Shelly Lares on #laonda IRC 9/3/97 9:12 PM

[Mr_Right] SHELLY
Andria screams and has a heart attack
[ElWebJefe] SHELLY!
Mr_Right faintz
[ElWebJefe] SHELLY!
[Andria] SHELLY!!!
Andria is going crazy
[Mr_Right] Hi SHELLY
[Andria] SHELLY!
[Andria] SHELLY!!!
[Andria] HOLA SHELL!!!
[Andria] err SHELLY!!
[Bobby] Hi Shelly, and thanks forbeing here in cyberspace!
CHIKKO says andele chikko con animo
[MaSiZzO] shelly
[SHELLY] hello everyone

[MaSiZzO] shelly
[MaSiZzO] shelly
[MaSiZzO] shelly
[Selena] hey hi SHelly
[MaSiZzO] hi shelly
[Selena] yeah, you be like Queen hehe
[SHELLY] hello everone sorry I was late I had to check into my hotel

[Andria] thats ok!
[Mr_Right] That'z okay, U'r worth waiting on!!!
[Mr_Right] :)
[Bobby] Shelly, what town are you at now?
[Spooge] What city are u in, Shell
[Jaime] Any gigs going on in San Antonio any day soon?
[SHELLY] first let me thank everyone for being here and all the great things you said and all the compliments
[SHELLY] I am in Alice Texas

CHIKKO ask shelly to please say "andele chikko con animo"
[Mr_Right] :)
[David] Hi Shelly we love ya
[SHELLY] check the site 

[Mr_Right] Shelly U got da house packed tonight!!!
[SHELLY] for sure friday at Sam Goody in SanAntonio at the river center mall

[Andria] shelly, i wish u would come to oklahoma sometime! that would be wicked kewl!
[Bobby] Shelly, sorry we missed you in Nashville.  Any plans on a return trip this way again?
[MaSiZzO] SHELLY when are you going to be in the valley?
[Emilio] kewl... one of my fav songs CHIKKO
[SHELLY] andria I would love to go to Oklahome any Tejano out there??

Mr_Right is now known as Daz
[SHELLY] masizzo we will be there in October

[Andria] yeah there are some! no one ever comes here. i'm not tejano or anything but i think it RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!
[chjr] Shelly, there's a teacher at my mother's school that is a total Shelly fanatic!!! :)

[Daz] SHELLY tell U'r mom and dad I said Hiyaz
[Daz] *blush*
[Daz] Hi Shelly!!!
[Andria] Shelly, u can come to Ardmore and i will be at the front row! :)
[SHELLY] thanks dazz

[Jaime] WOOWOO Friday you will see me at the Rivercenter mall .. :)

[ElWebJefe] Shelly, Mari Teran of Dallas, saz HI and say HI to your Mom for her!
[SHELLY] Maybe you can request Andria

[David] Shelly u know or like Thalia?
[Andria] oh yeah!!
[SHELLY] Hi back to Mari

Andria will do ANYTHING to get Shelly here! hehe
[Bob_O] Shelly congrats on your new CD it is selling great , it has been in our top 5 since it came out .
[CHIKKO] your new C.D rocks !!!!!!!
[Daz] TMan couldn't make it tonight cuz hiz baby girlz 1st B-Day, but he sayz Hi and wishes the best 4 yaz.
[ElWebJefe] yeah, especially "Nada Es Lo Mismo"
[SHELLY] I hope his daughter feels better

[MaSiZzO] nada es lo mismo rocks cool song
[SHELLY] Thanks Web

[ElWebJefe] yeah, i luv it.
[MaSiZzO] vas a pagar awesome video
[SHELLY] we have a lot of compliments and maybe that will be the next release

[David] Shelly u know or like Thalia?
[ElWebJefe] kewl
[Daz] Shelly NE Planz to play again w/ The Voice???
[SHELLY] We filmed it in Enchanted Rock near Fredricksburg Texas

[Daz] maybe a Tejano!!!
[Bobby] Shelly, any plans for another trip to the Nashville area?
RobynB Shelly Lares...also known as Little Miss Dyno-Mite!!!
[RobynB] Oh, don't tell me....
[RobynB] This computer does not like me....hold on...
[Jennifer] Shelly when will you be coming back to Austin?????
[SHELLY] not sure when sometimes we get a surprise
[SHELLY] Jennifer maybe in another month but you never know
[SHELLY] Bobby might do some work there on my next CD

[ElWebJefe] when's the live video here in Dallas Shelly?
[Jennifer] I am glad Tony Lares is back in your band  he is a good guitar player.
[David] Tex ask Shelly]
[Daz] NE Planz for a "Live" CD.
[chjr] when are u coming down to Eagle Pass Shelly? :)
[SHELLY] any more questions??

[ElWebJefe] when's the live video here in Dallas Shelly?
[Daz] NE Planz for a "Live" CD.
[Daz] 'but of course'
[Daz] We gotz lotz of ?'z.
[Daz] hehehe
[Jennifer] LOL
[Andria] Shelly, i just wanna say that u rule and i look forward to hearing many more of your c.d's! KEEP ON ROCKIN GIRL!!!
[SHELLY] Chjr wil be in Eagle Pass next week for promotions and will be in Del Rio next month

[David] Shelly u know or like Thalia?
[chjr] really?:)
[SHELLY] Web maybe after this nex cd

[chjr] where in Eagle Pass?
[Daz] NE Planz on having Daz in u'r next video???
[RobynB] Oh, will you shutup David???
[Daz] :)
[Jennifer] LOL
[Jennifer] LOL
[chjr] :)
[Selena] lol
[David] FINE
[Daz] LOL
[David] Shelly do U have any plans for kids in the futher?
[SHELLY] Dazz we need people that can sing hehe

[RobynB] We would like to talk about Thalia, but not at this time
[Bobby] Shelly, as you well know, there are a lot of Tejanos stationed in the military throughout the states.  Especially here at Ft Campbell, will you ever be able to do a show at a military installation?
[Daz] aahh man, I got dizzed..
[Daz] :(
[David] What will be the next video?
[SHELLY] David after I get married

[David] When are u comeing to Houston
[David] Do u have a boyfriend?
[SHELLY] Bobby hopefully so I did Oceanside but it would be up to them to request us
[SHELLY] David the next single will be Ojito de Amor

[Bobby] Consider it a "REQUEST" from Ft Campbell :)
[SHELLY] David we don't know when but we will post it on the internet

[Jennifer] Shelly I just lov that song called "Que Suene Conmigo"
[SHELLY] David are really anxious because they brought us to Huostion

[David] Shelly would U do a Cinco demayo at my school? How much will it cost? Ppl at my school LOVE U
[Daz] Roxanne from Ft. Worth sayz "aahhhhh Hi Shelly, and Daz is lucky to be chatting w/ U"  "Sorry I mizzed U at Tejano West, when will U B back in the DFW area??"
[SHELLY] David call my manager

[RobynB] If Shelly has a boyfriend, let's say that she found "Mr. Right"
[SHELLY] Daz we will be back at the end of the Month

[David] Did U know Selena Shelly?
[Daz] ALRIGHT!!!
[Daz] Kewl.
[SHELLY] Robyn no I do not have a boyfriedn I am married to my work

[Emilio] me cai!
[SHELLY] David yes we were 11 when we met and were good friends as a matter of fact I went to her grave today

[Andria] hehe this may sound stupid Shelly, but what does it take to become a good singer? it is my dream!
[David] cool
[David] I love Selena
[David] Shelly will u ever do shows like Rosie O?
[SHELLY] Andria a good singer I dont know :-) but a singer is a lot of hard work and know people in the business

[Andria] hmm i wanna be a singer SOOOOOO bad! i love singing. i could sing all day long
[SHELLY] David that would be my dream cause she is my favorite maybe when Tejano becomes mainstream
[SHELLY] Andria hopefully not beter than me

[David] Have u ever meet any Movie stars?
[Andria] hehe one could ever be better than you!
[Andria] besides i am just 15
[Andria] hehe
[SHELLY] David I met Ricardo Moltalband , Edward James Olmos, Rita Moreno and Esias Morales, and Lorenazo lamas

[Bobby] Shelly, a couple of years ago, I talked with your Dad and you guys almost made it to Germany. (Patsy Torres got the gig) Any future plans on touring with the USO?
[SHELLY] Andra I have heard some that can really sing

[David] Do U want to cross over into English more or stay Tejano more?
[Andria] my only problem is that i am shy!
[Andria] i can't overcome that fear!
[SHELLY] Bobby I would love to 
[SHELLY] David Stay with Tejano

[David] cool
[David] Do U do any Charity work?
[Andria] Shelly, were u ever shy? i mean like when u were singing? i freak out whenever i sing in front of ppl...and i can't seem to overcome the fear
[SHELLY] at first I was shy 

[David] Do U do any Charity work?
[SHELLY] but now I feel comfortable on stage

[Andria] how did u overcome the fear?
[chjr] Shelly I love when u play the drums during a concert!!! :)
[SHELLY] David sometimes I am going to help the lukemia foundation

[David] cool
[David] That is good
[Bobby] What do you see "Shelly" doing 10 years from now?
[SHELLY] i knew that is where i belongs

[RobynB] Shelly, are there any plans that you'll perform in Festival Acapulco (next year, 1999, etc)?
[RobynB] And I don't blame you.  Actually, I wasn't the one who asked if you had a boyfriend.
[SHELLY] belonged
[SHELLY] Bobby Hopefully with a family and writing and producing

[David] What would be your one dream for your life?
[Andria] Shelly, how did u overcome being shy? (i need help here hehe :) )
[SHELLY] Robyn I would love to do it but I haven't been approached

[Bobby] We all know, we're here today and gone tomorrow.  How would you like the world to remember "SHELLY LARES"?
[SHELLY] David Longevity in Tejano Music

[chjr] good ?s bobby :)
[David] What do U think of the Houston Radio stations?
[SHELLY] Bobby my determination strength and my sense of humor

[Daz] Shelly U make me laugh when U call uz Men Sinnerz after U ask if we are w/ someone or married.
[Daz] LOL
[SHELLY] David are you from Houston personally I have nothing against them but the people should not be deprived

[David] I am outside of Houston.
[SHELLY] Thanks Dazz its all in good fun

[David] How do U mean Deprived?
[Bob_O] Houston radio is the worst
[SHELLY] I hear you Bob
[SHELLY] hehe

[Andria] Shelly, how did u overcome shyness?
[David] Hey :)
[David] I admit the need to play more Shelly
[Jennifer] bye,Shelly
[Daz] Cyaz Gin.
[SHELLY] when people request someone they should be able to hear them

[David] Shelly I dont understand a word u say in spanish but I love your music 
[Bob_O] they need to play more Tejano  ....
[chjr] deprived in Houston? Ha Ha :) Have ya'll ever heard Eagle Pass?
[SHELLY] Andria I am not really a shy person so that is a really hard question for me

[Andria] hehe singing may be a problem for me then hehe :)
[Bob_O] After all they are supposed to be a Tejano Station
[David] Shelly This sound familiar YOU ROCK SISTER FRIEND :)
[SHELLY] neither do i sometimes David

[Andria] I'd be scared that i would get up in front of ppl and they'd laugh me right off stage!
[Daz] Just give it all U got Andria
[Daz] and do it CON PURO ANIMOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[chjr] u have to take a chance Andria, if they don't like u? well, thats their prob
[Andria] yeah, thats what everyone tells me, but i have that problem with shyness....and it's hard for me to overcome that fear...and i can't find any way around it :(
[Andria] yeah you're right chjr :)
[SHELLY] the places have calmed down and not many places are putting on dances in those areas that is why I don't go sometimes

[chjr] at least try it
[David] shelly are u gonna do the livestock show and rodeo in Houston?
[SHELLY] David not that I know of but I would like to 

[Jaime] I hate to leave, but I gotta wash clothes.. [G] The life of a college student.. [GT]
[Daz] I know, they do that over here in Ft. Worth.  Every since they closed down Fiesta Rodeo, all The major Tejano/Tejana singerz are playing in Dallaz.
[Jaime] *hugs* shelly .. see you Friday at the Mall
[chjr] Eagle Pass hasn't had a descent dance here all yr, with the exception of Elsa Garcia this past weekend
[Bobby] Shelly, I'm sure you've thought about it.  If you weren't involved with music, what would you be doing?
[SHELLY] see you there Jaime

[David] Shelly who are your Favorite singers? English? Spanish?
[Jaime] take care until then
[SHELLY] Chjr we will be doing promotion in Eagle Pass and see if they have somehing they want us to do

[chjr] where at?
[Daz] Shelly who do U really enjoy listenin jamin out to in Tejano Music??
[SHELLY] David Wynonna Judd, Pat Benetar, Jay Perez, DLG, and Ruben Ramos. and Nydia Rojas
[SHELLY] Radio station

[Andria] hehe
[David] What is your Favorite day in the whole yr?
[chjr] Does Tex know when and where and stuff? He can email me later :) I really wanna go down and meet u :)
[SHELLY] Dazz yes!!! but when I am not working I listen to different music to keep my mind fresh

[Graciela] hi guys!
[SHELLY] my Birthday
[SHELLY] hehe

[chjr] HI!
[SHELLY] lots of presents

[David] :)
[Andria] hi Graciela
[David] U have any pets?
[Daz] 'but of course'
[Daz] she haz a cute white dog.
[SHELLY] David yes a cat and a dog

[Daz] What'z her name Shelly??
[Xap] Hi Shelly ... this is Xap from SATx ... will you be appearing at the STATE FAIR OF TEXAS in Dallas this year?

[Andria] what are your favorite colors Shelly???
[SHELLY] I dont' think they book the bands yet but they might consider it

[Graciela] Shelly, hi! I'm so glad I didn't miss you tonite! 
[SHELLY] Andria blue and black

[Andria] kewl mine too!
[David] Who or what do U think u were in your past life?
[Graciela] right on, those are my fav colors
[SHELLY] David a basketball hehe

[Andria] hehe
[Graciela] thanx Daz!
[Tejano] hello shelly, from McAllen Texas
[SHELLY] any more question

[David] LOL
[David] are u for real?
[SHELLY] hello Tejano

[Andria] Shelly, what is your message to the youth?
[SHELLY] I have to go soon any more questions

[Bobby] SHelly, on behalf of my wife and I, thanks for being here and we look forward to catching your act sometime.  But now, it's bedtime!  Asta manuana y buena suerte en tu foturo!
[Xap] Shell you ever get to see some of the old "Hot Tamales"???
[SHELLY] Andria my main message is the importance of education, morals and being a leader not a follower

[Tejano] Shelly, coming to mcallen or El Valle anytime soon?
[Daz] Shelly I would like to say it'z a pleasure chatt'n w/ U and would like to Thanx Tex for making thiz all possible.  Thanxz Bro for everything, even meeting Shelly.
[Andria] right on sister!!
[SHELLY] Thank Bobby and good night

[Spooge] Hello Shell, from the spooge-inater
[SHELLY] real soon I think

[Tejano] south dallas or Tejano Saloon?
[SHELLY] Last question

[Daz] and we Luv U here at the DFW Area.  U deserved what KICK-FM gave U for the Female Vocalist of da Year.
[David] What is the thing U want ppl to know most about u?
[Emilio] I like your message to the yourth Shelly
[SHELLY] most asked question is if I have a boyfriend
[SHELLY] thank you for loggin on and thanks for the great guestbook messages I hope to do it again this coming month!!!

[Andria] Shelly, i just wanted to let u know that u are my role model! you rule!
[SHELLY] Good bye

[David] U ROCK
[Tejano] adios!
[Daz] bye Shelly
[ElWebJefe] bye SHELLY thx for coming!
[Daz] Cyaz again.
[Xap] adios ..
[David] adios 
[Selena] bye Shelly, you the Queen, byes

[chjr] goodbye shelly
[Graciela] bye Shelly!!
[Daz] {{{Shelly}}}
[chjr] see ya in E.P. 

[Graciela] can't wait for your next visit
[Xap] volver .. volver .. volver .......................................

[ElWebJefe]         *
[ElWebJefe]        /_\
[ElWebJefe]      (~._.~)
[ElWebJefe]       (_Y_)        For
[ElWebJefe]    --()-,-()-<--@  SHELLY 
[ElWebJefe]      (_) (_)

[Daz] from Daz
[Daz] hehehe

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