Elida y Avante

Press Release


Incredible support from fans all across the Southwest has driven Elida Y Avante's new song 'Te Sigo Amando' up to #7 on the Radio Y Musica charts in 6 short weeks! This song is currently one of the biggest hits in Tejano music.

Elida Reyna will be hosting the exciting 6th annual, internationally televised Pura Vida awards show. Elida Y Avante will perform 'Te Sigo Amando' from their hot new CD 'algo entero' for the live audience and for hundreds of thousands watching the worldwide broadcast on Univision.

Elida Y Avante will be featured in an upcoming issue of TV Guide. The band will be spotlighted as one of the hottest rising stars in the country.

Elida Y Avante has been one of the major participants in this fall's 'Canta A La Vida' AIDS benefit effort. 'Te Sigo Amando', the current top ten hit from the band's new CD, 'algo entero', has been picked as a featured tracks on the 'Canta A La Vida' CD. This is a very important song to many people.

Eldia Y Avante continues to encourage South Texas' youth to avoid drugs and stay in school. The band donated their time to play for and talk to three thousand kids this week in San Antonio at the PASS concert. This great program has had past support from Selena, Emillo and many other caring Tejano entertainers. Organizer Terry Lowery said, "The members of Elida Y Avante are particularly dedicated to helping kids. We're excited because, from the response we had, it is easy to see that young people in this area are very dedicated fans of Elida Y Avante. This was one of the largest and most exciting shows we've had".

Due to the incredible response from her two appearances performing 'Te Sigo Amando' on his show in October, Elida Reyna will be a featured guest of the very special annual Johnny Canales show from Mexico.

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