Elida y Avante

"Lagrimas De Amor" Single and Video

Tejas Records has released the second single from Elida Y Avantes "Algo Entero" CD. A high budget, major studio quality video supporting the single has been created and is being aired throughout the country. "Lagrimas De Amor" (Tears of Love) is the long awaited follow-up to "Luna Llena". This release is a very exciting event for hundreds of thousands of Tejano music fans who have embraced the mega-hit "Luna Llena" as a modern Tejano music classic. "Lagrimas De Amor" was written by the same author and picks up the same sexy, romantic theme.

"Te Sigo Amando", the first single from Elida Y Avantes current Top 10 CD "Algo Entero", spent three months near the top of the charts and became one of the most popular Tejano songs of 1996. "Te Sigo Amando" was the #1 most requested and played song at two of three main Tejano stations in San Antonio as well as #1 at stations from the Texas valley to Tucson, Arizona, from Houston to Bakersfield, California. The "Algo Entero" CD has been driven into the TOP 10 in sales in most Tejano departments in record stores across the country by the success of this first single which made the TOP 5 or TOP 10 at almost every Tejano radio station in the Southwest. This is the year for Elida Y Avante as five great singles, all with tremendous hit potential, will be released in succession from "Algo Entero" of which music critic Ramiro Burr wrote, "Puts Tejano music back on track and should be on every Tejano music fans "A" list."

Early positive response from program directors indicate that "Lagrimas De Amor" will outperform "Te Sigo Amando" with heavy rotation airplay throughout Tejano radio with some crossover into other Latin music formats. With your support, "Lagrimas De Amor" could advance quickly in the Radio Y Musica and Billboard Magazine charts and give Elida Y Avante a critical #1 follow-up hit.

Robert Lopez of P& FDBR, one of the premiere music video producers in the Southwest, scripted and directed the high budget "Lagrimas De Amor" video which was shot on location in San Antonio. The entire creative staff from the writer to the director, from the cameramen to the actors are back again from the talented "Luna Llena" creative team. In Robert Lopezs words, "Its the best video weve ever produced".

As in the song, the romantic "Lagrimas De Amor" video picks up where the storyline from the very popular "Luna Llena" video left off. This is unprecedented in Tejano music and Tejano music fans are responding with tremendous enthusiasm to airplay of both the song and exciting new video. A special "The Making Of The Lagrimas De Amor Video" was shot by Tejano Country and has been seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers. Country Music Television has the video in high rotation on its international Latin music feed. Tejas Records has arranged for regional, national and international television and press coverage of all the events surrounding Elida Y Avante and "Lagrimas De Amor" and expect tremendous success with this song throughout the first quarter of 1997!

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