[CHjr] oops
[CHjr] :)
[CHjr] never mind lets not go into that
[MaCkiEMaC] hehehe
[MaCkiEMaC] it's all good
Primo be patient, takes a lot of dedication and try to perform anywhere you are given a chance

[MaCkiEMaC] but it is a good question
[Primo] musta been harder for you, being a girl and all?
[Chikko] kewl i wanna be a tejano singer when i grow up
[Vero] me, too!
[Chikko] i'm starting to get gigs and stuff around town
[Vero] lol
[Chikko] hehe
[Primo] Congrats Chikko!
[Chikko] gracias
[MaCkiEMaC] I just wanna be taller when I grow up
[Vero] I'm 22, but when I grow up I wanna be a Tejano singer
The only thing I will say about the ttmas is that intocable should have one an award

[Vero] lol
[Chikko] but its just nursing home gigs
[Chikko] hehe
[Vero] This is TRUE!
[Vero] Why Intocable, El?
[Vero] ;)
[MaCkiEMaC] no opinions on the Jay Perez/TTMA situation?
[MaCkiEMaC] (and yet another incriminating question)
[Primo] ay Elida, but no offense, they play them here in Houston too much
[MaCkiEMaC] : )
[Primo] KQQK doesn't play your music here enough!
[Chikko] Elida when u taking off to corpus?
[Chikko] i love KQQK
Primo can't wait to go back to SA!
[Chikko] they gave an interview with elida last time i was in houston
[Chikko] i think
[CHjr] Elida in Crystal City, TX for some reason the radio and entire town was going against something and was boycotting a bunch of artists and your name was on the list along with some of EMI too
[Primo] Houston is more Norteno oriented
[MaCkiEMaC] sounds like TTMA
[Vero] For real CHjr?
[CHjr] ya
I had a wonderful time chatting, but I am off to corpus christi, thank you everyone, bye chikko, chjr, primo, vero lol, selena, mackiemac,soultrave and webjefe.

[Vero] El, do you know about that?
Primo wants to know the radio station, so he can go there to kick some butt...
[CHjr] i still have the newspaper where it came out somewhere
[Vero] lol
[WebJefe]           *

[WebJefe] /_\
[WebJefe] (~._.~) For
[WebJefe] (_Y_)
[WebJefe] -()-,-()-<--@ Elida
[WebJefe] (_) (_)
[Selena] thanx for coming by Elida!
[Primo] Bye Elida, wish you all the luck in the future!!!!!
[WebJefe] thank you very much for chatting with us today.
[Chikko] elida bring the poster by my house
[Chikko] hehe
[soultrave] thanks!! Elida!!
[Vero] Don't be a STRANGER, El! We miss you, mucho!
MaCkiEMaC will be waiting for his autographed JPEG
[MaCkiEMaC] hehehe
[Primo] and continue helping la onda!
[MaCkiEMaC] hope to be an opening act for you again!
[Chikko] bye Elida
[CHjr] remember whenever u see La Onda Tejana Magazine, its ME!!! :)
[MaCkiEMaC] maybe I won't wuss out..
[CHjr] I had a great time chatting
I will be back in this chat room soon. I love you all bye

[Chikko] MackieMac u wuss
[WebJefe] bye
[Chikko] LOL!
[soultrave] Bye
[Chikko] j/k
[Vero] Cuidate muchisimo!
[MaCkiEMaC] hehhe

SignOff Elida: #laonda (Leaving)