Elida y Avante

Elida Y Avante's brand new single "Lagrimas De Amor" is getting rave reviews from radio listeners across the Southwest and is beginning to rise up the charts. The supporting video is in heavy rotation at top Tejano music video shows and is reported to be generating more positive viewer response than any other video in recent years!

Elida Y Avante has been invited to play "Lagrimas De Amor" at the 1997 Tejano Music Awards in the gigantic Alamodome while the "Lagrimas De Amor" video plays on two huge 30 foot projections screens behind them. The band is looking forward to a very exciting event.

Elida Reyna is a 1997 Tejano Music Awards nominee for both Female Vocalist of the Year and Female Entertainer of the Year! Accordionist Cande Aguilar Jr.'s tribute "Narcisco Martinez" from the group's best selling new CD "algo entero" is also nominated for Instrumental Song of the Year. Elida Y Avante has enjoyed tremendous support from the Tejano music industry and this newest recognition is a great honor. Elida Y Avante and Tejas Records would like to thank everyone who cast a nominating vote. The 1997 Tejano Music Awards Nominees Dance will be held in Corpus Christi's Memorial Coliseum on January 25th and the Tejano Music Awards ceremony will be held in San Antonio on March 1st, 1997.

Elida Reyna and Gary Hobbs have been chosen by major TMA sponsor Paul Mitchell to be their official co-spokespersons from now through all the events of the 1997 Tejano Music Awards ceremony. Gary and Elida appear together on S54,000 worth of radio commercials airing now throughout the United States. The attractive couple will also appear together in major newspaper ads in support of Paul Mitchell's prestigious involvement with the TMA.