*** Stefani on IRC #laonda ***
December 18, 1997 8pm Central

[WebJefe] please welcome STEFANI!
[Lalo] cool!
*** Stefani has entered #laonda
[Selena] heya Stefani!
[Lalo] Hi Stefani!!!!
[Heather] hi Stefani, welcome to kewl land
[Vaca] Hiya Stef!
[Graciela] hola Stefani!!!
[Blinkie] Hi!!!!
* Tex pulls out his guitar and yells "Hold on to your cowboy hats its Polka Time!!!!
[Jennifer] Hi Stefani!!!
[Lalo] Bienvenida Stefani!!!!!
[Tex] Hello Stefani
[Vaca] lol Tex
[Stefani] hi everybody!

[Jay] Welcome Stefani
[Frosty] Howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwdy.
[mhuda] Hey
[Selena] heya
[Blinkie] When are you coming to Houston?
[Stefani] Blinkie: I think we're gonna be there in January

[Blinkie] Hey!
[Tex] Hey Stefani Hi from everyone here in SanAngelo!!!
[Stefani] wuzzup San Angelo!

[mhuda] Oh no
[Graciela] forget Houston, when are you coming to Canada? :} aw man I'm just gonna have to move to Texas!
[Stefani] Graciela: we're gonna do a contest for our new song and maybe you can win a trip to San Antonio

[Graciela] oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[mhuda] Oh, this must be the chat that Robyn was referring to...
[Vaca] this is it mhuda
[Jennifer] hey stef, what's your e-mail address??
[Stefani] Jennifer: my email address is stefani-ent@juno.com

[Lalo] cool!
[Tex] Stefani seeing how your new CD Proque soy Mujer is at the top of the charts whats going to be the next release off that album??
[Stefani] Tex: my next release is Baila Conmigo

[SELENAZ] that's cool
[Selena] Stefani, any plans for coming up to Washington State? they play you on the radio all the time up here
[Stefani] Selena: nothing schedule for Washington but hopefully in the future

[Graciela] when are you doing the contest Stefani?
[Stefani] Graciela: in January

[Graciela] cool I can't wait!
[Selena] that's my fav song of yours!
[Stefani] Selena: thanks, that's my favorite song of the CD

[Selena] in the future in the future, that's what everyone sayz :)
[Blinkie] Are you coming to Houston Stefani??
[Stefani] Blinkie: in January

[Stefani] Hi Vaca!

[Blinkie] Neat!
[Tex] Stefani how would you best describe Baila Conmigo?
[Stefani] Tex: a cumbia with a flamenco flair

[Vaca] Hiya Stefani!
[Graciela] ooh I love flamenco..
[Lalo] I love flamenco too
[Graciela] oh thats right..oh wow how old is she now?
[Jennifer] Stefani when is your next visit to Austin gonna be????
[Stefani] Jennifer: we'll be in Austin sometime in January

[Jennifer] Kewl
[Graciela] :} sounds like January will be a busy month
[Blinkie] How's your baby girl doing Stefani?
[Stefani] Blinkie: she is doing great, tearing off all the Christmas ornaments off the tree

[Blinkie] LOL
[Stefani] Blinkie: she is 17 months

[Selena] aww, what a cutie :)
[Choosh] Stefani, who r some of the Tejano acts that u like ?
[Stefani] Choosh: David Lee Garza y Los Musicales, La Diferenzia, Mazz, La Mafia

[Jennifer] Stefani are you married?
[Stefani] Jennifer: not yet

[Choosh] cool
[Tex] Stefani Last year you were big at the Pura Vida Awards do you plan to make another splash at the next one
[Stefani] Tex: we're booked for that date, but we will be at the TMA, both peforming and presenting and we'll also be in Las Vegas perforiming for the showcase

[Jay] I need to go
[Jay] I see u later,Nice to meet u Stefani
* Graciela begs Sel to bring her with her..
[Graciela] bye Jay!
[SELENAZ] What about over the internet? LOL
[Selena] sure, you can have my other ticket hehe
[Jennifer] Stefani do you plan to sing any duets w/ any one?
[Graciela] Stefani, doing any appearances on any shows sometime soon? I'll have to be on the lookout
[Stefani] Graciela: I'll be on Despierta America, December 24 either at 6 or 7 in the morning on Univision

[Stefani] bye Jay!

[Selena] ooo, gotta set da VCR
[Choosh] later Jay
[Selena] woohoo! I'll finally get to see you perform at the TMA!
[Stefani] Selena: come and say hello to me and be sure and introduce yourself :)

[Graciela] aw man I knew it would be a show I don't get up here..
[Selena] okies hehe :)
[Blinkie] Is there a fan club I can write to?
[Stefani] Blinkie: PO Box 13253, San Antonio, Texas 78213

[Heather] don't feel left out Grac hehe
[Graciela] Stefani will you autograph something for me and give it to Selena to send me? :}
[Tex] Stefani allow me the honor of introducing your biggest fan Heather!
[Heather] Stefani, I've been trying to join your fan club for 2 years with no luck
[Lalo] :)
[Heather] thank you Tex hehe
[Jennifer] Stefani do you plan to sing any duets w/ any one?
[Stefani] Jennifer: I'd love to do a duet and my company is considering who to do it with

[Selena] yeah, like no one sends you stuff
[Tex] Stefani How long have you been in the business
[Stefani] Tex: I've been in the business since I was 3 years old

[Tex] kewl
[Lalo] wow
[Vaca] Stefani and Ram, good duet
[SELENAZ] nifty
[Vaca] Stefani, did you grow up in the valley of Albuquerque?
[Stefani] Vaca: I did grew up in Albuquerque

[Vaca] in the valley?
[Heather] I just found out about that duet today when I was reading Tejano Planet hehe
[Tex] Vaca the man
[Selena] who's on the cover of the latest edition? hehe
[Heather] Gary Hobbs
[Graciela] Tejano Planet? ok see now Heather I DO feel left out, I've never even heard of that :}
[Vaca] Que pasa Tex!
[Jennifer] stef, i have an offical TMA ballot, and i will be voting for you!!!!!!!!!
[Selena] phooey hehe
[Stefani] Graciela: do you get Bandaso Musical?...I'll be on it on December 21...yes I'll send you an autograph

[Heather] don't feel left out, I'm stuck up north as well hehe
[Selena] Stefani, does your fan club actually send out info? hehe
[Stefani] Selena: we do send out information but we're going through some changes right now with the fan club

[Graciela] no I don't think I get that either..I don't have Univision...
[Choosh] same here Heather
[Stefani] Heather: what's up girl...I loved your page :)

[Heather] thanks :©)
[Selena] what's Bandaso Musical?
[Lalo] yeah
[Graciela] and Stefani thank you so much! Selena-you better remember to get that autograph for me! :}
[Stefani] Heather: no matter how long you've been trying to get into my fan club, you've been in my heart for 2 years :)

[Selena] I'll try! :)
[Blinkie] I think Stefani deserves a TMA award
[Heather] thank you!!! :©)
[Heather] that was sweet :©)
[Selena] she does, she has my vote fer sure
[SELENAZ] mine too
[Stefani] Jennifer: a million thanks, I deeply appreciate it :)

[Blinkie] I've never seen Stefani get one...that's not fair!
[Jennifer] you are welcome
[Graciela] well she'd prolly have mine too if I could vote..arg :}
[Blinkie] How do you get a ballot?
[Blinkie] When is your next CD coming out?
[Stefani] Blinkie: in May, we're staring on it in January

[Selena] Graciela, didn't you become one of those Registered Tejanos?
[Jennifer] we are TMA members
[SELENAZ] @====]=== How about a rose instead?
[Stefani] Selena: it's a nationwide TV show

[Graciela] Registered Tejanos? I wish
[Selena] probably some channel I don't get hehe
[Heather] really? you mean I'd get it all the way up here in Pittsburgh? hehe * Stefani sends Blinkie a big hug

[Graciela] Sel, if you don't get it I'll be shocked, you get everything you spoiled brat :} joking
[Selena] oh man, I shoulda sent you one of the booklets I got, Graciela
[Blinkie] Ahhh thanks Stefani!!!!
[Selena] all I get is Univision and a radio station, that's nothing :)
[Heather] it's everything compared to us hehe
[Graciela] exact;y!
[Selena] oh yeah, sorry hehe
[Graciela] I'm sorry but TeleLatino Network doesn't compare to Univision..
[Jennifer] You wanna know what I get???? hehe
[Selena] on what channel?
[Stefani] Selena: I don't know what network it's on

[Graciela] no! :}
[Heather] I live in the middle of a hicktown in PA LOL
[Lalo] hehe
[Graciela] at least you live in the States, your chances are better then mine Heather
[Heather] aw, don't make me cry hehe
[Graciela] and Pittsburgh is a lot bigger than Sudbury :}
[Lalo] here in Washington DC we get both Univision and Telemundo
[Jennifer] Stefani where do you live now???
[Stefani] Jennifer: in San Antonio

[Jennifer] kewl
[Graciela] aah thats it I'm moving to DC..:}
[Lalo] LOL
[Heather] Grac, let's both pack up and move hehe
[Jennifer] An hour away from me!!
[Lalo] hehe
[Tex] Stefani how do you aquire most of your music? Do you write or Does any of your band memebers write??
[Stefani] Tex: my band does write and I also write a little, but mostly we get music from Sony Discos and we also get some from independent songwriters from the U.S. and Mexico

[Tex] Stefani how do you aquire most of your music? Do you write or Does any of your band memebers write??
[Vaca] San Antonio, the place to be =)
[Graciela] lol ok
[Graciela] as soon as I turn 18...
[Blinkie] I get lost in San Antonio every single time I go
[Stefani] Blinkie: I still do too :)

[Heather] okay, I have 2 1/2 more years til I turn 18 LOL
[Blinkie] Lol
* Heather hides in the corner
[Tex] hey
[Tex] where did she go
[Graciela] AAAAAAH!
[Vaca] We lost her
[Graciela] we lost her!
[Jennifer] you scared her!!!
[Blinkie] Noooo!
[Graciela] ack..oh my god..jinx Vaca
[Vaca] give me a scalpel stat, we're going in
[Tex] lol
[Graciela] lol
[Lalo] lol
[Tex] intruder alert intruder alert
[Choosh] u playing Dr again Vaca
[Graciela] oy
[Choosh] lol
[Lalo] she loves your site Heather!
[Graciela] wait a sec...exactly who is he playing Doctor ON?
[Tex] yeah Heather she loves your site
[Tex] lol
[Graciela] I think loves is an understatment..
[Tex] stop it grace
[Lalo] ¦¬)
[Heather] like guys, you're gonna make me pass out hehe
[Blinkie] Bye...I'm checking out Heather's site!
[Graciela] 'you been in her heart for 2 years' Heather!!
[Lalo] lol
[Heather] thanks guys :©)
[Choosh] hey Tex where is Got Milk
[Vaca] Hey guys, tell Tex thanx for setting this up
[Heather] Tex, you are the kewlest dude in the world
[Graciela] Tex thanx for setting this up
* Tex pulls out his guitar and yells "Hold on to your cowboy hats its Polka Time!!!!
[Selena] WB Stefani
[Choosh] yea Tex
[Graciela] Welcome Back Stefani!
[Heather] WB Stef
[Stefani] we're back, we fell off

* Tex says 4NO Problemo!
[Vaca] wb Stef
[Selena] yeah, thanxes Tex
[Tex] wb Stefani
[Lalo] WB Stefani
[Lalo] hehe
[Vaca] lol
[Jennifer] Stefani did we scare you ??????
[Stefani] Jennifer: no way

[Graciela] how long can you stay on tonite Stefani?
[Stefani] Graciela: I can still a little longer, we're in the middle of band practice but I like this, I'll stay a while :)

[Jennifer] okay just making sure
[Graciela] oh wow she's interupting band practice to talk to us!! right on!
[Lalo] cool
[Heather] that's kewlisimo
[Jennifer] neato burrito!!!
[Stefani] Graciela: this is more fun! :) ...practice is work

[Graciela] lol yeah all work and no play..:}
[Graciela] hey Quill!!
[_Quill] ;) Hi Grac!
[Tex] Stefani you are a wonderful role model what is your message to today's youth
[Stefani] Tex: follow your dreams and don't let anybody discourage you from what you want to do, follow your heart

[Heather] Grac is talking to herself again hehe
[Graciela] am not!
[Graciela] :P
[Heather] :©)
[Lalo] thanks for coming by Stefani!!
[Stefani] Lalo: you're welcome, it's great chatting with yall :)

[Selena] Stefani, what is your favorite song of yours?
[Stefani] Selena: Baila Conmigo

[Selena] neato :)
[Graciela] will you be coming back ya think Stefani?
[Stefani] Graciela: if somebody helps me, cause I can't type that good :)

[Vaca] Are you planning to have any more children soon?
[Stefani] Vaca: Illea is too much, no more children anytime soon

[Graciela] lol I couldn't either when I first got on IRC..practice makes perfect Stefani so come back lots
[Tex] Stefani being the center of attention a lot must take alot out of you what do you do to relax?
[Stefani] Tex: no way!! when I relax I go shopping so I can be relax in any town where I play

[Jennifer] You love shopping too!!!
[Heather] I think I just about own the little cheap mall here LOL
[Graciela] oh right on! ok that should prove Stefani's just a normal girl :} she likes to shop! right on Stefani!
[Kewl_Dude] All females love to shop!!!
[Tex] Stefani the current trend in Tejano Music is to do country music any plans to do more country or are you heading in the same direction as Jay Perez and going into R & B
[Stefani] Tex: I like both, I did a country song with Ram, and on the new CD I'll be recording an R&B song that will be promoting on English radio

[Stefani] Jennifer: shopping is what I do best :)

[Graciela] you shop better than you sing? not likely. :}
[Heather] wow, I'll get to hear you on an acutal radio station!! hehe
[Stefani] Heather: you'll have to come to San Antonio and shop here with me :)

[Graciela] oh man I hope they play the R&B song up here..
[Jennifer] Me too, but with someone else's money!! hehe
[Selena] Stefani, when did you doa country song with Ram? is that on one of his albums?
[Kewl_Dude] No wonder there aren't any female Billionaires. :-)
[Choosh] lol
[Stefani] Heather: it's always nice to shop with somone else's money :)

[Selena] lol
[Lalo] ¦¬D
[Stefani] Selena: the duet with Ram is on his latest CD, it's called There You Go

[Selena] ooo, gotta go find that CD hehe
[Selena] wait a sec, I have it lol
[Stefani] Kewl_Dude: that's why us women have to marry billionaires :)

[Choosh] doah!!!!!!
[Tex] lol
[Tex] Stefani your obviously beautiful and have a wonderful voice what has helped you the most to cultivate your talent??
[Stefani] Tex: mostly singing live every weekend because you learn new things every weekend

[Jennifer] Well guys I gotta go , Talk to yall tomorrow
[Heather] aw, okies
[Vaca] by Jenn
[Kewl_Dude] L8R Jennifer.
[Selena] night Jennifer
[Choosh] laters Jennifer
[Graciela] bye Jen!
[Jennifer] nice chatting with you Stefani!
[Jennifer] bye
[Stefani] bye Jennifer :)

[Heather] no, don't go everyone
[WebJefe] whoa
[Tex] Stefani We have a couple of young ladies in the room that would love to become Tejano Singers What advice do you have for them
[Stefani] Tex: it takes a lot of practice, you need to play a lot and get your name known

[Heather] oh my gosh, what's happening hehe
[Tex] Stefani did you ever think of becoming anything else or was music always your passion?
[Kewl_Dude] Wow!!! They're dropping like flies.
[Vaca] What's the worst thing you hate about the business Stefani?
[Stefani] Vaca: right now they're playing a lot of Norteno music and not letting the more progressive sound be heard

[Graciela] how did you get started Stefani?
[Stefani] Graciela: I started with my father's band in New Mexico since I was 3 years old and have been playing ever since

[Choosh] Stefani i'll be in Austin for the Aqua festival next summer. Will u been there?
[Stefani] Choosh: I believe we'll be at the Aqua fest next year

[Choosh] cool!!!!
[WebJefe] 8,1=====================================================
[WebJefe] Don't leave until I ask a question to win an autograph CD and poster!
[WebJefe] 8,1=====================================================
[Tex] Stefani to stay in the business as long as you have you need the love and support of your family and friends who is the closest to you??
[Stefani] Tex: it's hard to say because my whole family is with me on the road and takes care of the business

[Selena] ooo!!!!!!!!
[Vaca] You playing in San Antonio anytime soon?
[Stefani] Vaca: I'm playing on the 22nd of January at Tejano Texas

[Stefani] Tex: music has always been it for me

[Vaca] Great!
[Tex] Stefani With the holiday season upon us we all go back home to family and friends where do you plan on spending the Holidays
[Stefani] Tex: I'll be in New Mexico

[Vaca] LOL
[Graciela] lol good question Tex. he's right ya know, your hair IS amazing
[Tex] that question is for Kewl Dude
[Tex] Stefani part of your beautiful looks is your hair what shampoo do you use?
[Stefani] Tex: I love to use Finesse, but the people at the salon say it's bad for your hair

[Heather] oops, better stop using it hehe
[Heather] that's what I use LOL
[Graciela] well hey if your hair looks that good after using it, it can't be THAT bad..
[Stefani] Graciela: thanks :)

* Vaca tosses Tex a bottle of Rogaine
[Choosh] lol
[WebJefe] did you keep some Vaca?
[Choosh] lol
[Vaca] I'm sorry Jefe, I took your bottle
[Tex] lol
[Vaca] =(
[Selena] the people at the salon just want you to buy the expensive stuff hehe
[Stefani] Selena: that's probably true, the one they want me to use is $15

[Tex] lol
[Lalo] hehe
[Stefani] lol Vaca

[Selena] yeah...and we always believe them and buy the stuff hehe
[Heather] wanna know what I do to look how I do? I sit on my lazy butt all day LOL
[Tex] Stefani in the last issue of Planet Tejano we got to see you working out have you thought of putting out a Work out Video
[Stefani] Tex: Tejano Aerobics

[Tex] lol
[Graciela] what do you do to stay in shape? especially after having your baby? and what about eating healthy? you're on the road a lot, so how do you do that?
[Stefani] Graciela: I try to work out as often as I can but being on the road is really hard, my trainer is about ready to hang me because I keep eating all the junk food; there's no place on the road that sells healthy food

[Stefani] Heather: we get along great

[Graciela] well you can't be doing too bad, you look great. :}
[Vaca] And you look marvelous!
[Stefani] thanks Vaca, you're so sweet :)

[Selena] you can eat the purple stuff in doughnuts, Homer Simpson calls that fruit hehe
[Heather] 7¡¡¡¡¡11,6L9,4O11,6L7,0!!!!!
[Choosh] lol
[Graciela] lol oh god Sel..
[Tex] Stefani is there going to be a video release to the song Biala Conmigo?
[Stefani] Tex: we're gonna have a contest for Baila Conmigo where somebody can win and get on stage and dance with us

[Heather] just acting on stage is a workout so I couldn't even imagine singing hehe
[Vaca] What has motherhood taught you, how has it changed your view of life?
[Stefani] Vaca: more responsibilities, very deep love and being unselfish; everything that I do is for her future, that's why I work as hard as I do

[Graciela] I guess performing must help you stay in shape, it looks like exercise to me..
[Stefani] Graciela: yeah it is, specially when I wear vynil pants and sweat, that's the best way! :)

[Tex] Stefani have you considered have more web presence on the internet?
[Stefani] Tex: I don't have a lot of time because I'm always out of town, doing interviews and it's hard for me to do this

[Selena] I can't stand sitting in them for 5 minutes, I can only imagine what you go through performing in them hehe
[Selena] those vinyl pants are so uncomfortable!
[Stefani] Selena: they sure are! :)

[Tex] lol
[Tex] me too
[Heather] I buy them like 3 sizes big so I have room in them hehe
[Stefani] Heather: mine are 3 sizes too small so they don't move at all :)

[Selena] they don't sell em 3 sizes to big here, the biggest one is size 3 hehe
[Choosh] is it getting hot in here or is it just me?
[Stefani] Choosh: it's just you! :)

[Heather] wow hehe
[Vaca] Have you considered having a website constructed and maintained on your behalf?
[Choosh] lol
[Stefani] Vaca: I wouldn't know where to start :)

[WebJefe] start with Heather's..... :)
[Vaca] Any volunteers?
[Tex] Stefanitalk to heather
*** ToniLance is now known as Grac
[Heather] :©)
[Tex] I nominate Heather !! anyone second??
[Stefani] Tex: definitely, I will! :)

[Grac] oy..my connection decided to screw up..
[Grac] what did I miss?
[Heather] thanx Tex hehe
[WebJefe] wb Graciela
[Tex] wb grace
[Grac] thanx..
[Stefani] Graciela: you missed me wearing vinyl pants 3 size too small, and Heather wearing them 3 sizes too big, and Selena wearing them :)

[WebJefe] lol
[Selena] lol
[Tex] lol
[Kewl_Dude] lol
[Tex] Stefani what do you consider you biggest accomplishment??
[Stefani] Tex: having my daughter :)

[Grac] lol!
[Grac] too bad I missed that!
[Grac] hi Xap!
[Choosh] hola Xap
[Xap] greetings ...
[Kewl_Dude] Howdy Xap
[Tex] Stefani you mentioned that your family is a big part of your success who else has helped you along the way?
[Stefani] Tex: Sony Records, since I got into the business I don't think I could've accomplished as much as I have without them

[Stefani] hi Xap

[Xap] hi!! sigh ...
[Kewl_Dude] Accomplishment? That must have been painful. :-)
[Stefani] Kewl_Dude: it sure was! :)

[Stefani] Tex: scary! I felt like I was signing my life
[Tex] Stefani what was it like when you signed your first contract? away; and come to find out I almost did, but they let us out of the contract not know what they had, hehe

[Vaca] on=one
[Tex] Stefani most Tejano artists don't go through all the trouble of pleasing thier fans like you do I would like to take this oppertunity to tell you Thank you for all the wonderful music you have given us
[Stefani] Tex: thanks a lot, we go through a lot of time and effort to try and pick out music for our fans

[Vaca] 5Stefani, if you could change on thing in your life, what would it be?
[Stefani] Vaca: I would be taller :)

[Vaca] Hi TxBred !!! Welcome to La Onda Chat, where Kewl PPL chat :)
[TxBred] Holaa everyone
[Tex] hey TxBred
[Graciela] hi Tx
[Heather] hey, it ain't always nice being tall, I wish I was shorter sometimes hehe
[Stefani] Vaca: that's why I wear platform shoes

[Choosh] hey TxBred
[Stefani] Selena: I'm 4'-11"

[Selena] how tall are you?
[Selena] finally! someone shorter than me! :)
[Graciela] lol
[Stefani] hi TxBred

[Graciela] yeah Sel, I know the feeling..
[Graciela] aah..I have to go..
[Stefani] Heather: how tall are you?

[Vaca] Hola TB!
[Heather] 5'7
[Graciela] before I go one last question!!
[TxBred] HI Stefani...
[TxBred] hey vaca
[Selena] good question!
[Vaca] Good one Graciela!
[Vaca] If you could change one thing that you did or didn't do, what would it be?
[Stefani] Vaca: when I was about 7 years old they offered me a contract to go sing in LA with a record company but my dad thought I was too young; if I could change one thing I would've gone to LA

[Graciela] Stefani, I heard this question somewhere before..I thought it was cool...what was the BEST MISTAKE of your life?
[Stefani] Graciela: everybody told me that moving to San Antonio would be a big mistake because not being from Texas they wouldn't accept me, but I proved them wrong

[Stefani] Graciela: bye, it was nice chatting

[Stefani] hi TexBred

[Tex] Stefani what award you cherish the most?
[Stefani] Tex: most promising rising star

[Graciela] you sure did Stefani!! thanx for answering my questions and just for being here and putting all the cool music you do
[Graciela] it was great meeting you!
[Graciela] Bye guys!!
[WebJefe] cya Graciela
[Heather] cya Crac
[Heather] Grac LOL
[Choosh] buh bye Graciela
[Vaca] bye Graciela
[Selena] bye Graciela! *huggs*
[Graciela] *hugs*
[Kewl_Dude] Good Lord. You should have been a gymnast. :-)
[Stefani] Kewl_Dude: I took gymnastics for 4 years

[Heather] kewl, I took gymnastics until I got too tall LOL
[Xap] Stefani: Of all the male Tejano artists out there .. who do you admire the most .. talent wise?
[Stefani] Xap: Ricardo Castillon, he has a great voice

[Heather] you said RICARDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Stefani] you're really sweet Graciela

[Vaca] Call the roofing repair company again!
[Vaca] lol
[Choosh] lol
[TxBred] I just have to say... you have a GREAT voice... (-:
[Stefani] TxBred: thanks, I try to work real hard at it :)

[Tex] Stefani have you ever thought of doing something else besides Tejano Music??
[Stefani] Tex: I'm gonna be doing an R&B song which will be played on English radio, that's something I've always wanted to do

[Xap] Any chance of ever recording a song with him?
[Stefani] Xap: I'm not sure because we have different record companies

[Tex] Stefani are you planning on doing any radio publicity for Porque Soy Mujer?
[Stefani] Tex: we have already done it back in the summer when the CD came out; we're probably going to be doing some more to promote the new single 'Baila Conmigo"

[Tex] Stefani most singer/songwriters look to thier past for inspiration for thier music where do you turn when you want to be inspired?
[Stefani] Tex: I put myself in situations that I've been in and I try to write what I feel

* Xap chunks his old Patsy 8-tracks and unwraps Stefani's latest CD ... que suave ....
[Stefani] Xap: you're crazy :)

[Selena] when is "Baila Conmigo" going to be released?
[Stefani] Selena: in January

[Heather] I write songs about jumping off ferris wheels LOL
[chjr] hi
[chjr] thnx
[chjr] am I too late?
[Selena] hi chjr
[Tex] Stefani when we last spoke (2wks ago in SanAngelo) you were very proud of the work both youu and your band had put into the Porque Soy Mujer album do you plan to contribute more in your next album?
[Stefani] Tex: we're already began on it, and we're gonna produce the whole CD ourselves

[chjr] hi
[Choosh] hey chjr
[Stefani] LOL

[Choosh] Stefani when r u coming up to Ohio and Michigan????
[Stefani] Choosh: I think we're going to Ohio and Michigan real soon, we just received a phone call to do a tour in early 1998

[Vaca] Tex, you didn't have to bring Calpernicus with you, did you?
[Vaca] He's making a mess on the floor!
[Vaca] lol
[Stefani] hi chjr

[Choosh] cool thx
[Tex] lol
[Tex] Stefani do you have any pets?
[Stefani] Tex: I have a black poodle, his name is Rocky

[Blinkie] Hi
[TxBred] Stefani... is there anyway to e-mail you?
[Stefani] TxBred: you can email me at stefani-ent@juno.com

[Vaca] wb Blinkie
[Heather] kewl, Ohio is only 40 minutes away hehe
[Stefani] Heather: I better see you there

[Heather] I'll have to beg my parents cuz they're really lazy LOL
[Selena] Stefani, you did a great job singing "Silent Night" on the new Christmas album from Sony, I luv it!
[Stefani] Selena: the arranger and I are sitting here and he is all excited because you liked the song :)

[Selena] not liked, luved!
[chjr] are you coming to Eagle Pass again any time soon Stef?
[Stefani] chjr: we'll be in Eagle Pass tomorrow for the City of Eagle Pass dance

[chjr] wow cool! :)
[Blinkie] Stefani came back??
[Blinkie] Aw, man! I've been gone all this time :-(
[Blinkie] I'm sorry Stefani
[Stefani] Blinkie: that's ok, we'll just have to make up for lost time :)

[chjr] just city workers
[Tex] Stefani you rendition of Silent Night was captivating what is your favorite Christmas Carol?
[Stefani] Tex: Silent Night, that's why I did that one :)

[chjr] :( but I won't be allowed in:(
[Stefani] chjr: I'll sneak you in through the back door :)

[chjr] really?
[chjr] :)
[Blinkie] So what's your baby's name?
[Stefani] Blinkie: Ileah

[WebJefe] just show them your "La Onda Network" pass chjr! :)
[Selena] beautiful name
[Blinkie] pretty name!
* Xap hands chjr his camera ... take a few for me!
[Blinkie] I think she's adorable!
[Stefani] Blinkie: she's an angel and she's a handfull at the same time :)

[Stefani] thanks :)

[Blinkie] I know what you mean!...
[chjr] they totally ignore any ids they don't care who u are here
[Selena] Stefani..if you ever need a babysitter, ya know where to find me :)
[chjr] they wouldn't let me in
[Blinkie] I have 2 nephews and a neice
[Heather] there we go again LOL
[Heather] anytime you're in Pittsburgh I'll babysit for ya hehe
[Stefani] Heather: you have a deal :)

[Selena] lol, I know
[Blinkie] They are a handful too
[Tex] Stefani what do think about when your on stage and you see young women reciting the lyrics to your songs?
[Stefani] Tex: I think it's great; it doesn't matter if it's male or female, to me it is awesome to see that it has really touched them in some way

[Blinkie] Will you be signing autographs when you come to Houston?
[Stefani] Blinkie: I always sign autographs, no matter where I am :)

[Tex] Stefani where are you going to be New Years?
[Stefani] Tex: I believe we're gonna be in Waco

[Blinkie] If I meet you, and I told you I was Blinkie, would you remember me??
[Stefani] Blinkie: yes :)

[Blinkie] I can't wait!!!
* Xap hands Blinkie his cowboy hat to get autographed ... be sure you give it back to me ...
[Blinkie] LOL
[chjr] What time do u come into Eagle Pass mañana?
[Stefani] chjr: I'll probably be there in the afternoon

[TxBred] Stefani... I think it is great how you take the time to take a picture with someone and still can smile while sick (San Angelo 29 Nov 97)
[Stefani] TexBred: kewl man

[chjr] lets have lunch :)
[Stefani] chjr: I would love to if we have time, we'll see you tomorrow :)

[Heather] hey Stefani, Happy Birthday!!!
[Xap] the pppp's are proud of ya chjr !!!
[Heather] a few days early hehe
[Blinkie] How old are you? You look about 20
[Stefani] Blinkie: it's a secret :)...my birthday is on the 23rd of this month :)

[Vaca] It's her birthday???
[Choosh] lol Xap
[chjr] :) Can't wait
[Blinkie] So is my nephews! He'll be 5!
[Vaca] ~/..Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you..../~
[Tex] Happy Birthday!!!!
[Tex]  Stefani Ray is an awsome guitarist how long has he been with you?
[Stefani] Tex: my guitar player's name is Rene and he has been with us for a year and a half

* Xap spits out confetti ... spit ... spit .. cough ... yuck
[Stefani] hey the screen looks kewl :)

[Tex] lol
[Stefani] lol

[Tex] sorry about that Stefani
* WebJefe says: What a mess, get the broom Tex!
* Stefani sends a big kiss and a big hug to everybody :)

[Vaca] Wanna borrow the Hoover, Tex?
[Xap] hey webjefe .. you didn't make Shelly sweep when she was here ...
[Choosh] i got a shopvac.
[Choosh] lol
[Tex] lol
[Vaca] How about a leaf blower
[Tex] lol
[Vaca] Somebody open the door!
[Vaca] lol
[Choosh] lol
[Tex] lol
[WebJefe] no, Tex did the one too, Xap
[Tex] doah! you giving me up Web
[chjr] What time do u play stef? I really wan't to see ya :)
[Tex] Stefani what are you bandmemebers names??
[Stefani] Tex: keyboards and accordion is Gabriel Zavala, he does the arrangements too for our CDs; Adrian Regalado plays drums; David Zendejas plays percussion; Rene Castillo guitar; and Gabriel Ramon base

[Stefani] chjr: probably around 9 or 10

[Xap] chjr ... "down boy"
[Vaca] lol, chjr got a permanent smile on his face
[chjr] 1,8:-)
[Vaca] Which ones U'r Honey Stef?
[Stefani] Vaca: Gabriel Zavala

[Tex] Stefani when was your first real break in Tejano music?
[Stefani] Tex: back in 1992

[Vaca] The lucky one.
[Blinkie] I think Stefani deserves a "female entertiner of the year" award instead of announcing it like last year
[Heather] yeah, really hehe
[Stefani] well I have to go back to finish practice

[TxBred] I second that
[Heather] aaaaaaaaaaaw
[Stefani] Blinkie: thank you so much

[Selena] awww
[Blinkie] Aw...bye Stefani
[Tex] thankyou for talking with us Stefani
[WebJefe] Stefani I would like to thank you for taking time out and chatting with your biggest fans on the Internet.
[chjr] bye
[Choosh] yes Stefani thx for stopping by
[Stefani] hopefully I can do this more often

[chjr] Thanks
[WebJefe] 8,1=================================
[WebJefe] Get your email program ready!
[WebJefe] 8,1=================================
[Kewl_Dude] Goodnight Stefani
[Heather] thanks for chatting with us Stef
[Blinkie] I hope so!
* Xap kisses the computer screen ... and wipes a tear from his eye ...
[Stefani] thankyou Webjefe :)

[TxBred] Thank stefani for everything... Keep the music coming
[WebJefe] 8,1============================================
[WebJefe] This first email I receive with the correct answer to the following
[WebJefe] question will win an autograph CD and poster of Stefani.
[WebJefe] 8,1============================================
[Stefani] Heather: I'll be getting in touch with you soon

[Heather] really, kewl!!
* Tex pulls out his guitar and yells "Hold on to your cowboy hats its Polka Time!!!!
[Blinkie] luck Heather!
[Selena] Stefani, thanx so much for coming here!
[Blinkie] lucky, I mean
[Stefani] thank you all for chatting with me tonight and have a wonderful Christmas, take care, lots of love

[Vaca] Yeahhh, Heather!!
[Heather] bye Stefani, we love you
[Blinkie] Merry Christmas
[Selena] *huggs* Merry Christmas!
[Vaca] Cya Stef!!
[TxBred] Merry christmas and Happy new year Stefani
[chjr] Merry Christmas!!! SteF!!!
[Xap] feliz navidad Stef ...
[chjr] :)
[WebJefe] get the broom Tex!
[Kewl_Dude] Happy B'day and Merry Christmas.
* Tex gives everyone an 4Ice cold one1 and says 12"A munt agos I kudent spel now I's the bart ender"
[Selena] oh yeah, Happy Birthday Stefani!
[Choosh] Tex got burned by Web.
[Choosh] lol
[Vaca] and you still can't spell Tex!!!
[Vaca] LOL
* Xap hugs the computer screen ... sigh!
[Blinkie] Tell lleah goodnight too!
[Stefani] Blinkie: ok, I will :)

[Tex] lol
[chjr] Don't forget me mañana stef :)
[Stefani] chjr: I won't

[Blinkie] she's so cute!
[WebJefe] 8,1=================================
[WebJefe] Get your email program ready!
[WebJefe] 8,1=================================
[Tex] wowsers!
[Tex] Hey Stefani can I have a Cyber Kiss/???
[Tex] lol
[WebJefe] not you Vaca!
[WebJefe] 13=:^)
[Blinkie] I don't know your email Web!
[Stefani] cya later, gotta go back to practice, hugs, kisses to all :)

[Blinkie] bye!
[TxBred] nite stefani
[Selena] night Stefani!
[Heather] bye Stefani, thanks for coming
[Selena] *huggs*
[Vaca] Why not???
[Vaca] lol
[Tex] webjefe@ondanet.com
[WebJefe] WebJefe@Ondanet.com
[Choosh] see u in Austin
[chjr] see ya
[Vaca] my guns are loaded!!!
[Tex] webjefe@ondanet.com
[WebJefe] not you Vaca!
[TxBred] See ya in the spring....
[WebJefe] hehe
[Vaca] LOL
[Vaca] Alright, if you insist
[Tex] vaca back off man
[WebJefe] j/k.....
[Vaca] I'll let this one go.
[Tex] I want this CD
*** Stefani has left #laonda

[Tex] come on I need this CD
[WebJefe] 8,1============================================
[WebJefe] This first email I receive with the correct answer to the following
[WebJefe] question will win an autograph CD and poster of Stefani.
[WebJefe] 8,1============================================
[Vaca] Not as good looking, but....
[Vaca] Hello Emilio
[Choosh] lol
[Tex] AAAAAAHhHHHHHHHH!!!!! ask the question already
[WebJefe] it's very easy!!!!
[Tex] come on come on!
[Tex] lol
[WebJefe] are you ready????
[Tex] yes!!!!
[Vaca] Tex, chutup already!
[Kewl_Dude] Maybe
[Emilio] well gotta go too
[Tex] lol
[Vaca] cya's Emilio
[WebJefe] The first email I receive at WebJefe@Ondanet.com
[WebJefe] with the correct answer to the following question,
[WebJefe] will receive an autograph copy of Stefani's latest CD and a poster.
[WebJefe] When is "Baila Conmigo" going to be released??
[Vaca] Oh hell
[Blinkie] alright already
[TxBred] I know
[Emilio] we gotta go eat pizza :)
[Vaca] I guess I'm out of that one!
[Vaca] LOL
[Vaca] I wudn't paying attention
[Vaca] Enjoy Emilio
[Vaca] cya's later
[Tex] check your email web
[TxBred] Vaca want to know?
[Tex] I done sent it
[Selena] have fun Emilio, cyaz
[TxBred] bye emilio
[Xap] who won
[Choosh] laters Emilio
[Vaca] sokay, it's too late for me
[Tex] check it web I done Sent it!!!!!!!
[Tex] laters Choosh and next time email me back buddy
[Tex] WB Blinkie
[Kewl_Dude] Who's the lucky loser?
[Choosh] i'm not leaving yet Tex
[Heather] I'm a loser LOL
[Blinkie] I don't know the answer!
[Xap] all of us
[Kewl_Dude] oops, I mean winner.
[Tex] doah1
[TxBred] January
[Blinkie] I thought it was ALREADY realeased
[Tex] Januraury
[TxBred] The single
[Tex] lol something like that
[Blinkie] oh
[Selena] nice spelling, Tex hehe
[Choosh] lol
[Blinkie] lol
[TxBred] That is why tex is a bart ender
[Blinkie] lol
[Selena] lol
[Tex] Sorry Sel inside joke between me and KewlDude Right DUDE
[Choosh] lmao
[TxBred] (-:
[Kewl_Dude] illiterate?
[Xap] someone wake up webjefe ....
[Selena] I wanna know who won hehe
[Blinkie] I know.. where's Web?
[WebJefe] 13=:^)
[Tex] I did
[Tex] right web
[WebJefe] sorry I was on the phone with Stefani... :)
[Xap] and the weiner is .....
[Blinkie] there!