From Los Jetz to Mariposa to Libre

From the first photo of Jennifer I took the first time she came to Dallas, Tx back in the summer of 1995 till now, 7 years later, I have been one of her biggest fan. I was really impressed with her performance at the Astrodome in Houston back in April 1995 when she was asked by Mr. Quintanilla to be part of the tribute they had for Selena. Jennifer danced and sang like her idol. This caused an image that she had a hard time to remove, since some people thought she was trying to be Selena, when actually she was just doing a tribute to her. Jennifer had her own style that thousands soon realized and Mr. Quintanilla help promote.
I could hardly wait for Jennifer's first CD entitled "Dulzura". This was a great CD that immediately went Platinum and has always been my very favorite. Jennifer's next CD, "Jennifer" was another winner. It was full of great songs. Jennifer's 3rd CD, "Mariposa" is where changes starting showing up. First the "y Los Jetz" was dropped since by now most of her origanal band members were no longer with her, plus Jennifer herself was going through changes as she was now becoming a teenager and even her music was changing. This CD had a mixture of Tejano, Mariachi, fast Cumbia, Funky and even an English tune. Her "Abrazame y Besame" CD showed where Jennifer was headed. This CD had 2 English tunes and some very different style of music but still pleased a lot of her fans.

I have always loved how Jennifer would sing songs by Shakira, Paulina Rubio and even a tune redone in spanish which was originally by the rock group 4-Non-Blonds. So, when I found out Jennifer signed with Univision Music, I knew her next CD would be the bomb.

"Libre", Jennfier's first CD that's not with EMI Latin/Q Productions, really shows what Jennifer is cabable of. This CD has 10 original tracks, but for those into Cumbias, 6 of those soft ballad are redone in Cumbia as bonus tracks. In fact "Entre El Delirio Y La Locura" is not only redone in Cumbia but also in a Grupera version which is the version I really liked. The 7th bonus track on this CD is the world famous "Vamos Al Mundial" that put Jennifer in the International spotlight. This is an enhanced CD that means that if put in a computer it will come up with the video version of "Vamos Al Mundial".
3 months after being released, "El Dolor De Tu Presencia" reaches #1 on the Billboards. It stayed at #1 for 5 weeks in a row and her album goes GOLD. I highly recommend this CD to all current and future Jennifer fans.

Jennifer was blessed with a great voice, talent and beauty and with "Tu Me Completas" song becoming the theme song for the Novela "Maria Celina" and her moving to LA for acting classes, I wish her the best and may all her dreams come true.

~El WebJefe