Wednesday, Sept. 2, at 7pm Central time
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IRC log started Wed Sep 2 18:55:10 1998

[WebJefe] Hi Jay Perez, welcome to #laonda Chat room!
[GABBANELI] hola jay perez como estassssssssssssssssssss????
[WebJefe] Thank you for taking the time to chat with your fans!
[Emilio] hi Jay!!!
[GABBANELI] te estoy chat desde monterrey n.l. mexico.
[Jay_Perez] How's everything in Monterrey Gabbaneli
[Jay_Perez] is it as hot in Monterrey as it is here

[Tx4life] Hello Jay
[Tex] Hello Jay
[Tex] como Esta??
[WebJefe] Have you ever been on chat before? Like at the Pura Vida Awards?
[Jay_Perez] WebJefe, no

[Tex] Jay Tex from San Angelo here we are glad to see you here chatting with us Have you Chatted on the net before
[WebJefe] well, it's a pleasure to have you on here.
[Jay_Perez] I'm doin fine Tex, thanks for asking
[Jay_Perez] Thank you

[GABBANELI] jay checa tu window¡¡¡¡
[WebJefe] Jay is not accepting any private messages.
[Jay_Perez] not doing individual chats

[WebJefe] so type your questions on here
[Jay_Perez] all questions need to be asked here

[Tex] Jay your new CD is da bomb! What gave you the idea to use the element anacronym for Gold??
[GABBANELI] oye jay que onda con monterrey n.l. mexico, porque no quieres venir para aca?????
[Jay_Perez] it's the fifth CD from Sony, we named it the Gold Record cuz we're shootin for another Gold record
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli, cuz I don't know the promoters there, always worked with the promoters in Texas

[Tejano] hello
[Jay_Perez] they have treated us well here
[Jay_Perez] I'm afraid we won't get the amount of money there that we get here

[Ondaman] hello
[GABBANELI] jay in spanish please.
[Tex] Jay I believe you will have it with this one. Please tell us has How is your band do you have any new additions or subtractions??
[Tejano] jay, how do u about chente leaving your band and him going on hiz own??????
[Jay_Perez] Tex, pretty much the same musicians
[Jay_Perez] I plan to keep them all

[Tex] Porque no conoce los promotores en Mexico
[Tx4life] Jay: Are you going to have a reunion with David Lee Garza anytime soon like you did with the Latin Breed. That would be a hit!
[Jay_Perez] musicians come and go, they dont last too long, for example Chente

[Ondaman] Jay what's gonna be the third single from your latest CD?
[GABBANELI] oye jay que tan cierto es de que no te llegaron al precio para venir a monterrey????
[Jay_Perez] Tex, we just don't deal with Mexico, I don't have the contacts

[Tex] ah trabajado con los promotores en tejas y piensa que no puede recibir el dinero en Mexico que puede en Texas
[Jay_Perez] I'm open to suggestions or any kind of help
[WebJefe] Are you still with Sony Discos?
[GABBANELI] oye jay porque te separasate de david lee garza???
[Tex] Jay Gaberneli would like to know why you seperated from David Lee Garza
[Ondaman] Toda Mi Vida was the 1st single, Hombres y Mujeres the 2nd, is there a third single already out Mr. Jay Perez?
[Jay_Perez] okay
[Jay_Perez] I'm back
[Jay_Perez] disabled call waiting

[Tex] oh
[Tex] hehe
[Tx4life] ok
[WebJefe] =:^)
[GABBANELI] oye jay porque te separasate de david lee garza???
[Vaquero] whoa
[RayRay] Que Paso Vatos!
[MartaSan] Caca be nice
[Tex] Wb Jay
[WebJefe] Jay, Are you still with Sony Discos?
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli, dinero
[Jay_Perez] Lupe, yes

[RayRay] Que Paso J A Y !
[Ondaman] hey Jay you don't seem to be answering our questions?
[Jay_Perez] sorry, what's your question Ondaman

[Tex] hey just logged in fellas
[GABBANELI] por eso te separaste jay, porque como solista ivas a recibir mas dinero????
[Jay_Perez] got knocked off line

[WebJefe] Jay was disconnected Ondaman
[Jay_Perez] just got back

[Ondaman] is there a third single o0ut?
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli, si

[Ondaman] oh ok
[WebJefe] asked your questions again
[Jay_Perez] Not yet, but it will be next month

RayRay opens the Ice Chest and hand everybody a BUDLIGHT!
[Ondaman] which one?
[Ondaman] ESO!!!
[WebJefe] any hint on what your 3rd single might be?
[Jay_Perez] the single is gonna be called, Dame Tu Corazon

[Tex] Jay can we expect a new video with your new release??
[RayRay] Daaaaaaaaaaaame Tuuuuuuu Cooooooraaaaazoooooooon!
[Jay_Perez] Tex, yes, the same song

[Ondaman] i love Dame Tu Corazon
[Tex] 4Excellent!
[Ondaman] i also love Solo Contigo
[Emilio] Jay: what CD is your duet Tu y Yo with Judy De Leon on, when did you recorded it and is it available?
[Ondaman] y tambien Porque Te Fuiste
[Vaquero] Jay, some musicians have gone into acting in tv or movies, any plans by you to do the same?
[Jay_Perez] the duet is on her CD, Emilio

[GABBANELI] jay te pregunte porque no has venido a mexico, porque nadams faltan tres tejanos por venir tu, la tropa f y tony de la rosa.
[Jay_Perez] I recorded it two years ago

[Tex] Jay are you currently on a radio tour for your CD?
[Jay_Perez] and no, it is not available anymore
[Jay_Perez] no, Vaquero
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli, already answered that question

[Emilio] Gabanelli: el Dueto con Judi de Leon no esta disponible :(
[Jay_Perez] Tex, yes

[GABBANELI] oye jay que planes tienes a futuro???
[Jay_Perez] I wanna go to Monterrey
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli

[Tex] Jay I have noticed a strong influence of R and B are you going to stay on that track or are you going to go more conventional Country sound??
[GABBANELI] perfecto.
[Jay_Perez] R&B all the way baby

[GABBANELI] para cuando seria jay, eso de que tu quieres venir a monterrey????
[Emilio] fue grabado hace dos años
Tex sings Mrs Jones la la la ala
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli, as soon as possible

[RayRay] JAY........VATO, what other Tejano Artist do you Respect in La Onda or get your respect?
[GABBANELI] all rigth jay¡¡¡¡
[Jay_Perez] I respect everybody and everybody respects me RayRay,
[Jay_Perez] treat everybody the way you wanna be treated

[RayRay] orale.....
Ondaman has the Judi DeLeon CD!
[Tex] Jay you are most definately the Voice of Tejano music is there a ritual that you go through before coming on stage??
[GABBANELI] oye jay como andas de trabajo en la union americana????
[Jay_Perez] RayRay, where you from?

[RayRay] Midland, Texas
[Jay_Perez] Just self meditation man, thirty minutes of self meditation, humming and breathing Tex

[Tex] JAY your duet with Shelly on her Shelly CD was Awsome! are you currently planning to do more duets with little Miss Dynamite???
[RayRay] JAY........which Tejano CD is popped in your Car Stereo right now besides yours?
[Emilio] Jay: at what age did you start singing and who was your very first band?
[GABBANELI] oye jay como andas de trabajo en la union americana????
[GABBANELI] donde tienes tu residencia jay???
RayRay is jammin' to the COMMODORES!
[Emilio] Gabbaneli: Jay se va a presentar en Tejano Texas el 21 de este mes, me imagino que tiene bastante trabajo promoviendo su nuevo CD no?
[Ondaman] Jay never go strictly conjunto....i've always loved the true chicano sound....the first two singles from Toda Mi Vida are strictly conjunto :-(
[Tx4life] Now that TTMA is reorginizing their stuff, are you still going to boycott them?
[GABBANELI] donde tienes tu residencia jay???
Emilio is jammin' to Let's Get it on by the Voice!
[Ondaman] Jay your not answering our questions!!!!
[WebJefe] oh oh, I think he got disconnected again....
[GABBANELI] oye jay piensas ganar un TMA el año que viene????
RayRay sings......Juuuuuust toooooooo beeeeeeeeee clooooooose toooo yoooooou Giiiiiiirl!
[Tex] Jay a lot of Artists donate thier time to good causes do you have a favorite Charity??
[Vaquero] be patient,
[Jay_Perez] call waiting again
[Jay_Perez] we gonna move this show upstairs
[Jay_Perez] can we have a minute??

[WebJefe] sure
[Tex] *70, or #70
[Tex] hehe
[Jay_Perez] okay
[Jay_Perez] we're gonna move to an upstairs office
[Jay_Perez] so we can get away from this phone line and call waiting
[WebJefe] okay great
[Jay_Perez] give us about five minutes

[RayRay] Que Paso con Eddie y Daz?
[Ondaman] they kicked em out
[Ondaman] for misbehaving
[GABBANELI] oye jay piensas ganar un TMA el año que viene con tu nuevo cd que esta de luxe.????
[Ondaman] you know those two dawgs
[Ondaman] ahorita no esta agarrando tus mensajes GABANELLI
[WebJefe] Daz is here
[Ondaman] Jay va a regresar en cinco minutos GABANELLI
[Tex] hey Daz
[GABBANELI] thanks ondaman
[WebJefe] hey der Tex.
[WebJefe] bean here, just viewing the kewl questionz.
[Ondaman] no problem GABANELLI
[Ondaman] oye GABANELLI vives en Monterrey?
RayRay is pasting the time with the Chi Chi sites. hehe
[Ondaman] LOL!!!
Daz wish he could but he's at a retirement home and prolly excite them all.
[Ondaman] LOL!!!!
[Tex] Chi Chi who?
Daz and Web are drinking a nice cold Miller Lite...Wonder what Jay and Vaquero are drinking.
[Vaquero] wild turkey here
[RayRay] Jay's sponsor iiiiiiiis BUDLIGHT!
[Vaquero] daz and web are wimps
[Vaquero] :)
[Vaquero] kidding guys
[Daz] "where my budlight drinking buddies at"
[Tex] me drinking Lipton Tea
[Daz] punk
[Daz] lol, tex
[RayRay] sup sup sup !!!!!
[RayRay] O R A L E!!!!!!!!
[RayRay] gracias.
[Chikko] de nada
[Tex] Yeah!!!!
[Jay_Perez] We
[Jay_Perez] back

[RayRay] O R A L E !!!!!!!!!
[Daz] Hey Jay!!! I'm u'r biggest fan @ DFW!!!
RayRay hands Jay Perez a BUDLIGHT!
[Tex] Jay a lot of Artists donate thier time to good causes do you have a favorite Charity??
[Emilio] Jay: at what age did you start singing and who was your very first band?
[GABBANELI] oye jay piensas ganar un TMA el año que viene con tu nuevo cd que esta de luxe.????
[Jay_Perez] Tejanos for Tots

[Tex] JAY your duet with Shelly on her Shelly CD was Awsome! are you currently planning to do more duets with little Miss Dynamite???
[Jay_Perez] I haven't won the past five years I don't intend to win now Gabbaneli
[Jay_Perez] Only if I'm requested, Tex

[Ondaman] hey Jay never go strictly conjunto....the two singles from Toda Mi Vida are all conjunto
[RayRay] Daaaaaamn.....give Jay time to drink the BUD!
[Tex] lol
[Ondaman] lol
[Daz] Yo Jay, U'll always be the Male Vocalist here in Dallas, TX!!!!!
[GABBANELI] acaso piensas, jay, que los TMA estan arreglados???
[RayRay] but badd ass though!
[Vaquero] Jay, do u play in the softball tournament in san antonio? if so, if a charity softball game would be held in the valley, would u come?
[Jay_Perez] Daz, thank you
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli, si
[Jay_Perez] Vaquero, yes

[Tex] 4Jay has Always been Male Vocalist of the Year!
[RayRay] Q-Vo Eddie!
[Chikko] wb eddie
[Jay_Perez] =)

[Daz] Jay u playing @ Tejano West in Dallas this Sunday!!!!!
[GABBANELI] oye jay tu no ganas ningun TMA porque no eres de la label record EMI CAPITOL verdad???
[Jay_Perez] Daz, yes
[Emilio] Jay: at what age did you start singing and who was your very first band?
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli, lol, es posible
[Jay_Perez] Emilio, I started singing when I was 11 yrs old, and my first band was young and free

[Tex] Jay what female vocalist is your favorite ?
[Jay_Perez] Young and Free
[Jay_Perez] Tex, Natalie Cole

[Vaquero] Jay, there appear to be three major awards shows now, TTMA, Pura Vida and and the new one by Rudy Trevino
[GABBANELI] oye jay en que estados de la union americana andas pegando con todo???
[Vaquero] do you think that is too many award shows??
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli, West Texas, San Antonio, Dallas y Houston
[Jay_Perez] Vaquero, definitely yes

[GABBANELI] nada mas en texas?????
[Tx4life] Were you in choir at John Jay High in San Antonio?
[Ondaman] GABANELLI asked what states Jay
[Tex] Jay you are a driving force in Tejano music and have obviously been overlooked for the TMA Awards why dont the Artists get together and make thier own Awards show like the Country Music Awards??
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli, no

[GABBANELI] En que otros estados jay???
[Jay_Perez] Gabanelli, the midwest, Chicago, Toledo, Michigan

[Daz] are you and Gilbert buzz'n yet?
[Ondaman] in what opther states Jay?
[Jay_Perez] Tx4life, no

[Ondaman] Jay do you ever plan to perform in California?
[RayRay] J A Y....what Tejano Cd do you have popped in your Stereo right now besides yours!
[Jay_Perez] Tex, we'd be giving each other awards, lol
[Jay_Perez] too much competition between all of us, who decides who gets the award

[GABBANELI] Oye jay como sentiste el fallecimiento de joe martinez, ocurrido este año???
[Jay_Perez] Daz, lol
[Jay_Perez] Ondaman, don't have the contacts

[Vaquero] what would you like to see as an Tejano awards show
[GABBANELI] Oye jay como sentiste el fallecimiento de joe martinez, ocurrido este año???
[Jay_Perez] RayRay, Limite, Adalberto

[RayRay] Kewl.......Adalberto is Badd ASS ese!
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli, sad that we lose another brother, losing a musician is like losing a brother

[Ondaman] Jay do you ever plan on including some trumpet players?....have the whole horn-section?
[Tex] Jay what do you think of Chente's recent excursion as a soloist??
[RayRay] Y no Adalberto is or is going to tour with Latin Breed again?
[Jay_Perez] Vaquero, don't understand the question

[GABBANELI] jay eres wonderful???
[Jay_Perez] Ondaman, no

[Vaquero] sorry, let me rephrase
[Jay_Perez] Tex, I wish him the best
[Jay_Perez] welcome to the real world, welcome to the business
[Jay_Perez] Tex, I'll try to help him out as much as I can
[Jay_Perez] RayRay, no

[GABBANELI] oye jay que piensas de la musica de los estupidos de limite?????
[Tx4life] Do you really like Church's chicken?
[Vaquero] Jay, what would you and other Tejano artists like to see as regards an awards show?
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli, es una onda nueva

[GABBANELI] Entonces piensas que esa O N D A es pasajera?????
[Jay_Perez] y la jente crean que son Tejanos
[Jay_Perez] y no son
[Jay_Perez] pero la musica es muy diferente

[GABBANELI] exacto jay.
[Jay_Perez] Tx4Life, Hell yes!

[Tex] Jay what comments do you have for the antagonists that say that Tejano Music is Dead??
[Jay_Perez] Vaquero, honesty and fairness

[GABBANELI] Entonces piensas que esa O N D A es pasajera?????
[Ondaman] Claro que esa onda es pasajera
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli, todos tienen sus opiniones de la musica aunque sea Tejana o no

[Ondaman] el verdadero sonido chicano tiene que regresar otra vez GABANELLI
[Jay_Perez] Tex, I say Tejano music is where it's at, it's as good as it's gonna get

[GABBANELI] Nomas dime si piensas tu que esa O N D A es pasajera???
[RayRay] Chale....J A Y!!!!!
[RayRay] Your gonna make it Better ese!
[Jay_Perez] RayRay, I hear you man

[Tex] Jay your candor has been widely criticized while most fans see it as refreshing honesty do you view media as bothersome??
[GABBANELI] Nomas dime si piensas tu que esa O N D A es pasajera???
[Jay_Perez] Tex, I think my reputation proceeds me as far as how people wanna see me
[Jay_Perez] I don't leave it up to the media, they have a mind of their own,sometimes they make the artist look worse
[Jay_Perez] Don't understand the question Gabbaneli

[Jay_Perez] what does pasajera mean?

[RayRay] You gotta bring the CHICANO/TEJANO Back ese.....their's DEMAND FOR IT!
[Tex] Jay he asks if you think that it is a fad
[Ondaman] no entiendes espanol Jay? Que pues???
[GABBANELI] que no durara mucho esa onda¡¡¡ Eso significa pasajera.
[Jay_Perez] Tex, Gabbaneli, that's a good question

[Ondaman] acual ONDA?
[Ondaman] la de Limite?
[Tex] the Limite ONda
[GABBANELI] la onda de los estupidos de limite¡¡¡¡
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli, I think Limites, if they don't change their style, they can go a long way, but I don't consider it a fad

[Jay_Perez] a fad comes and goes man

[WebJefe] Limite is bad ass too
[Ondaman] but Limite's not Tejano
[Ondaman] even if theyre bad ass
[Vaquero] Jay, where do you see yourself 10 - 15 years from now? still performing? producing?
[WebJefe] tell all the tejanos that!
[Jay_Perez] Ondaman, they get alot of air play here and get nominated
[Jay_Perez] Vaquero, both

[Ondaman] shut up Daz
[Ondaman] they might get all the airplay but it's Norteno
[GABBANELI] Oye jay pero yo tengo entendido que a los de limite los programan las estaciones de radio tejana, no te da coraje que ellos no siendo tejanos los programen luego, luego???
[Ondaman] i never see Limite playing keyboard polkas or brassy polkas like Jay, Mazz, or Shelly Lares
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli, si, most definitely man

[GABBANELI] Siendo que hay muchos tejanos grandes que no los programan seguido????
[Selena] phew, still here :)
[Ondaman] so then how can you call them Tejano Jay?
[Jay_Perez] Ondaman, your right

[Ondaman] you know what i mean Jay cool
[Jay_Perez] Ondaman, I didn't call them Tejano, their labeled as Tejano
[Jay_Perez] that's why I don't believe in the Tejano music awards

[Tex] Jay do you see yourself participating in Rudy Trevinos awards??
[GABBANELI] Oye jay que te pareceria juntarte con david lee garza, a cantar nomas una cancion con el, en beneficio de los niños texanos????
[Vaquero] jay, u dont believe in the TTMA? or just the tejano music awards?
[Jay_Perez] Tex, not on your life, that's for damn sure

[Ondaman] like you Jay your music is real Tejano because you've remained loyal to the real Chicano sound....too bad the 1st Toda Mi Vida & the 2nd Hombres y Mujeres are more conjunto/Norteno
[Tex] lol
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli, hell yes
[Jay_Perez] Vaquero, same thing

[WebJefe] I don't think Jay believes in Rudy Trevino, TMA is not the issue.
[GABBANELI] Y para cuando seria eso jay???
[Ondaman] good thing Dame Tu Corazon is gonna be the next release now thats a real Tejano polka
[Tx4life] Do you ever jam with David Lee Garza?
[Jay_Perez] Ondaman, I like to give a variety of music to the people you cant stick with one
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli, no se
[Jay_Perez] Tx4life, no

[Ondaman] i know but you still stick to the true TJ sound right?
[Jay_Perez] Ondaman, yes

[GABBANELI] Te felicito jay por pensar en los niños de texas, perfect¡¡¡¡
[Jay_Perez] Gabbenli, gracias
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli, quando me llevas a Monterrey, haha

[WebJefe] Speaking of DLG....Y did you leave? Those two albums are better than one's greatest hits.
[Tx4life] What do ypu think about the incident at Tejano TX last Thursday? Do you think it was right of the law to do what they did?
[GABBANELI] Sinceramente si tuviera los suficientes billetes no lo dudaria, eh.
[Tex] Jay it is safe to say that you are still the favorite male singer of Tejano Music. Can you tell us why you site has not been up lately??
[Chikko] wb rayray
[Jay_Perez] Lupe, to make more money

[RayRay] Pinchi Chikkkkkko!
[Selena] heya RayRay
[RayRay] Hey Selena!
[Ondaman] Jay look at groups like La Mafia & Fama....they stopped playing the true TJ sound & went International just to make more exchange you love the music you're not in it for the money because if you were you'd be doing what La Mafia did
[GABBANELI] Sinceramente si tuviera los suficientes billetes no lo dudaria, en traerte al far west eh.
[Jay_Perez] Tx4Life, no one is above the law
[Jay_Perez] you gotta abide by the law, I don't care what country you are in

Emilio is jammin' to Amor de Madrugada, luv that song!
[Jay_Perez] Tex, my site is up as far as I know

[Daz] That's my favorite too Emilio.
[GABBANELI] Soy estudiante de informatica, asi que comprenderas que todavia no hago los sufucientes billetes como para poder pagarte lo que pides.
[Emilio] cool
[Chikko] wb
[Jay_Perez] Ondaman, you can take the musicians out of money but you can't take the money out of musicians

[Daz] The site was down for about two weeks. It's up now?
[Jay_Perez] money makes the world go round
[Jay_Perez] Gracias Gabbaneli

[GABBANELI] Oye jay para cuando esperariamos el cd live, ya vez que esta de moda grabar un cd live.
[RayRay] He got you there Ondaman!
[GABBANELI] Oye jay para cuando esperariamos el cd live, ya vez que esta de moda grabar un cd live?????
[Tex] actually Jay your site is still down
[Ondaman] Get yourself RayVato
[Blinkie] hi everybody
[Daz] Jay from your songs rather it be DLG's or Latin breeds or what ever, which one is u'r favorite?
[Robyn_B] Where is Jay Perez's website
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli, by March

[Blinkie] Hi Jay
[GABBANELI] Donde lo vas a grabar??? En san antonio tx.????
[Robyn_B] Por favor dame el URL
[Jay_Perez] Daz, Latin Breed

[Daz] what song Jay?
[Jay_Perez] I don't know what happened to my website
[Jay_Perez] Hiya Blinkie

[Robyn_B] No soap
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli, Dallas

[GABBANELI] Porque hasta alla jay, esta muy lejos de monterrey???
[Jay_Perez] Daz, be more specific, what U talkin about?
[Jay_Perez] Latin Breed?

[Vaquero] Jay, one of your back up singers a few yrs ago was from del rio, still with you?
[Ondaman] hey Jay any plans to crossover into Mexico?
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli, por que la jente no me conose en Monterrey y en Dallas si

[Tex] Jay I know of severaly good songwriters would you ever consider doing music from vertual unknowns??
[Jay_Perez] Vaquero, no

[Blinkie] Jay do you plan on doing a private performance here in Houston? I don't think you have yet
[GABBANELI] i ondaman tiene planes de venir a mexico, cuando no sabe, el quiere venir a monterey.
[Robyn_B] Si, se registro el sitio de Jay Perez
[RayRay] Daz.....sing us some Jay like you do everyday ese!
[Jay_Perez] Ondaman, look up Gabbanelli, lol

[Ondaman] LOL!!!
[Jay_Perez] Tex, no

[GABBANELI] No jay yo pense que lo grabarias en san antonio, porque pense que era tu ciudad natal, el lugar donde naciste¡¡¡
[Jay_Perez] Blinkie, you mean an unplugged concert?

[Blinkie] yeah that's it
[Ondaman] hey Jay any plans to perform in El Paso?
[Tex] Jay you answered no is that because your contract restricts you from doing so or do you just prefer established songwriters music??
[Tx4life] Do you think san Antonio needs another FM tejano station?
[Blinkie] Man Houston needs one!
[Jay_Perez] Ondaman, in Feb of 99

[Blinkie] KQQK sux
[Jay_Perez] Tex, I prefer writing my own music

[Selena] Jay, any plans on coming up to Washington State, Oregon, or Idaho?
[Jay_Perez] Tx4life, songwriters like myself could use another radio station for royalty purposes

[Robyn_B] Jay, favor de cantas para nosotros.
[Jay_Perez] Blinkie, U damn right they do!

[Tx4life] true
[Robyn_B] Jay, please sing for us
[Ondaman] sing for us Jay
[GABBANELI] yes canta jay.
[RayRay] Yo Canto!
[Ondaman] sing Una Vez Mas Baby!!!
[Jay_Perez] Selena, not after what I heard from la Tropa F, they got burnt
Tex warms up

[Ondaman] not you Ray
[RayRay] YO CANTO!
[Jay_Perez] the promoter burnt them for money

[Robyn_B] Queremos a oir su voz
[Robyn_B] We want to hear your voice
[Selena] really? I never even heard they came up here
[Blinkie] LOL Jay, nobody likes them but supposedly they're THE most listened to Tejano station in america, that's hard to believe
[Jay_Perez] ~/........por que todo lo que yo tengo......lo ehwardoado para ti..../~

[GABBANELI] ye jay cuando vengas a monterrey no te olvides de mi por favor, ya que cuando vengas yo estare contigo.
[WebJefe] ESO!
[GABBANELI] ahuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, is rigth jay.
[Robyn_B] Si, tiene las letras
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli, orale, gracias

[GABBANELI] ye jay cuando vengas a monterrey no te olvides de mi por favor, ya que cuando vengas yo estare contigo.
[GABBANELI] Claro en el lugar donde vengas a tocar, ok.
[Ondaman] sing UNA VEZ MAS Jay!!!
[Jay_Perez] I wanna sing, but you can't hear me

[Jay_Perez] RayRay, your not the voice, your the noise
[Jay_Perez] lol

[Blinkie] lol
[Ondaman] lol
[Tx4life] lol
[Daz] LOL
[Blinkie] he told you!
[RayRay] LOL.....Pinchi Jay!
[GABBANELI] Oye jay con que cd has tenido el mayor de los exitos??????
[Jay_Perez] Blinkie, where are you from?

[Ondaman] he sure got you there RayMan....LOL!!!
[Blinkie] Houston!
[Robyn_B] He told you RayRay
[Robyn_B] RayRay is the noise
[Jay_Perez] Gabbenli, Steel Rain

[Robyn_B] 4RayRay is the noise
[Daz] Jay, when are you going to make a "live" cd?
[RayRay] Yeah you need to VATO!
[Jay_Perez] Daz, in Feb in Dallas

[GABBANELI] Es donde vienes si tu regresas corazon... te doy mis besos mi pasion.... si tu regresas te doy todo mia amor....???
[Daz] no shit!!! alright!!!!!
[RayRay] Some People don't hear what we hear live ese!
[Ondaman] what is your most popular CD Jay???
[Blinkie] aww come to houston!
[GABBANELI] Es donde vienes si tu regresas corazon... te doy mis besos mi pasion.... si tu regresas yo te doy todo mi amor....???
Daz hopez he records live where PPL in town know he's the voice and they appreciate his "gift".
[Jay_Perez] Ondaman, Steel Rain

[GABBANELI] Es donde vienes si tu regresas corazon... te doy mis besos mi pasion.... si tu regresas yo te doy todo mi amor....???
RayRay thinks JAY'S first CD kicks A** 'cause of Speedy on BASS!
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli, don't understand the question

[Ondaman] he wants to know what is your best CD
[Jay_Perez] RayRay, yah that guy was good, but he's got lots of problems, attitude problem and attitudes don't go too well with me

[GABBANELI] Que si ese cd es donde viene esta cancion si tu regresas corazon... te doy mis besos mi pasion.... si tu regresas yo te doy todo mi amor....???
[Ondaman] dice que Steel Rain GABANELLI
[RayRay] I heard.
[RayRay] But he's badd ass though.
[Jay_Perez] the first CD is called te llevo en mi

Daz has all of Jay's cd's.
[Blinkie] are you planning on coming to houston any time soon?
[Blinkie] please? we need some entertainment down here
[RayRay] WHAT OTHER R&B Tunes do jam to J A Y?
[RayRay] you
[Cinnamon] ????
[Cinnamon] por favor espero un momento.....
[Robyn_B] Bingo
[Jay_Perez] okay, we all back??

Daz hands Jay a nice cold Bud Light.
[Robyn_B] Try this again?????
[Chikko] yeah
Robyn_B slaps Robyn_B around a bit with a large trout
[Robyn_B] Cool....
Robyn_B slaps Chikko around a bit with a large trout
[Ondaman] hey Jay have you heard any news on Judi DeLeon?
Matt slaps everyone around a bit with a small mackeral
[Blinkie] lol
[Jay_Perez] okay, are we back??

[Ondaman] yeah
Chikko slaps Robyn_B around a bit with a large trout
[Daz] yep
[Chikko] hehe
[Robyn_B] yo creo somos
[Jay_Perez] okay, put up the large trout fellas
[Jay_Perez] dats V talkin

[Daz] or the acholol.
[Ondaman] hey Jay have you heard any news on Judi DeLeon?
[Jay_Perez] WebJefe, what's happenin?
[Jay_Perez] Ondaman, no

[Jay_Perez] nada
[Blinkie] are you planning on coming to houston anytime soon?
[GABBANELI] Jay sabes que, ya me cacharon en la escuela donde estoy chateando, nomas unas ultims cosas.
[Vaquero] Jay, when is ur next trip to the Valley
[Jay_Perez] Blinkie, this Friday I'll be in T Town 2000
[Ondaman] hey Jay any plans on doing a duet w/ Joe Posada?
[Blinkie] oh cool! I heard that a cool new club
[GABBANELI] Sabes jay tienes una voz fenomenal y eres un gran ser humano por lo que van a hacer por los niños tu y david.
[Jay_Perez] Vaquero, Dec 23, Harlingen for a private event

[Robyn_B] Good question, Ondaman...Jay should do a duet with Elida Rey
[Robyn_B] na
[Jay_Perez] Ondaman, no

[Blinkie] Which club will it be though? I heard it's 5 clubs in one
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli, gracias

[Jay_Perez] Look for the Tejano Club

[Blinkie] oh
[Blinkie] i knew that
[Vaquero] shame, the valley does not have a good variety of tejanos artists as yourself come down here
[WebJefe] =:^)
[GABBANELI] y una ultima cosa jay por favor no te olvides de mi cuando vengas a monterrey, ok.
[Jay_Perez] Gabbaneli, okay
[Daz] Web any plans on doing a duet con Ram?
[GABBANELI] Espero que sea pronto tu venida a monterrey.
[Daz] lol, WEb, I meant Jay.
[GABBANELI] Y jay take care and be good.
[Jay_Perez] Daz, not any time soon

[Selena] Jay, what about a duet with Shelly or Stefani?
[Ondaman] Jay would you like to do a duet w/ Roel Martinez?
[GABBANELI] Y remember que desde monterrey hasta san antonio texas this is 28PURO GABBANELLI, PURO TEJANO
[Jay_Perez] Selena, I'd love to

[Blinkie] oooh do one with Stefani!!
[Ondaman] ESO GABANELLI!!!!!!
[Jay_Perez] Ondaman, he says he can sing just like me, it would probably confuse ppl

[Ondaman] lol
[Ondaman] he sounds like you alot
[Blinkie] I'll be right back
[RayRay] Art T from Grupo Vida compares himself to you too!
[Ondaman] nah!!! not Art
[RayRay] You are his influence...he said.
[RayRay] Vato can sing too ese!
[Ondaman] Art sounds like Dee from Grupo Valiente
[Robyn_B] What record label is Jay Perez on?
[Ondaman] now Roel Martinez he can come way close to Jay!
[RayRay] J A Y.....I saw you in Midland and you kicked some ass!
[Ondaman] later GABANELLI!
[Jay_Perez] RayRay, thanks, I like West Texas

[WebJefe] Jay is still with Sony Discos Robyn_B
[Robyn_B] Oh, ok
[RayRay] I got a chance to talk to your band tooo!
[Jay_Perez] Gabbanelii any relation to the guy who makes the accordions?

[WebJefe] laterz GABBANELI
[Matt] Bye Gab
[RayRay] What's going on with Richard he still Jammin with ESE JAY?
[Jay_Perez] RayRay, ya, damn right

[Ondaman] GABANELLI: dice Jay que si hay algun parentezco con el que hace los acordeones Gabanelli?
[RayRay] orale.
[Jay_Perez] Gabbanlli, cya in Monterrey

[WebJefe] before you leave GABBANELI, I'm about to ask a question and whoever replay via email with the correct answer first will get an autography CD from Jay
[Jay_Perez] Okay, we gonna wrap it up folks

[Daz] Jay what ever happened don't know he's name but he was u'r backup vocalist on "The Voice" CD?
[Jay_Perez] everybody say good bye

[Emilio] you speak very good Spanish Ondaman!
[Ondaman] bye GABANELLI
[Tx4life] bye
[Jay_Perez] The Voice CD was Chente
[Jay_Perez] we are wrapping it up folks

[Ondaman] thanks Emilio so do you!!!
[Jay_Perez] any final questions??

[WebJefe] Bye Jay and thanks for taking time out and chatting with us.
[Daz] ooh...I'm sorry I meant No Limits
[Tx4life] bye jay
[RayRay] Te Watchooooooooooo J A Y!!!!!!
[Ondaman] not for now Jay
Robyn_B we are wrapping it up...everyone who enjoyed talking with Jay get lost
[Daz] thanks, Jay enjoyed it big time!!!
[Jay_Perez] Daz, John B is doing his own thing, I don't know what he's doing, they all think they can be stars

[RayRay] Come Back ese!
[Ondaman] just keep staying true to the real onda ok ?
[Daz] lol
[Selena] thanx for coming, Jay!
[Jay_Perez] okay, goodnight
[Jay_Perez] cya

[Ondaman] bye Jay
[Vaquero] good to chat with you jay
[Robyn_B] Night, Jay.
[Daz] Jay thinks for taking u'r time w/ us tonight, we deeply appreciate it.
[Jay_Perez] Good night folks

[Emilio] good night Jay
[Daz] "The Voice" has left da net.
[Blinkie] me back
[Jay_Perez] One last word from jay Perez

[Ondaman] ok
[Daz] k.
[Blinkie] oh he left?
[Ondaman] not yet
[Jay_Perez] Call me Big Daddy Lover, Lover, come over and spank me one time before U go home and spank somebody you don't know
[Jay_Perez] Good night