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Javier is on IRC Javier [bobolivo@ernie-41.brokersys.com] has joined #laonda

[David] hi
[Selena] Javier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
[WebJefe] Hola Javier
[Vaca] Hola Javier!! bob O!
[Javier] hello

[WebJefe] Thanks for taking time out to chat with us.
[Javier] How are you web jefe

[WebJefe] I am doing fine.
[David] Thanks Javier
[David] I love the song Amor Amor Amor
[Vaca] Que tal Javier? Como esta usted?
[David] I hear it everday
[David] I love it
[Vaca] hola Emilio, wb Tejano01
[Emilio] hello
[Tejano01] hey
[Javier] thanks for joining me!

[David] Javier have yall ever been to baytown?
[Javier] it's been a while

[Emilio] gracias
[Vaca] When you coming to San Antonio?
[Javier] sometime in dec.

[David] u have been here?
[David] I live in baytown
[Javier] thats pretty close to us!

[David] yes i know :)
[David] When do u plan to come back to baytown?
[Javier] i dont have any dates yet but i hope soon

[David] cool
[Vaca] Javier, give us a little biography, background....married, children? that sort of stuff
[Javier] The band started in 89

[Javier] we have 8 albums out.
[Javier] The latest being Sin Duda (Which I hope you have!)

[David] Maybe I could see yall when yall come is there anyway I could get the info on when yall will come?
[WebJefe] great CD!
[Javier] thank you. I like it to ha!ha!

[Tejano01] was gonna get it, but they were out, guess that is good for you
[Vaca] You married? Children?
[Javier] Yes I am married with two children.

[WebJefe] I also like "Lagrimas de Alegria"
[Javier] Lagrimas De Alegria has done very well for us thanks to yall!!

[Vaca] How do you handle being on the road and being a father husband? How does the family cope?
[Javier] It is hard but we cope with it very well.

[Tejano] Greetings from McAllen, Texas! Will you be at borderFest this year??
[Javier] Tejano: We will be in San benito this Sunday.

[David] Javier U have have a offical webpage?
[David] Javier Fama have a offical webpage?
[David] a does is supposed to be in there sorry
[Javier] David: not yet but we are working on it.

[WebJefe] When do you plan to be in Dallas again?
[Javier] WebJefe: We are going to do some promotions in Nov.in the Dallas area.

[Tejano01] Javier, I find that the music tastes of the Valley are different than those over here in the Houston Area, do you see that in the crowds you attract in the valley, sizewise?
[Javier] not really .

[Vaca] how often do you take a break? Do you work year round?
[David] Javier: What do u think of the Houston Radio station?
[Javier] David: I think that there system of picking out music stinks!!! and very unfair.

[Tejano01] I find that the station in houston only plays like three bands(Salgado, Pulido, and Limite),
[David] yep
[David] yep
[David] Have u expressed this to them?
[David] I found they play your song Amor Amor amor alot
[Javier] Your are right and we should get together and let them know!!

[David] yep
[Tejano01] I wish they had an email, then we could make ourselves known
[David] I find alot of people who have been on laonda have said that EXE: Shelly Lares
[David] and it is is true
[Javier] Yes I have told them publically and they didn't like it to much.

[Tejano01] has the band grown since 89, and has there been a lot of personnel turnover
[Vaca] Javier, you feel if the market was more fair it would boost your career.?
[Vaca] Alot of doors would open up?
[David] Vaca: I think it would. It is true the station here are unfair
[Vaca] If so, which ones?
[Javier] we have grown music wise and we have change guitar player and drummer.

[Javier] yes it would open alot of doors because airplay is very important.

[David] they play, Selena, bobby, LOTS OF Grupo Limite, more Limite like all day. They wear them out. I think they should get there act together
[Tejano01] in the beginning, your music was more, of a keyboard based music, what prompted you to include accordian in your music?
[Selena] Javier, any plans on coming up to Washington State?
[Javier] don't have a date for Washington yet.

[Selena] awww
[Javier] we try to play what people ask for or what's in.

[David] Javier how can i get a autograph of yall's?
[Tejano] Javier: 1) Some Dj's I have talked to say by calling the music Tejano that is is to limiting. That it limits the exposure. What do you think?
[Javier] I think it does .

[David] Javier how can i get a autograph of yall's?
[Javier] David I will put our fan club address and send it there and I will sign it there.

[Vaca] Javier, if you were able to do anything different in your career, you could go back and change something, what would it be?
[Javier] I would not change anything.

[WebJefe] Fama's fan club address in on their webpage on La Onda Network.
[David] send what there? You have pics to sign?
[Tejano01] What label are you with right now? Sony, and are you still with Voltage?
[Javier] yes Iam with Sony and no no no I am not with Voltage!

[Tejano01] you seem emphatic on you no, there a reason behind this?
[Tejano01] you=your
[David] Sony is a very good Label they have many Great stars and I hope they can help Tejano much as much as they have for R&b and pop.
[Tejano] Javier, what will it take then, for the Tejano music to expand, or to grow in popularity nationwide and even down south? besides a name change
[Javier] to stick to simple and commercial music I think is the key to get in to all markets

[Vaca] What other Tejano stars are on the Sony label?
[David] Stefani
[Vaca] Who else David?
[David] I dont know
[Javier] Ram,Jay perez, ahh Iforget.

[Selena] Eddie's one too
[David] Javier: Have u worked with Mr.Tommy Mottola?
[Javier] No.

[David] so alot of great Tejano people are on Sony
[Tejano01] How much support does Sony give you, and Tejano Music as a whole?
[Javier] sony gives us 100% and then some and i dont think that sony only considers us tejano anymore

[Tejano01] which leads up to another question
[David] Javier: Happy belated birthday
[Javier] thank you i just turned 16(ha!ha!)

[Vaca] ~Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to youuu~
[farmer] lol
[Javier] thank you

[Tejano] In talking to others in the Tejano music industry, many say that the death of Selena did much to bring exposure to Tejano Music, but, that now Tejano music is in a slump. Where do you see Tejano Music in 5 years?
[Tejano01] Your music has evolved since the beginning, becoming, at least in my view, more international. is that your goal, to be internationally known, like say La Mafia?
[Javier] i just want to be able to go all over the world and be accepted

[David] Well Latin mexican music has spread all over the world and i hope Tejano does to ;)
[Javier] i dont know about tejano music but i see fama working hard

[Vaca] Do you play anywhere where you don't feel comfortable or accepted?
[Javier] vaca; no because i know that some markets are harder than others.

[David] Javier: what part of Houston do u live in?
[Javier] i live in west Houston.

[David] cool
[Tejano01] Conjunto bands, such as Salgado and Intocable seem to be very popular, have your record sales shown this, or have your sales been steady
[Javier] our sales are very very good with this new album and thank God .

[David] How much does it cost for yall to do a gig?
[Vaca] So how does one meet and chat in person with Javier of FAMA?
[Javier] go to a concert.

[farmer] any plans to tour near kansas anytime soon? :)
[Javier] Farmer; not any time soon.

[David] How much does it cost for yall to do a gig?
[Tejano01] do you expect to hit platinum with this one
[Javier] tejano; hopefully very soon!

[farmer] why david, you want them to play your birthday party? :)
[Javier] alot of headaches, reganadas and money.

[David] hahahaha
[David] alot more money than i have LOL
[Javier] did i forget to mention my new album sin duda(ha!ha!)

[WebJefe] =:^)
[Javier] i wrote all the songs played all the instr. ...........im lying ha! ha!

[David] When is the last time yall played a 15?
[farmer] gracias web :)
[Tejano01] There are bands(who shall remain nameless,we know who they are) who have a reputation for not showing up to concerts, have you ever had to cancel out, and then later heard that the promoter blamed you, even when it was not your fault?
[Javier] we are not known to cancel but I gotten sick twice.
[Javier] about three years ago.

[WebJefe] good track record....
[WebJefe] on your new CD front cover, which ones are your brothers?
[Javier] the two guy's to my right.

[David] There are always Dance here in baytown but I dont think we could afford to have yall
[Tejano01] lol
[Javier] where in baytown?

[David] all over baytown
[Tejano01] Iremember that you played at my cousin's 15th, you only charged them like 1000, and you kept playing Sending All My Love, by Lanier, does that take you back?
[Javier] oh yeah that takes me back.

[David] I live in subdavison called LakeWood it is off bayway Drive
[farmer] david do you go to sterling high?
[David] no Lee :)
[Javier] did i forget to mention my new album (ha!ha!)

[David] LOL
[Tejano] btw, Javier, te manda saludes Cheo Garza
[Javier] como estas cheo?

[David] U know where Lee is?
[Javier] no

[Stefani] howdy yall
[Javier] oh r.e.lee

[David] it is the rival school of Stearling We beat them every year in football in fact we beat them the other night in Volly ball
[farmer] no but i knew some people at sterling when i was in HS
[Tejano] bien! y tu?
[Javier] muy bien gracias ah dios

[farmer] i've heard of it tho
[David] Yep that is my school REL I am in 11th
[farmer] but do you beat them where it counts.. math team? :)
[David] How do u know about Lee and Stearling?
[Javier] cheo will you be in san benito sun?

[farmer] sterling used to be math rivals when i went to clear lake
[Tejano] was not planning it...
[David] LOL
[Tejano] quieres que vaya?
[Javier] si se puede

[farmer] not really but they had some good math students..
[Tejano] voy a tratar de ir....
[David] How do u know about Lee and Stearling?
[Javier] i had a friend that went to that school

[Tejano01] besides Tejano music, what kindof music or stations do you listen to in Houston, The buzz?
[Javier] talk radio

[farmer] that was my station before i found kqqk
[Tejano01] 610, that all Iisten to most of the time, during football season, especially Jim Rome and the Jungle
[Tejano] Javier, no voy a poder...me lastime la espalda...cuando vienes para el valle otro vez??
[David] If somehow I had the money I would try to get yall to do the Cinco De mayo but I dont think we could have they kinda money. How much would it cost? Around
[Javier] you have to talk to my bookin agent i tend to go tooooooo high

[WebJefe] Fama's booking info is on La Onda Network on Fama's webpage.
[Tejano01] Javier are you a clone?
[Javier] no but i have been called aclown

[farmer] you have to talk to his bookie
[farmer] :)
[David] why do u go way HIGH?
[Javier] no thats another dep.

[farmer] kewl
[farmer] supply and demand dude, every one of us here tonite has asked him to come play in our town..
[Javier] i over price and scare people(ha!ha!)

[Tejano] Javier: tengo unas cosas que quiero discutir con tigo, entre un mes nos comunicamos.
[David] oh
[Javier] cool!!

[Tejano] Javier: me tengo que ir. Que te vaya bien no vemos pronto!
[Vaca] Laters Tejano!
[Vaca] Have you ever had an interview in this type of forum?
[Vaca] What do you think of it?
[Javier] i was a virgin until 45 min.ago

[farmer] cya tejano
[Tejano] Ok, I am back.
[Tejano] sorry, a friend took over for a bit
[farmer] took me awhile to connect that one Javier.. ;)
[David] LOL
[Tejano01] What bands do you admire the most?
[Javier] fama and fama and ahah fama. no i guess vic. fernandez j.gabriel

[Vaca] lol, you like computer chat?
[Javier] i love this i really do

[WebJefe] Javier, who's the little girl singing in "Hoy Vi Llorar a Santa Claus"?
[Selena] I thought that was a little boy singing hehe
[WebJefe] or little boy......
[WebJefe] =:^)
[Javier] a contest winner named monica grimaldo

[David] What Tejano female singers u like? Mexican singer?
[WebJefe] careful David!
[WebJefe] j/k.....lol
[David] I know
[Vaca] Only the good looking ones!
[Vaca] lol
[David] :(
Selena knows what David is getting at
[Tejano01] Vicente is good, but I have never really listend to JGabriel's music, did you go to his concert over here,
[Javier] no i really dont get achance to go to concerts

[David] I have no comment on the good looking ones
[Selena] say Queen Shelly!! hehe
[David] hey hey hey it is a question
[Javier] thalia

[WebJefe] ok, I'll say it.....Thalia?
[Vaca] Isn't there somebody he should meet?
[farmer] Alicia
[Javier] bob told me to say the t.. word

[Vaca] I was fishing for that farmer!
[Vaca] lol
[farmer] :)
[David] :(
[Vaca] Hiya JeNNnn
[Tejano] Javier, JeNNnn is fan from Ohio! she wanted to meet you!
[Javier] did i forget to mention my new cd

[JeNNnn] hi Vaca
[David] LOL
[Vaca] lol
[farmer] he JeNNnn
[JeNNnn] hi farmer
[Vaca] Tell us about it. The songs, the influence, etc.
[farmer] i mean hi JeNNnn
[JeNNnn] :)
[WebJefe] have you ever done a duet with someone Javier?
[Javier] yes i did a duet with Rosita y Casa Blanca

[JeNNnn] hehethats ok :)
[Javier] hi jennnn

[JeNNnn] hi Javier
[JeNNnn] :)
[JeNNnn] hehe
[Javier] what part of ohio?

[JeNNnn] NOrthwest Ohio
[JeNNnn] I live in a really little town
[Javier] cool!!!!

[JeNNnn] hehe
[JeNNnn] I would like to move
[farmer] i live in a van down by the river
[JeNNnn] today is my birthday :)))
[Tejano] ok, i am off...adios all!!!
[Javier] hey me too HA HA
[Javier] adios tejano

[JeNNnn] what?
WebJefe: *Tejano* cya, thx for coming.
[Vaca] Laters Tejano
[Tejano01] later
[Javier] happy birthday

[JeNNnn] bye Tej :)
[farmer] cya tejano
[JeNNnn] thank u
[farmer] weren't you gonna leave like an hour ago?
[JeNNnn] awwe
[WebJefe] before anyone leaves, I have a trivia question
[David] ok
[WebJefe] for a the new FAMA cd
[Javier] van wert?

[JeNNnn] someone come get me from my little town
[JeNNnn] hehe
[JeNNnn] Van WErt?
[JeNNnn] what aboutit
[JeNNnn] hehe
[WebJefe] The first email I receive at WebJefe@Ondanet.com
[WebJefe] with the correct answer to the following question,
[WebJefe] will receive Fama's new CD "SIN DUDA".
[WebJefe] How many albums has Fama recorded up to this date?
[Javier] is that the town?

[JeNNnn] no Javier...i live about 45 minutes fromthere
[JeNNnn] I live in bryan
[Javier] oh oh ohok

[Vaca] I win!!! I win!!
[JeNNnn] its smaller than Van Wert
[Vaca] lol
[Stefani] 69
[JeNNnn] how old are you Javier
[JeNNnn] um
[Tejano01] check your mail webjefe
[WebJefe] wow, that was fast Vaca!
[Javier] hey thats my fvrt #

[Vaca] LOL, I'm running mucho megs!
[WebJefe] I didn't say go yet!
[JeNNnn] hahahahahhaha
[WebJefe] =:^)
farmer is still trying to get into his email program.. :(
[Vaca] lol Javier
[farmer] webjefe didn't say simon says
[Vaca] You're right.
[Vaca] : (
[Selena] me too farmer hehe
[Javier] I was born in 1969

[JeNNnn] ah
[JeNNnn] ok
[farmer] hey how come Javier didn't win? you gotta get with it dude.. :)
[JeNNnn] im 23 today
[Vaca] I was born a poor black child.
[Stefani] the stork brought me, I wasn't born
[JeNNnn] thats nice
[Javier] i turned 16 on oct 28

[David] u did?
[WebJefe] x2 or x3 ??
[Vaca] You got a computer yet Javier?
[Tejano01] wow, what kind of math do you do?
[Javier] yes

[David] u are not 16
[farmer] yeah he means 16 in like base 30
[Vaca] You online?
[Javier] threes grade muth ha ha
[Javier] no i just turned 2? ok ok 28

[David] I wanna win a prize
[JeNNnn] Ooooo
[Tejano01] yeah, another trivia question webjefe
[Tejano01] Tejano01 Likes Free stuff
[WebJefe] I should have told everyone to load up their email program first, huh?
[Vaca] How many fingers does five finger Harry have??
[Vaca] lol
[David] 5!!!
[farmer] who's buried in grant's tomb?
[David] 5!!!
[David] 5!!!
[David] 5!!!
[Javier] if you write to my fan club we will send you a poster or something

[David] I win
[David] Grant
[Vaca] You win!!!
[Vaca] lol
[Javier] george

[farmer] kewl; what's the address?
[JeNNnn] I want a poster
[David] Javier: If I write yall will send a autograph poster?
[JeNNnn] to put on my ceiling
[Javier] yes i will

[JeNNnn] wait
[JeNNnn] maybe i should put up mirrors instead
[David] u will sing it only?
[Javier] the add. is on the web web jefe

[WebJefe] FAMA Fan Club
[WebJefe] P.O. box 30046
[WebJefe] Houston, TX 77249
[farmer] is there an email address?
[Javier] thank you web jefe
[Javier] not yet

[Vaca] laterz Tejano
[JeNNnn] aweeee
[JeNNnn] Tej left
[Vaca] timed out
[Tejano01] again?thought he left a long time ago
[Selena] gotta go guys
[Javier] selena will be helping me with the web pg. thank you selena

[David] about the Offical page: Who will make it and when?
[Vaca] Good night Selena
[Selena] King Javier - thanx so much for coming here, I hope to see ya again soon
[farmer] cya sel
[farmer] {{{{{{selena}}}}}}
[WebJefe] cya Selena, thx for being a part of it!
[Selena] keep rockin and stuff hehe
[David] Adio Selena
[farmer] ..or something
[Selena] cyas laters guys *huggses*
[David] Adios Selena
[Javier] did i forget to mention my ne cd (ha ha)

[JeNNnn] hehehe
[Vaca] Tell us about it Javier.
[Vaca] The songs, the influences
[David] How old are u?
[Tejano01] how many songs have you written
[Javier] is bryan by findly?

[Jay] Hola ppl
[JeNNnn] an hour away
[Vaca] What singles you expect as hits
[Vaca] Hola Jay!
[farmer] hi jay
[JeNNnn] my friends live in findlay
[Javier] hay jay

[JeNNnn] how do u know these places Javier
[David] I also love your song Palamito
[Jay] I am still a little sick but I am a bit better
[Javier] the new one has marichi and a little r&r

[farmer] he's consulting with his friend Rand McNally
[WebJefe] good enough to come say HI to Javier of Fama, right Jay?
[David] Palomita Palomita blanko :)
[Jay] Hi Javier, I enjoy the music your group makes
[Vaca] Funken Wagnalls farmer
[David] well I am gonna go
[David] adio nice to talk to ya
[Vaca] Did you have a local mariachi band perform?
[farmer] huh-huh-huh he said Funken..
[David] adio nice to talk to ya Javier
[WebJefe] cya David
[Javier] thanks jay and i hope you feel better

[farmer] laters david..
[Javier] see ya d

[Jay] Gracias,I am working on that
[David] I will write u soon Javier
[farmer] adio?!?
[Vaca] He said Alicia, farmer.
[Vaca] lol
[farmer] :)
[farmer] uh..okay
[Javier] ya te vas palomito david ha ha ha

[Vaca] Tell us some more about the album Javier
[farmer] :)
[JeNNnn] is there a webpage
[Tejano01] Am I mistaken, or did you get your first album re-released on cd
[Javier] i wrote 3 songs by mislf and co wrote 2 with J. Rosario

[Vaca] Which ones?
[farmer] hey has anyone seen chjr?
[Tejano01] how many have you written total, since you started?
[Javier] yes it got r-released
[Javier] about 300

[Tejano01] bob, you in here, does Southwest have that available
[Javier] yes
[Javier] that was bob talkin
[Javier] he is here with me

[WebJefe] jeNNnn, I have samples of Fama's new CD and other info at http://www.ondanet.com:1995/tejano/artists/Fama/
[Tejano01] ER is funny
[Tejano01] tonight
[JeNNnn] thanku
[WebJefe] A small bio will be on there tomorrow.
[Javier] hey if i go triple platinum i will shave my hair

[WebJefe] oh oh, we all saw that Javier!
[Vaca] How long is your hair now?
[Javier] average

[Vaca] lol
[Vaca] Is it really going to be much difference?
[Javier] oh yeah

[Jay] Abel,did I give you that Fama cd that I got from Sony?
[Javier] look at the new cd

[WebJefe] a single, yes Jay.
[Vaca] How about if you shave your head and put it on the cover of your next album!
[Tejano01] does your brother still play the accordian?
[Javier] no thats israel d

[Jay] I miss that cd
[Jay] I like cumbia songs
[Jay] I need to get over there some time to trade more cds
[Javier] how about i shave my hair and i will put it in every spanish magazine

[Vaca] Sounds like a threat to me! I'll have to go buy a copy even tho I get one for free.
[WebJefe] is that Javier or bob saying that?????? lol
[Javier] i really mean it i will trade hair style for rec. sales ( ha ha ha)

[Vaca] Try it someday, it will prolly give you some extra attention.
[Vaca] Cyaz JeNNnn
[Jay] lol
[Jay] Well
[Vaca] Javier, you sign that CD I won?
[Javier] i will make you all a deal the day that i go triple pl. iwill get on the internet and take you all step by step as i get my hair cut

[Vaca] LOL, we wanna see that live vato!
[Javier] yes just send it to the fan club

[Tejano01] what is triple platinum in tejano music?
[Vaca] You come back and visit us anytime tho!
[WebJefe] 300,000 units?
[Javier] 300000k

[Jay] I need to go, need to take care of myself or I will be worse tomarrow
[WebJefe] ok cya Jay
[Vaca] I'll catch you in December here in San Antonio.
[farmer] 300000k? isn't that like 300 million?
[farmer] cya jay
[Vaca] Laterz Jay
[Vaca] Any moment stand out for you as a peak in your career? Any moment stand out as the worst?
[Vaca] Your career so far.
[Tejano01] What is your opinion of the tejano Music Awards, they seem to only award EMI stars
[Javier] hey guys i think i hear my wife calling me and shes say somthing about not paying attention to her or something like that HA HA

[Tejano01] another Sony star, Jay, says that he won't be there next year
[farmer] so you gotta go Javier?
[Tejano01] leaving? just when I get to the juicy questions, huh
[Javier] i think that the company that participates the most and is always present is the winnig co
[Javier] well guys i have to go i will visit you all soon

[Tejano01] later
[Vaca] bueno, Laters Javier!
[WebJefe] ok, thx for chatting with us on La Onda Network chatroom!
[Vaca] Stop by again soon!
[farmer] thanks for chatting with us dude; come back soon..
[WebJefe] good luck on your new CD, I hope to see you bald!!!
[Javier] thank you thankyou very much (thats elvis) god bless

[Tejano01] so do I get to say now, Elvis errr Javier has left the building
[WebJefe] lol
[Vaca] Thanks bob O for having him here.
[WebJefe] yes, thank you very much bob.
Vaca opening the door for Javier Javier is now known as bob_O Javier has left IRC

[bob_O] thanks guyts
[bob_O] c-ya
[WebJefe] bye
[Tejano01] bye
[bob_O] good night
[farmer] cya
[Vaca] Well, time to phart....er I mean part
[Vaca] laters farmer
[farmer] well dudez i guess i'll head on outta here..
[farmer] it's been fun
[farmer] :)
[WebJefe] ok cya
[farmer] cya
[Vaca] laters Webzter!
[WebJefe] thx for coming farmer
[Vaca] Cya Tejano01
[WebJefe] bye Vaca
[Vaca] I'll be looking for that CD in the snail mail box
[WebJefe] =:^)
[Vaca] : )
[Vaca] Unless you want to give it to Tejano
[Vaca] laterz
[WebJefe] oh that was just a joke
[Vaca] cya
[WebJefe] j/k...!!! lol ........ It's in the mail!
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