Special Tribute To Ruben Naranjo
El Mero, Si Senor De La Accordion
2/22/45 - 10/12/98
Our sympathy and love reaches out to the family and friends of Ruben Naranjo during this time of sadness

Born in Alice, Texas, Ruben Naranjo was known to everyone as a basic Conjunto at its soulful best. Ruben's accordion style is elegantly simple, and in many ways tells of his roots and the love of his culture and his people. He began playing the bajo sexto at 15 exclusively until 1962, but his true love for the accordion flourished as he teamed up with Chano Cadena back when many bands had two accordionists.

In 1972 he formed his own group, Ruben Naranjo y Los Gamblers and toured with Eligio Escobar. His first recordings were with Zarape Records. In the middle seventies he hit it with "La Estrella," which opened the way for substantial recordings and an outstanding performing career that peaked in the early eighties.

With over 20 albums and numerous singles to his credit, he is among the few Tejano conjunto artists who has been so well accepted in both Mexico and the US.

Hacienda Records released various hits for Ruben Naranjo and the Gamblers which included, "La Estrella", "Dulce Adorada", "Trienta Copas", "Que Dios Te Perdone", "Si Supieras", "Calor De Otros Brazos", "Con Cartitas", "Prenda Del Alma", "Mis Ojos Querendones", "Preso Sin Delito", "Angel De Mis Anhelos", plus his latest CD release "El Mero, Si Sejor", containing a Popurri of "Mis Ojos Querendones", "Preso Sin Delito", and "Angel De Mis Anhelos" as well as his popular hit "Que Mala Suerte", and many more..too numerous to mention.

Ruben Naranjo, known to his fans as the The Clark Gable of La Onda was an Old Worid gentlemen with an honest love for his fellow man. His often spoken words to all his fans were simple and honest: "Un saludo, y que Diosito a todo el mundo a ustedes y a sus familiares los cuida con lo mejor de la Vida."

The music industry has truly lost a beloved singer and legendary accordionist, whose contributions to music were numerous and full of love for his fans. He leaves behind a legacy of tradition like no other and shall be missed by numerous adoring fans.

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