Now a veteran of the Tejano music industry, Shelly Lares is a 21-year-old San Antonio native in her 4th year as a full time entertainer. Shelly's public debut was at the tender age of 10 years, after the pure talent of this little powerhouse of energy was brought to the attention of her parents by friends and other family members who commented on her melodious voice. They suggested she enter talent contests and soon she was featured in talent shows at St. Paul's Catholic School and numerous variety shows at Providence High School where she attended.

The petite 5-foot songbird says she is influenced by singer Gloria Estefan and Wynonna Judd. Shelly's versatility and dynamic voice have been an important instrument in her rising career. She is also an accomplished guitarist and percussionist, and several of her recordings have showcased her songwriting, composing and arranging abilities as well.

Shelly believes that there is always a talent that God gives us, but we have to develop it, and if we really want something, we have to give it 100 percent. There are certainly a lot of obstacles, but Shelly never lets that discourage her because the love and determination she has for her music is stronger than any obstacle.

Shelly devotes her spare time to spreading the Stay-in-School message, and encouraging students from the San Antonio and surrounding schools to pursue their dreams. Shelly believes in our future and says that "Children are our future."

In 1989, Manny Guerra signed Shelly to her first recording contract with the following comment:

"I have worked with many people in the industry, but there is something really special about Shelly. There are obstacles for newcomers in any industry, but Shelly's Guardian Angel is surely working overtime, and we are all recipients of her blessing."

As to her future plans in the music industry, Shelly says her goal is to become an international performer, and to continue expressing herself through song.

Watching Shelly Lares perform on stage, should give you a good idea of just how engineer and chemist Alfred Nobel (as in "The Nobel Prize") felt when he first perfected and demonstrated his latest invention- DYNAMITE! Just like a stick of dynamite packs a wallop of explosive energy into a small package, Shelly Lares packs a powerful, explosive performance into her petite, 5 foot frame. In fact, if Alfred Nobel were around today, he just might change the name dynamite to Shellymite!

Talk about a powerhouse of talent! Talk about musical versatility! Shelly Lares does it all! She writes or co-writes her own material, plays guitar and percussion, puts on a high energy, electrifying live show, and sings with a dynamic voice like there's no tomorrow! If scientists could harness Shelly's energy, we'd have a never ending power source! Couple those talents with beauty, charm, elegance, and a heart as big as Texas and you've got a blockbuster! When Shelly Lares takes to the stage, audiences know that they're in for the ride of their lives.

Year after year, her fans and peers in the Tejano Music industry have honored Shelly with numerous awards in recognition of her accomplishments. Since 1984, Shelly Lares has been nominated for or won an award in every consecutive year at the annual Tejano Music Awards. An amazing feat by any standards! Award categories include: Female Entertainer of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year, Song of the Year, Single of the Year, Vocal Duo of the Year, Album of the Year, and Tejano Country Song of the Year! In addition to her TMA accolades, she has also been honored by the annual Latin Times Music Awards, and the annual Pura Vida Hispanic Music Awards. Recently, Shelly performed on the same stage with rock-a-billy legend, Carl Perkins at a tribute in Wink,Texas for the late rock-n-roll balladeer, Roy Orbison.

Just as doors have been opened for Shelly by those who believe in her many talents, she too has opened doors for others. Her work on behalf of numerous civic and charitable endeavors and programs is exemplary. Such civic programs as the Downtown Youth Drop-In Center, the San Antonio Children's Shelter, and the PA.S.S. "Stay in School" program of the Edgewood Independent School District, are dear to Shelly's big heart. Whenever she can do a benefit performance or help in other ways, Shelly is there! Her charitable work has also earned her outstanding recognition and honors by those she has helped.

Signed to an exclusive contract with Manny Music, Inc., she has had numerous hit albums over the past five years, including: "Tu Solo Tu"( 1989), "Dynamite"( 1990), "Sabes Que Si"( 1991), "Tejano Star"( 1992), "Greatest Hits"( 1992), and "Apaga La Luz"( 1993) and her latest release through Manny/WEA Latina, "Quiero Ser Tu Amante"( 1994). The first single from the album, entitled, "Soy Tu Amor" has also been produced as a music video, which is receiving extensive air play.

Whether she's playing to audiences at a rodeo, state fair, music festival, awards show, concert, or a charity event, Shelly Lares gives from her heart. And just like her nickname of "Little Miss Dynamite," Shelly's popularity is exploding throughout the entire Tejano music world!


10-81 Lares joined Hot Tamales. Robert Solis was the group's male vocalist. Chaperoned by her parents. Lares toured Texas with the band. During her four year stint, Jimenez would repeatedly say: "She has tremendous talent and Shelly will, without a doubt, make it to the top someday."

1985 She and Tony Lares, her cousin formed The New Generation Band, her own group. The band was made up of Shelly, lead vocals; Tony, guitar; Alex Villanueva, bass; Weldon Smith and Ariel Ramirez, keyboards; and Adolfo Baez, drums. Smith attended Marshall High School. The remaining members were Jefferson High School students.

1986 Lares recorded two singles then virtually dropped out of the music scene. "We started getting real busy, but we were all in school," she said. "I was keeping my grades up. I had graduation coming up and I wanted to have a good record. So I decided that I wanted to get to where I wanted to go (a private high school), it would be best that I concentrate on my studies."

1989 Shelly Lares signs a long term recording contract with Manny R. Guerra of Manny Music.

05-89 After attending Providence High School she immediately formed The Shelly Lares Band. They were Shelly on vocals, Tony Lares, keyboards; Chris Perez, guitar; Rudy Martinez, bass, and Roland Luna, drums.

07-89 Lares recorded her first album. Her producer, Manny Guerra was elated. He stated, "Shelly's love for music is contagious and she turns the recording session into a 'fun' session."

08-89 Johnny Joe Reyes, John Paul Guerra, keyboards and Jesse Oliva, drums, joined the group.

06-91 Shelly Lares and The Shelly Lares Band record their first video "Sabes Que Si."

11-91 Finalist in the TV show "Be A Star" carried via cable by The Nashville Network.