Esmi Talamantez
Esmi Talamantez y Viento Loco

Living up to her family's musical legacy, Esmi's talent is derived from her past and present family members. Esmi is the sister of Ray Talamantez, former saxophone and trumpet player for the musical band La Sombra. Following in her footsteps, Esmi's sisters follow right along with their recognizable musical talents for playing saxophone, trumpet, and their outstanding harmonizing skills. Abel, the younger member of the family, has built his own reputation by being the lead vocal singer with MDO (formally know as Menudo) for 7 years.

The Talamantez - Mendoza family derives from five generations of musicians and songwriters dating back to the early 1800's. Both of Esmi's grandfathers were musicians and song writers. Esmi's father, Ray Talamantez Sr., is an accomplished musician who has "jammed" with many great Tejano bands to include, Tortilla Factory, Brown Brandy, Little Joe, and many others. However, he has remained faithful to a local group for the past 27 years and to date still performs with the popular West Texas group, "The Realistic", from Sierra Blanca, Texas.

Esmi was born and raised in Pecos, Texas, and attended The University of Texas at El Paso, and then transferring to Corpus Christi, Texas, to study business management and biology. Esmi's aspirations were and still are to excel in artist management, songwriting, and publishing. However, her clear cut voice did not go unnoticed by Fonovisa, and she was encouraged to unveil her hidden talents. Esmi's brother Ray co-produced the debut album "Esmi Talamantez" along with Adam Vargas who consequently wrote her debut single, Con El Tiempo, which hit the charts in Radio y Musica and Billboard Top 20 Latin hits. Esmi's debut album caused a chain reaction of events such as a nomination for Rising Female Star, Most Promising Band, by the Tejano music industry, and was also invited by the Tejano Music Awards to present Male Vocalist Award for 1996. Moreover, Esmi was recognized as 1996 Best New Artist at the Hispanic Music Awards held in El Paso, Texas and also became spokesperson for Toys for Tots in that region. Along with the Marines, Esmi got an opportunity to work first hand with the needy children, "definitely a high point in my newfound career - the chance to help and contribute to children who are less fortunate," Esmi states.

Her second CD Si Supieras released in 1996, is a compilation of songs inspired by the love that she shares with her partner Adam Vargas who is her producer and presently a member of La Diferenzia. Esmi strongly feels that her second CD Si Supieras can only be appreciated by those who strongly pay attention to lyrics as well as those who dare to accept change from the traditional format. "We went out on a limb on this one and tried techniques that normally are used in the Hip Hop market, such as sampling - referring to Todo Mi Amor with the infamous Led Zepplin sample All of my Love. In fact, because of the diversity and cutting edge style of Si Supieras, Esmi was invited by the GI Forum, an organization that is dedicated to assist Latino Students with Scholarships, to perform in the biggest Cinco de Mayo Festival in the world. Held in San Diego, California, with an estimated attendance of 500,000 people. The festival was held in downtown San Diego, California and started at 8:00 a.m., and ending at 5:00 p.m., each artists performs several times throughout the day at different stages. Esmi performed along side international acts such as Ricky Martin, Thalia, which included Hip Hop Artist such as Spanish Fly, Nu Flavor, Lil" Suzy and many others.

Esmi has presented herself on many popular TV programs giving her national and international exposure. Such shows like The Johnny Canales Show, Puro Tejano, Tejano Country, Aqui Rogelio, Domingo, and a special invitation to Mexico City to perform on the popular Hora Lunatica Show, to mention a few. Esmi has also taken her entertaining live show across and beyond the state of Texas, performing in states such as Illinois, Michigan, Florida, Kansas, New Mexico and California.

Esmi is currently promoting her 3rd CD titled Alas De Un Sueno. The title cut is about coming to term with the loss of a loved one. This beautiful cumbia melody is sure to touch everyone's soul. The lead single currently on the radio airwaves, which is a catchy rhythmic accordion cumbia, is titled Ojos de Serpiente. Once again, Esmi and Adam have collaborated with the song writing, with six of the cuts being original tunes. Sampling has definitely become a trademark of the trendsetting production of Esmi Talamantez and her style of music. Vamos A Bailar was inspired by the famous rock group "Queen", serving as the inspiration sample. Vamos A Bailar is a cumbia dance with predominate hip hop sounds and rhythms with reference to the 70's and 80's rock music.

"We strive for creativity, and we tend to influence our music with such great groups as Led Zepplin, Queen, The Bee Gees, Fleetwood Mac, Prince, Styx, Air Supply, and just about every rock group of the 80's," Esmi states.

On the traditional side Esmi uses the popular Mañana song written by, in her opinion, one of the greatest songwriters ever- Juan Gabriel. This keyboard and accordion ranchera contributes to the diversity of Esmi's production. Esmi credits her record label for one thing - giving her complete control of music and artist direction. "I thank God that I have been given the opportunity to express myself through music and more importantly use it as a vehicle to reach people, inspire and provoke thought."

Esmi is backed by her band Viento Loco which is also the title of her 2nd debut single. The name is derived from the West Texas seasonal tornadoes - crazy winds. Like a fierce unpredictable tornado, Esmi and Viento Loco blew into the industry, and are surely to persevere. With the support of family and friends, this West Texas girl will definitely make a positive impact in the music industry.

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