If you missed chatting with her before, here's your 2nd chance!

Tuesday, June 2 at 8pm Central time

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IRC Channel: #laonda

IRC log started Tue Jun 2 19:55:09 1998

[Emilio] I am here with Stefani!!
[Tex] Hey Emilio
[Emilio] we're ready
[Selena] heya Emilio and Stefani!
[MartaSan] howdy
[Stefani] what's up girl!

[David_O] hola stefani
[WebJefe] Hello Stefani, welcome back to La Onda Network
[Stefani] Hi Everybody!!

[Tex] Hey Stefani!!!
[Stefani] what's new?

[MartaSan] we got hit by 6 tornados today hehe
[Tex] Stefani you song Baila con migo is the hottest. What is your next release?
[Stefani] are you okay MartaSan?

[MartaSan] yep, my house is strong hehe
[Stefani] Tex: Como Olvidarte

[Robyn_B] She's on????
[David_O] who?
[Stefani] yes Robyn!

[Robyn_B] Damn, she's on! All right, now leave
[Robyn_B] :)
[Robyn_B] j/k
[Selena] Stefani, when is your next CD coming out?
[hotstuff1] Hi Stefani
hi hotstuff
probably in 2 months because we've fallen behind gettng in the studio

[WebJefe] are you working on any videos?
[RayRay] Que Paso Guys!
[David_O] hola rayray
[RayRay] Que Onda?
hi RayRay

[RayRay] Que Paso Stefani!
[David_O] bbl
WebJefe: not for the current album but for the next one the videos will be like a dance video with a lot of dancers

[MartaSan] cool, can we all dance in your video? hehe
[Tex] Stefani we all were happy to see that you were featured on Mujeres de la Onda concert in Dallas are you planning on attending any more shows like that
MartaSan: definitely, we're gonna need as many dancers as we can get

[MartaSan] okay, I'll be down hehe
[Tex] Stefani now that we're at it where are you going to be playing next and do you plan on visiting the Midwest or Westcoast
Tex: I had a great time in that concert, we're gonna be doing more all-femal concerts around Texas

[WebJefe] Sunday at Six Flags in Arlinton!
[Selena] Stefani, gotta ask you again...are you planning on performing up in Washington State? :)
Tex: we're playing at Six Flags at Arlington this weekend and we just came back from the Midwest; we're gonna be going back to New Mexico in July
Stefani: we got a call today to go to Washington state and hopefully if all goes through we'll be there in July

[RayRay] YO Stefani!!!!! I saw you in Monahans, were Great and Jay Perez was too!
[Selena] woowoo!
[RayRay] huh?
RayRay: did you enjoy the concert?

[Tex] Stefani We have heard of the difficulty of breaking into the Tejano music business, especially for females, what motivates you to keep singing night after night
[RayRay] yea.....Great show with the dancers and that lady that took off her pants and show us her bare butt! lol
[RayRay] show=showed
Tex: the feeling I get of being on the stage and the reaction of the crowd and how much fun I have just being on the stage
RayRay: I freaked out

[Robyn_B] What did this lady do on stage?????
[Robyn_B] Did she do this on purpose or was it by accident???
[Tex] Stefani you have some terrific band members especially at base and accordion can you give us a little background on your bandmates
[RayRay] She was dancing on stage and she bent over and showed the grown her bare a**!
Robyn_B: she mooned the crowd...on purpose, LOL...and she got arrested

[Tex] lol
[RayRay] She did? Damn...!
[MartaSan] aw, I better not try that then LOL
[Tex] looks like she BAREly made it
[Tex] BUTT she had a good time lol
[Tex] I guess wants to leave that behind her
[Robyn_B] I should've been there with my cane. A scene from my new novela: "Michael Fay: The musical"
[Tex] lol
Tex: the base player is from Tucson, Arizona and he writes and arranges his music, he has recorded two classical guitar albums on his own and plays both bass and guitar

RayRay takes the big HOOK and pulls Tex out of the Comedy Stage!
[Tex] wow
[Jefita] Hi $nick, welcome back to La Onda Network!
[CHjr] wow lots of people
Tex: the accordion player, Gabriel Zavala, he plays bass, drums, keyboards, accordion, guitar and he arranges all of our music, he is from Jacksonville, Texas and he's currently producing our brand new CD

[CHjr] hi Stefani
hi CHjr

[Tex] Way to go Gabriel and non-mentioned Bass Player extrodanare
Tex: the bass player's name is Gabriel Romo

[Tex] thanks Stef
RayRay graps a cold one from the ICE CHEST! ANYONE?
do any of you write music or poems?

[Tex] I do I do
[RayRay] Stefani, who do you listen too when you are jamming out in your house?
[MartaSan] I write poems but they're not exactly normal LOL
[Tex] Stefani where do you get most of your material and would you accept anything coming from and an aspiring unknown Songwriter??
RayRay: DLG, India, Celine Deion, Mariah Carey, I could go on... :)

[RayRay] India Rulez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MartaSan: you never know about those crazy words sometimes those are the ones that hit

[MartaSan] :©)
[Caliente] Not hers. :-)
[MartaSan] yes they are hehe
Tex: definitely, I would love to have some music from aspiring songwriters cause we're still looking for material for the brand new CD

[Tex] Stefani there has been a resurgence of Norteno and Mexicano Regional in Tejano music like Intocable and Micheal Salgado do you plan to incorporate similar type music in your next CD
[chjr1] what do u think about that cool guy with that magazine what's it called? La Onda Tejana, I think?
[chjr1] j/k
[Blinkie] hello?
[Blinkie] is stefani here?
[Robyn_B] No
[Blinkie] ?
Tex: I like Norteno and Regional Mexican music but I don't see myself following the trend, I'd rather do other types of music like Salsa, R&B, and soul, to expand Tejano music to other markets

[Blinkie] Hi Stefani!
hi Blinkie, what's up!

[Blinkie] u remember me?
[Blinkie] from last time?
[chjr1] when will there be a
[Tex] Stefani would you consider doing Country?
yes Blinkie

[Blinkie] cool!
[Robyn_B] Great, Stefani! You should try material like from Veronica Castro's "La Tocada"
chjr1: when somebody helps me cause I have no clue on how to do any of this stuff

[Blinkie] Did you ever come to Houston?
[MartaSan] there is one already, that domain is taken hehe
Tex: yes, I do some country on some of our shows, I really like it

[chjr1] cool maybe when I move up to S.A. I could help :)
[chjr1] I am willing to do anything
[chjr1] to help
Robyn: we did one of Veronica Castro's in our last CD, Que Se Vaya a la Parranda

[Blinkie] I luv that song!
MartaSan: you're the coolest...thanks for taking over that domain :)

[Robyn_B] You're right: is taken. Did anyone see this page????
[RayRay] Cool one with El Ram Herrera!
Blinkie: no, we're still trying to get out to Houston

[Robyn_B] call it
[MartaSan] I didn't take over it, I'm still on geocities LOL
[MartaSan] I don't have 100 bucks a month, I'm only 16 hehe
[chjr1] :)
[Robyn_B] Do you have 70?
chjr1: yeah, that would be nice
RayRay: thanks

[MartaSan] no, I have to pay car insurance hehe
[Robyn_B] That's how much it costs to maintain a domain name now
[RayRay] Que Paso Web!!!!!!!!!
MartaSan: I know the feeling :)

[Robyn_B] 70 for first 2 yrs. $35 each add. year
[MartaSan] :©)
[MartaSan] how many megs do you get with that? hehe
[Robyn_B] Well, you just register your name. You don't get any webspace
[Selena] Stefani, where did you get the nickname "All American Sweetheart?"
[chjr1] when are u coming down to Eagle Pass again, I really had a great time in December
[Robyn_B] You have to sign up with a major service provider
[MartaSan] aaaaaaaaaw, hehe
[MartaSan] I wouldn't have anything to put on the page anyhow, I don't have anything on my page now LOL
[RayRay] Y El Web?
[WebJefe] I'm hearing reading ...
[WebJefe] =:^)
chjr1: I don't know when we'll be down in EP again, we'll have to call somebody

[Tex] Stefani since your last time here on LaOnda network you have really moved up you were nominated for several awards including the PVA and TMA how do you cope with the rigars of Tejano Stardom?
[RayRay] Mr. Reporter Man!
Selena: a DJ started calling me that and it just stuck

[Blinkie] right!
[Robyn_B] Tex, you looking for a job with ECO???
MartaSan: I'm gonna give you more of nothing to put on your page now with the new CD coming out, LOL

[Robyn_B] You ask these questions like you are some music reporter!
[Tex] I might be Robyn
[RayRay] You let him!
[RayRay] hehe
[Blinkie] when does this new cd come out?
[MartaSan] kewl! hehe
[WebJefe] he's good, huh?
Tex: I just try to be as normal a person as I can, try not to have a big head or think I'm above anyone

[chjr1] I wish Sony would put me on their mailing list, i could get updated info for the magazine straight from them
Blinkie: hopefully in 2 months

[Robyn_B] I would not be able to ask qeustions like that, becuase I am not too familiar with Tejano music
[Blinkie] neat, I liked your last one
[RayRay] neato.
[MartaSan] me either, it's hard to be familiar with it living up in PA hehe
[Tex] Stefani When you go home do you do the normal things such as go shoping at the mall and eat at local resturaunts or do your fans not let you
Robyn_B: what kind of music do you like?

[Robyn_B] Latin pop
[Robyn_B] some Salsa
Tex: I live at the mall, LOL

[Robyn_B] Especially that stuff coming from Mexico like Onda Vaselina, Fey, etc.
[Tex] lol
[WebJefe] which one???
Robyn_B: who are your favorite artists?

[Gringo] Ana Barbara!
[Robyn_B] Not quite Ana Barbara, Gringo
Robyn_B: I love Fey too, she is awesome
WebJefe: Northstar and Ingram

[RayRay] Gringo you like here belly button!!!!
[Robyn_B] Let's see....Thalia, Lucero, Jennifer Peña, Ricky Martin, Luis Miguel
[WebJefe] great, those are the ones I go too when in San Antonio, especially Ingram
[Tex] Stefani your performance at the TMA awards was excellent was that an indication of what your shows are like or was that especially choreographed for the Awards show??
Robyn_B: cool, great artists

[RayRay] Watchalou!
[Robyn_B] and the Onda Vaselina. Man, Tex, you conducting an interview.
[Blinkie] Stefani performed at TMA? Why didn't I see it?
WebJefe: if you see me there I'd probably scare you there cause I never wear makeup, LOL

[WebJefe] =:^)
[Tex] hehe
[WebJefe] you probably don't need any makeup. :)
Tex: it was just done for the awards but we've been incorporating it into our shows more and more and our backup vocalists too
WJ: yeah right, :)
hi Tejanita

[Selena] Stefani, do you know if your TMA performance will appear on the TMA Vol 2 video?
[Tex] Stefani That is excellent to hear. Your Porque Soy Mujer video featured a stout young hispanic male is he your significant other or is he just an actor/?
do any of you know of a guitar player, we're looking for one...
Tex: just as an actor

[Tejanita] hi, sorry I missed the begining, howz it going so far?
[Blinkie] nope
[chjr1] tex plays
Selena: I think it'll be on volume 2

[WebJefe] Tex, u looking for a guitar job?
are any of you going to the Las Vegas Showcase or Tejano Dance?

[Blinkie] I wish!
[Selena] tiny chance for me Stefani hehe
[Tex] actually I am still in College but if she needs one I will step up
[Tejanita] thinking about it I liked it last year.
[RayRay] If you buy me a ticket!!!!!!
[chjr1] I will be there stef
[Tex] lol
RayRay: if I win the lottery
Tejanita: we're gonna be there for the Showcase performing again, and maybe for the dance

[RayRay] Well........I'm winning it tomorrow!!!!!!
[Blinkie] hey, so's my mom!
[Robyn_B] How much is the jackpot worth?
RayRay: cool, then you can buy me a ticket, LOL

[Blinkie] 45,000,000
[RayRay] lol
[Robyn_B] Who knows? Maybe Stefani is playing and she will win! What she can do with that $45 million
[Tejanita] great! I'm sure it
[Robyn_B] Man, what I can do with $45 million!
[Tejanita] is going to be a good turn out
[WebJefe] get a domain name in mx?
[Blinkie] Stefani, I wanna tell you something but it's kinda long
[Tex] Stefani that leads me to another question Where do you see yourself 5 years from now
[Robyn_B] That, Webjefe.
[Blinkie] but it comes from my heart
[RayRay] Stef, you like Jay Perez?
Robyn: I'll buy yall whatever yall want, LOl
Blinkie: let me hear it
RayRay: yeah, I think he's great

[Robyn_B] Sorry if my stay was short, but library here is closing in 10 min. I must be going now
[Robyn_B] Great talking to you Stefani.
[Robyn_B] And bad luck to all those playing the lottery
[Robyn_B] :)
[Robyn_B] Adios a todos.
[RayRay] te watchooooooooooo!
[WebJefe] cya Robyn_B, thx for coming by
[chjr1] bye robyn
[WebJefe] Stefani, do you think Ileah Christidana inherited your voice?
[Tex] Stefani you are with Sony discos currently How are they treating you and how much do they involve themselves in you public persona
WJ: she defnitely inherited my voice, or maybe just my lungs, LOL

[WebJefe] lol
Tex: Sony really does not get involved in my personal life, they just help me out a lot with my career

[Blinkie] I listened to tejano music for Selena only but then I heard you sing. You and Selena were my idols but then she died and I felt like my heart had been ripped out for a long time and I never thought I could idolize anyone the way I did her but I want you to know that.....
[Blinkie] I are still my favorite singer besides Selena...
[Blinkie] I=you
[Blinkie] And I look up to you the same as I did her...
[Blinkie] And I believe that you can make it just as big...
[Blinkie] I think you definetly have the potential...
Blinkie: thank you very much, that really means a lot to me, hugs and kisses to you :)

[WebJefe] that's really nice Blinkie
[Blinkie] I just wish that this houston radio station would give you air play so others can see what I see
[ChikkoBBL] back
[Blinkie] :)
[Tejanita] Stefani, does it bother you when ads are run with your name being misspelled?
Blinkie: with people like you supporting me my career can't go wrong

[Tex] Stefani I apologize for no being clearer in my previous question what I ment was how involved is Sony in promoting Stefani and do you hope they would do more
[Blinkie] :)
Tejanita: yes, it's very hard especially with the mixing up of Stefani and Stephanie Lynn cause people get confused

[MartaSan] and there's a new one named Stef now hehe
[Blinkie] I know! Whenever I mention Stefani, people think of Stephanie Lynn, it's frustrating
[WebJefe] That's why I usually say America's Sweetheart of Tejano Music, everyone knows who that is.
Tex: Sony has a lot of artists and I'm sure it's hard to give all of them as attention as they would like but they've been dong a great job for us

[RayRay] Come on everybody say..SAP, SAP,...SAPOOOOOOOO! LOL
[Tex] Stefani all of the people logged on today and most of the people that read this log later on are fans of yours how can we help you the most
MartaSan: yeah, here we go with another Stef :)

[Blinkie] So what's your favorite store to shop at?
RayRay is jamming out to La Sombra!
[WebJefe] dont say it!, I'll be there! ...... j/k...
[WebJefe] =:^)
[Tex] lol
WebJefe is jamming to Stefani!
Tex: probably requesting our music at your local radio stations because if the music is doing good in those areas we'll be able to go to those areas more often if our songs our doing well
Blinkie: Forever21, cause I can get tons of clothes for very little money :)

[Chikko] stefani was it u that sings a song that says si sale con uno to tres quatro or somthing like that?
[Tex] Stefani Your current single, if I am not mistaken, is Baila Con Migo which has a robust Spanish beat to it what was the inspiration for that song
WJ: awesome! :)

[CHjr] la Paranda
RayRay steals Webjefe's Stefani CD!
[Tejanita] Stefani, the picture from Las Cruces on Holloween, did you show to your daughter, and did she recognize you?
[Blinkie] yes, that's parranda something
[Blinkie] my fav song
[Blinkie] lol, I can't remember the name!
Tex: we wanted it to song real Flamenco/Spanish sounding, something different that Tejanos are not used to hearing

[CHjr] my fav is Baila Conmigo
[Blinkie] did you write Baila Conmigo?
Tejanita: yeah, she did, she kept on kissing the pic :)

Tex is shaking it to Baila con Migo (_/_)(_\_)
Blinkie: yes, I co-wrote it with Gabriel Zavala

[Blinkie] does it take a long time to write a song?
[RayRay] Stefani, is their any new material that you really wanna push or bring back into the Tejano main Stream.
[Tex] Stefani how would you characterize your next release?
RayRay hands Stefani a Lollipop!
[Blinkie] Is "Te amo solo a ti" an old song? Like did someone else sing it first?
[MartaSan] Selena sung it first hehe
Blinke: it didn't take us long to write, it's just came to us, we wrote it real quick

[RayRay] lol
[Tex] Stefani many Tejano artists have family helping run thier career do you have any family working with you???
RayRay: not really, we're just trying to keep progressing and expand our music
RayRay: Mmmm :)
Blinkie: I don't know where I got that song

[Blinkie] lol
Tex: yes :)
Tex: my mom, dad, my sister and now we got my brother learning the songs too

[Blinkie] The first song I heard u sing was Soy Feliz. Do you still sing that at your concerts?
[RayRay] Sooooooooooy Feliiiiz......
[Tex] Stefani recently you had a contest with Tejano Country with the prize being a day with you, which I sorely missed on winning, is it really hard for you to stay sexy and slender with such a small frame as yours at 5' tall
[Blinkie] But I totally fell in luv with Cellos. That was such a cool song! That made me run out to get the tape.
Blinkie: yes, people ask for it all the time
Tex: I recently started working out hard again and I *try* to watch what i eat...when we're on the road it's really hard cause we're always eating fast food
Bllinkie: we still do Celos too cause everybody asks for those songs too

[Tejanita] stick to the salads and fries with no salt at the fast foods.
[Chikko] stefani u ever gunna make a concert here in robstown?
[Blinkie] Is there any web site or just plain ANYWHERE where I can get lyrics to your "Te Voy A Enamorar" album? I don't know spanish too well
[MartaSan] I've been trying to get some but I don't speak enough Spanish hehe
[Tex] Stefani your current persona has evolved to be more main stream and modern are you always dressed accordingly or do you wear sweats and t-shirts at home?
[Tex] I am a spanish major at ASU
Chikko: sure we'll be down in Robstown soon

[Chikko] make it a free concert thats all i can afford
[Chikko] hehe
Blinkie: MartaSan has all the lyrics to my songs in her Website, hehe

[RayRay] LOL
[MartaSan] I don't have the ones from the first album though hehe
[MartaSan] I can only understand like half of each song hehe
RayRay gives Chikko a quarter!
[Chikko] lol
[Chikko] thnx rayray
[Tex] Stefani Every tejano artist has a certain part of Texas that they enjoy going to where do you especially enjoy performing at.
[Blinkie] MartaSan! My new best friend, whats your web address?s
[Tejanita] He needs an ID first. LOL
Tex: no I like to wear sweats and tshirts when I'm not working

[CHjr] When I met stef she was wearing sweats
[Blinkie] thanx
[Chikko] stefani i wanna be a singer when i grow up i was wondering if u could come see me sing one of these days and see if i got what it takes to be a singer
[MartaSan] I have like 7 other homepages too but that's my Stefani site LOL
[Blinkie] yeah I wanna be a singer too but I cant sing!
Tex: I like the valley, west Texas and I love San Antonio...can't really one is my favorite cause we do real good all over Texas

[Blinkie] well, I can just a little...
chjr: that's right :), did I scare you with no make up on? :)

[Tex] Stefani are your bandmates with you right now??
Chikko: I'd love to, just tell me when and where :)

[Caliente] WB Web
[Blinkie] ?
[CHjr] no, but I was surpised,before then I had really never talked with another artist and you were so down to earth
Tex: they were... they just left the room :)
chjr: you're pretty cool yourself :)

[CHjr] ahh :)
[Chikko] ok stefani i'll tell ya when i get some info i might sing at my moms friends dance 1 of these sundays
[CHjr] And u know I started the magazine cuz of u and thats why I had u on the 1st cover
[Tex] Stefani alot of Tejano artists remake old songs and fashion them as thier own ex: Micheal S. Los Palominos, and La Mafia are you or would you consider a remake
[V] Sorry I'm late
[V] Hola Stefani
[Chikko] hola vaca
Chikko: cool

[Tex] Stefani if your bandmates are with in shouting distance what motivated Gabrial (bass player) to become a Tejano Musician?
[Chikko] stefani 1 thing how do i tell u when and where?
chjr: it's a really great magazine, I really like it, it turned out very well

[CHjr] thnx
V hugz Stefani
[Blinkie] what magazine is it?
[MartaSan] yeah, what magazine? hehe
[RayRay] Show off!
[Tex] hehe
Stefani hugs V back
[V] U got that right, hehe
[RayRay] LOL
[V] Gracias!
[V] hehe
[CHjr] La Onda Tejana
[MartaSan] Tejano Planet is the only Tejano magazine I know about hehe
[Blinkie] I can get it at any store?
[WebJefe] the covers of La Onda Tejana magazine are on my site Blinkie
[Tejanita] RayRay, play nice.
[WebJefe] and info on how to subscribe to it too
[Blinkie] they r??
[Tex] Stefani do you still get nerveous when get ready to do a show?
[MartaSan] since when? I need to check your site more often LOL
[Blinkie] lol
[WebJefe] since they came out...
[WebJefe] =:^)
[MartaSan] that was probably 3 years ago and I never knew LOL
[CHjr] Its something I have always wanted to do, and I will even be getting credits for it towards my degree at Incarnate Word
[Blinkie] when did they come out?
[CHjr] :)
[RayRay] Meeeeee and Mrs. Joooooones.....Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones......oooooh Mrs. Jones........we got a thiiiiiiiing gooooing on!
[V] TMA Stefani pic
[RayRay] Excuse Me!
[Tex] Dont quit your day job Ray
[Blinkie] lol
[V] Right Tex, lol
[RayRay] LOL
[Tex] hehe
Tex: yeah for the first song I get a little nervous but after that I just do my thing

[CHjr] first one in March
[Tex] Stefani alot of Tejano artists remake old songs and fashion them as thier own ex: Micheal S. Los Palominos, and La Mafia are you or would you consider a remake
[V] Have you or are you considering doing an unplugged concert?
[Blinkie] yeah! that would be cool
Tex: Gabriel Romo said that he's always been around the Tejano music all his life
Tex: we remade some songs but do not like too many
V: we did an unplugged concert here in San Antonio and it turnd out really nice

[CHjr] what about a live album?
[Blinkie] They've been having a lot of unplugged concerts over here
[Chikko] stefani how do i tell u when and where i'm gunna sing??
[MartaSan] hehe
Chikko: you can email me at

[Tex] somebody get some cold water
[Blinkie] lol
[RayRay] LOL
[Chikko] ok i will
V standing in the sprinkler
MartaSan: hey, hey, hey this is getting a little bit too romantic for me here on the screen :)

[Chikko] i wansnt talking to u tex
[Chikko] hehe
[MartaSan] aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw LOL
[RayRay] LOL
[RayRay] Que Paso Onda_Eski!
[Onda_Eski] howdy Ray
[Tex] Stefani how does one go about aquiring some Stefani news and merchandise??
[Blinkie] do you surf the net a lot or are you too busy?
[Chikko] hola onda
chjr: I would love to do a live album, maybe I can talk to the record company see if they can do something

[Onda_Eski] hola Chikko
[CHjr] i wish all Stefani fans could experience a one on one chat backstage with Stefani like I did, i still can't get over how easy going and stuff ur whole family is, I even prayed with yall before u went on :)
Tex: we took over the Stefani Fan Club just recently and if you have questions you can call at (210) 823-2777

[RayRay] Stefani, how old is your Kid?
[Onda_Eski] hi Stefani
[CHjr] 19 months no?
[MartaSan] I hope your new fan club is better than the last hehe
Blinkie: I'm usually too busy, I'm not too good on the computer :)

[Caliente] What's today? I've suddenly become stupid. :-)
hi Onda_Eski

[MartaSan] don't worry, I've been stupid all my life, it's easy LOL
[WebJefe] she's going to be 2 in 3 wks.... right?
[Blinkie] I'm not either! That's why I have webtv, it's real easy
RayRay: my kid is almost 2, June 26 is her BD

[CHjr] maybe MartaSan and I could get together and help out with maybe a every other month newsletter or something
[CHjr] ?
[Tex] Stefani the Bud Light 3rd annual Tejano Wednesdays Concert list was released recently are you planing to make an appearence next year
[RayRay] My daughter is 2 and 2months. Rayna is her name.
[MartaSan] sure thing hehe
[Tejanita] Where is the party?
[CHjr] I could use the experience
[RayRay] Stefani' s house!
[MartaSan] kewl, I'll be there in 5 hours, that's how long the flight takes lOL
chjr: that would be awesome for you to do that for me... please, please, please... :0
RayRay packs the Ice chest in the Car!
Tex: I don't know what that is

[MartaSan] yeah, this poor girl needs a decent fan club hehe
[Blinkie] I remember watching Tejano Country and they showed your sonogram or whatever that was. Ultra sound?
[Onda_Eski] i like yur new single Stefani
[CHjr] :)
[CHjr] I would love to
[Tex] Stefani How involved are you in your community.... do you donate any time to charitable events... if so when?
[Tejanita] RayRay your invited if you play nice.
[Tex] Stefani it is a free concert series in Dallas
Tejanita: come on over, we're having a carpet shampooing party right now... LOL

[WebJefe] I'll bring the suds...
[MartaSan] and I'll drink them up LOL
[WebJefe] :)
Tejanita: we're gonna have Ileah's party in Las Vegas cause we're gonna be there for that weekend

[Tejanita] Sorry, just did my nails, maybe next time.
[Tex] I'll bring the buds rose that is
[Tex] hehe
MartaSan: I'll be there to pick you up... :)

[CHjr] I think Jerry can give u info on contacting me if u are really interested in the newsletter?
[MartaSan] kewl hehe
[Chikko] wb vaca
[MartaSan] WB
Blinkie: yeah it's an Ultrasound :)

Onda_Eski: thank you

[JD] Hola Everyone!!!
[RayRay] Que Paso JD!!!!!1
[Tex] hey jd
[Chikko] hola jd
[JD] Hola Everyone!!! Que Onda.....a whole bunch of you on tonight!!!
[Tex] Stafani when your out on the road what takes up most of your time
Tex: yeah, I go to a lot of schools and tell kids to stay in school and away from drugs and I also donate my time to our church

[Tex] kewl
[Tejanita] Hye JD
Tex: I don't think we're gonna be at that concert in Dallas
chjr: cool

[Onda_Eski] Te Voy A Enamorar rules!!! My favorite song are "Amigo" and "Poquito A Poco"! Alex Montez did a fine job on that CD, Stefani!
[RayRay] Stefani sings us a song!!!!!!!
[RayRay] hehe
[JD] 8-)
Tex: getting to the gig and sound check takes a while too
Onda_Eski: thanks
Onda_Eski: thanks, Alex did a good job on the album

[Tex] Stefani thanks for reminding me I used to be a sound engineer for a local band. How many folks behind the scenes help your show get off the ground??
[Onda_Eski] your welcome!
[Blinkie] Do you watch any soap operas Stefani?
[JD] 2 mujer y un camino?
[JD] 8-)
[WebJefe] Gen Hosp?
[WebJefe] =:^)
[Blinkie] :)
Tex: on the road there's twelve of us that make things happen for our shows

[Tex] rugrats
[RayRay] Days Rule!
[WebJefe] does you baby travel with you Stefani?
[Blinkie] GH rules!
[RayRay] Rugrats Rule!
[Blinkie] lol
[MartaSan] Jerry Springer rules LOL
[RayRay] Hiiiii I'm Tommy!
[Tex] Stefani who wrote your next release
[Blinkie] yeah and I'm susan
Blinkie: no, I really don't watch any soaps cause I don't watch too much TV...but I do watch MTV, BET and VHI to listen to new music and watch the new videos to get new ideas...

[Onda_Eski] Stefani: my all-time favorite song of yours is "Tu y Nadie Mas"! Did it ever come out on CD?
WJ: yes, Ileah does travel with me everywhere I go :)

[Blinkie] never heard of that song :(
Tex: I can't recall his name, he's from the valley

[Onda_Eski] Its a classic, Blinkie!
[Vaca] Do you plan to release a photo of you and Ileah, or have you released one for the public?
[WebJefe] take a pic Jerry..... :)
[MartaSan] I gots some hehe
Onda_Eski: Tu y Nadie Mas never came out on my CD cause Stephanie Lynn recorded it after me and put it on her CD

[Blinkie] awww
[Tex] Stefani I know of a few artists with Sony that have problems getting thier albums to the open market. Have you experienced the same thing? If so what can we do to help combat it
[Tejanita] how are you going to handle it when she goes to school, been there done that.
[Blinkie] no fair, you should have released it anyway
[CHjr] is there any one question, people ask u in interviews that u just get tired of or here over and over again?
Vaca: I gave some pictures to MartaSan and she has them on her website

[RayRay] I hear about that .......about Stepanie Lynn.
[RayRay] hear=heard
[MartaSan] dude, don't you ever check my website? LOL
[Blinkie] does she still sing?
Tex: request the CDs at the stores...yes, we have had problems getting our music stocked in the stores...

[Blinkie] I don't hear her music anymore
Tejanita: hopefully I'll home school Ileah

[Onda_Eski] yea thats true, Stefani! she also recorded your song "El Primer Beso"!
[Tex] Stefani What promted you to take over your fan club?
[Blinkie] she's stealing your music!!
[MartaSan] it was me, Tex LOL
chjr: just tellin your life story over and over again, but I don't get tired of it :)

[CHjr] i wish tejanos would come out with single for sale too, kinda like that one by Elida
[RayRay] BRB
[CHjr] :)
[JD] how do you feel about being nominated for the sexiest female vocalist by Starwave Magazine? You're in a great bunch.
Tex: a lot of people asking about information because the people that handled it before didn't take care of it like it should've been taken care of, so now we're doing it and it's a lot of work but hopefully it will be a good thing in the long run

[Blinkie] Well I have to go
[Onda_Eski] Blinkie: Stephanie Lynn released a CD last year!
[Vaca] Nite Blinkie
Onda_Eski: darn your good! :)

[WebJefe] cya Blinkie, thx for coming by...
[MartaSan] yeah, those old people running the club did nothing but sit and drink beer all day hehe
[Blinkie] bye everyone
[Onda_Eski] why....LOL
[Onda_Eski] bye
[Chikko] bye blinkie
[Blinkie] Bye Stefani and come back soon
[Onda_Eski] why's that Stefani? :)
Onda_Eski: cause you knew that she had sang El Primer Beso too

[Onda_Eski] yea
MartaSan: exactly! :)

[Onda_Eski] gracias Stefani!!!
[WebJefe] hi PJ
[Vaca] Hola PJ
[Vaca] que paso?
[PRECIOUSJ] hey whats up
[Vaca] long time no see
[CHjr] PreciousJ? PJewels?
[PRECIOUSJ] yup......
[CHjr] hey
[CHjr] :)
[PRECIOUSJ] sure is busy tonight
[WebJefe] Say HI to Stefani PJ
[WebJefe] she's still here
[PRECIOUSJ] that tonight?!!
[RayRay] LOL
[PRECIOUSJ] Thanks for reminding me jefe
[Onda_Eski] -LOL
[Tejanita] LOL
[JD] 8-)
[JD] Now now kids...settle down
[Vaca] lol
[MartaSan] what's settle down mean? LOL
[Vaca] KIds? Go back to your wheelchair JD
[Vaca] hehe
[JD] 8-)
[JD] Ouch!!!
[hotstuff2] Good Night everyone, c-ya later :)
[Tejanita] cya
[Vaca] niters hotstuff2
[PRECIOUSJ] Hi stefani
[Tex] Stefani We can always count on you to put on a good show what trend would you like to see us the fans follow??
[RayRay] te watchoooooooo HotStuff!!!!!
[WebJefe] goodnite hotstuff2
[JD] Stefani...puedo "Bailar Contigo"? 8-)
[WebJefe] I got the next dance...
hi Precious J

[Onda_Eski] lol
[RayRay] Caaaaaaaaan I haaaaaaaaave this Daaaaance foooooor the rest of my Liiiiife!
[PRECIOUSJ] stefani...dont believe what these guys say about me
Tex combs his hair with a toothbrush
[PRECIOUSJ] Its all lies
[Tex] can I cut in
[RayRay] LOL
[RayRay] don't cut it here!
[MartaSan] the only person I let lie about me is me LOL
[JD] Hey are u ready for Las Vegas?!!! BTW if any of you want a chance to win a trip to vegas call the station manana...and I'll register you!!
JD: si ven baila conmigo


[JD] 915-880-5262
[Tex] which one JD
[PRECIOUSJ] Stefani....I'll be there....can I have a dance?
[JD] Ay te voy Stefani!!!!
Tex: what do you mean by trend?

[RayRay] I'm a DJ for............
[CHjr] JD vegas for the TTMA thing?
PreciousJ: of course :)

[RayRay] no j/k
[Onda_Eski] lol
[PRECIOUSJ] OK....I'll remind you when I see
[PRECIOUSJ] If I can get around your entourage
[Tex] Stefani would you like us to sing along with you while at your show, wear purple, any thing that you would like to see more in the crowd
RayRay opens the Ice Chest for a Cold One! Anybody?
PRECIOUSJ doesn't drink
[MartaSan] me me hehe
PRECIOUSJ thanks anyway
PreciousJ: anyway... :)

Tex only drinks non alchoholic drinks
[Tejanita] Amarreto on the rocks please.
Tex: yeah, I love for people to get into the show and know the lyrics to the songs to sing with me

[Onda_Eski] my times up!!! nice meeting u Stefani!!! i'll take one for the road Ray!!!
RayRay hands PRECIOUSJ and Tex a can of COMA CACA! hehe j/k
[MartaSan] LOL
[Onda_Eski] LOL
[WebJefe] cya Onda_Eski
bye Onda_Eski and it was too meet you too

[PRECIOUSJ] Whats your favorite drink Stefani?
[RayRay] Later homie!
[Tejanita] RayRAy your not playing nice again.
[Onda_Eski] bye Jefe & everyone!!!
PreciousJ: Midori Sour, it tastes like a jolly rancher

[Tex] Stefani I would be too embarrased too how ever I have plenty of friends that think you are the bomb and would do anything to get you to just look at them
[MartaSan] I would do anything to get people to look at me, I don't get embarrased LOL
[RayRay] LOL
Tex: I'm blushing... :)

MartaSan: you're too crazy...

[Tex] hehe
[MartaSan] yeah, I am LOL
[PRECIOUSJ] Stefani...what day are you playin in Vegas?
[RayRay] Tejanita are you the Chat Patrol?
PreciousJ: we're playing the 26th and maybe the 27th too

[PRECIOUSJ] I'll be there on the 27th
[PRECIOUSJ] thats a saturday right?
[WebJefe] yup, 27th = Sat
[Tex] Stefani can you give us a brief description of what it is like to play in Las Vegas, a non traditional site for Tejano music
[PRECIOUSJ] thanks know how I am with dates
[WebJefe] =:^)
[CHjr] :)
[WebJefe] what dates?
[WebJefe] j/k...
[Tex] I got PIcs
[Tex] wanna see hehe
[RayRay] Stefani, do you have a sports car?
Tex: yeah, I guess it's different cause you get a lot of people that don't normally listen to Tejano music, but it's really neat to see their reaction and how much they like it...

[PRECIOUSJ] you have a Viper?
[Tex] Stefani The last time you were here in the Concho Valley you didn't have a strong turnout cause the Promoter didn't do much promoting how do you handle situations like that
RayRay: I wish :), no I have Nissan Maxima
PreciousJ: in my dreams :)

[RayRay] Heeeeeeeey Me toooooooo!
[RayRay] Maroon Maxima!
[CHjr] thnx
Tex: even if they're isn't a big turnout for our concert, we still give it 110% for the people that are there

[Tex] hehe
[JD] Ok...quick note...I need to how's going to call manana & get registered for a free "Tejano SuperWeeken" Trip To Las Vegas?
[Tex] Stefani I attended that show and you surely did put on a hell of a show. What advice would you give to aspiring singers when they encounter the same??
[MartaSan] I wish, I have like 5 cents to my name LOL
[JD] Call me...915-880-5262 between 6am & 10am mst
[JD] cool?
[WebJefe] I will JD!
[WebJefe] =:^)
[RayRay] okay. I live in Midland.
Tex: just to keep at it, there's good times and bad times, just to stick with it and give it 110% every time

[RayRay] Que Paso Amigo!
[RayRay] Eddie.
[Chikko] eddie where?
[JD] Ok....quick note.....can we have a rollcall as to where everyone in at right now? I'll start...El paso
[Tex] Stefani what message would you like for people to get from your music?
[Tex] SanAngelo
[PRECIOUSJ] San Antonio
[WebJefe] Dallas
[Chikko] Robstown
[MartaSan] Pittsburgh, we got 9 tornados in one day LOL
[Eddie] hello!
[Caliente] Tex: You sure you don't work for CNN? :-)
[Chikko] hola eddie
[RayRay] hello
[Eddie] hello STEF!!!!
[RayRay] lol
[Tex] lol
[Chikko] uh that aint stef thats stefani
[JD] Buena noches...everyone! I'm off like a prom dress....take care...and keep tejano!!!!
[PRECIOUSJ] Stefani...whats your opion of tejano music being considered in a decline?
[MartaSan] LOL
[Chikko] cyas jd
[Eddie] hello PJ
[Eddie] hello webster!
[PRECIOUSJ] hey eddie
[Tex] later jd
[RayRay] Que Onda Eddie?
[CHjr] bye jd
[Eddie] que pasa jules?
hello Eddie..

[PRECIOUSJ] nothin much Eddie
Eddie gives stefina a dozen of white roses
Chikko: you know what's up

[Chikko] huh?
[MartaSan] stefina? LOL
[Chikko] huh?
[RayRay] must come down?
PreciousJ: it is on the decline cause most Tejano singers are playing more Regional Mexican and Norteno than Tejano and I think that's a bad thing

[RayRay] That's right!!!!!!!!!
[RayRay] Good Answer.
[PRECIOUSJ] more tejano singers or is that labels are pushing the norteno sound more
[RayRay] that's also right!!!!!!!!!!
[Eddie] hey stefani, i noticed you were a guest on Tejano Countdown over the weekend...did u enjoy being a speical guest???
[RayRay] Good Answer too!
Precious: because we're trying to make Tejano more mainstream and not copy another type of music

[RayRay] Tejano needs to go back to it's Chicano Flavor!
PreciousJ: that's prbably true too because that's what selling

RayRay: yeah, definitely

[PRECIOUSJ] I agree......I dont like the fact that these Norteno one hit wonders are messin things to speak
[MartaSan] why's Norteño selling? It ain't as good as Tejano hehe
Eddie: to me it's always fun being on tv programs

[MartaSan] I don't like it at all in fact hehe
[Tex] I am an engineer for a Radio Station in San Angelo and on the weekends I do a Tejano show but lately I have noticed a trend away from Tejano music to Norteno and Mexicano Regional and our only defense is that the people start calling and requesting more Tejano music
[RayRay] yea
[MartaSan] I'll call your station hehe
Stefani: it's kind of hard for the Tejano bands to hit when we have so many Norteno and Regional Mexican bands taking over

[MartaSan] I gotta go to bed or I'll fall asleep tomorrow taking tests LOL
[PRECIOUSJ] Another reason I believe is that the labels seem to saturating the market with signing you agree Stefani?
Tex: definitely people need to request more Tejano music

[Tex] It really is bothersome due to the fact that most Tejano singers bring in more money to the radio stations by way of concerts than Norteno music
[PRECIOUSJ] And making it hard for the already established bands
[RayRay] Basically you can not describe TEJANO as one Sound like R&B and Blues!
[WebJefe] cya MartaSan
[CHjr] bye MartaSan
[MartaSan] cyalls tomorrow
[Tex] laters Marta
PreciousJ: they do saturate the market with people that can't sing, they just look good :)

[Caliente] Bye MartaSan
bye MartaSan, keep in touch with me and take cares

[RayRay] later MartaSan!!!!
[MartaSan] my new e-mail address is if you didn't see it on my homepage yet
[RayRay] What tha.............
[PRECIOUSJ] in defense of your label....what do they seem to be doing about it?
[MartaSan] well I got a Geometry test 1st period so cyall hehe
[RayRay] Your in Jungle Baaaaaaaby!
PreciousJ: I think that Sony has a lot of established artists and they're concentrating on promoting them

[RayRay] the
[Caliente] BRB. My pizza's here. Woo hoo.
[RayRay] unlike Capitol.
[PRECIOUSJ] I agree with that capital remark
[RayRay] Gary Hobbs went to Sony.
PreciousJ: that' s too bad

RayRay: yeah, he did sign with Sony

[PRECIOUSJ] Its funny how they say tejano music is in a decline yet...the labels report a very substanuall earning for the time being
[Tex] Stefani many Tejano artists after being successful tend to release music that is formulatic what do you do to combat this
[PRECIOUSJ] go figure
well it's getting late and I have to get up and go to the gym in the morning

[RayRay] He said he at to promote his own music 'cause Capitol was giving him the shaft.
PreciousJ: yeah, it's probably those sell out artists that are playing the other kind of music

[Tex] If Tejano Music is on the decline why is a local English Country Radio station in SanAngelo promoting Tejano Music Concerts such as Emilio this past weekend and more this summer
[RayRay] Yea I gotta work tomorrow! Another day...another pay!
[PRECIOUSJ] what other kind of music?
Tex: I let Gabriel Zavala take care of it, he's always listening to what's new and other kinds of music and tring to incorporate into ours

[Vaca] Good nite Stefani
[CHjr] don't forget stef email me or call or something :) about the newsletter :)
[WebJefe] well, thank you very much for taking time out for your fans Stefani. We all have enjoyed it very much.
[RayRay] yea yea.
[CHjr] very much
[CHjr] I had fun
[Tex] Yes we have Stefani
[RayRay] You come back now!
[Vaca] Vaca opens his magic book to the sandman page and showers Stefani with magic sleepy dust... sweet dreams
chjr: email me too so that we can get together on the newsletter. my email is:

[Chikko] night stefani
[CHjr] ok thnx
[PRECIOUSJ] thanks stefani....... see ya soon
[CHjr] night stef
I had a great time and it's always so much fun to chat with everybody, God bless, take care...if anybody wants to email, please do

[CHjr] ani
[CHjr] :)
[RayRay] te watchooooooooooooooo homie!
[RayRay] VACA!!!!!!
te watchooooo RayRay

[Eddie] lol
luv you all too!!