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The Internet got very popular almost overnight. It has been around for a long time but it was mainly for Engineers, Scientists, Educators, etc. But with the annoucement of the Clinton's Administration support of the Information Super Highway, there have been great interest in the Internet. Most of the major 500 Fortune companies already have their own Web site for Advertisement, Sales, Customer support, etc. Magazines companies, TV & Radio stations, individuals, everyone is getting on the Internet. The reason is simply that anyone with access to the Internet can visit their sites and see what they have created or have to offer. There are thousands of people browsing the Internet at all hours of the day and night. Alot of these people are eager for Tejano/Mexican information of any kind. Music, videos, books, magazine, etc. I have been asked for Selena and other Tejano artists magazines, T-Shirts, books, etc alot of times on my Tejano Music Home Page.

The Internet is like a Billboard, or a TV cable channel with your very own ad running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but for a fraction of the cost!Prodigy, CompuServe, American Online all have Internet access. These three companies alone put tens of thousands of people on the Internet. These people are just looking around for anything that looks interesting. Especially those that don't live around any large metropoliton area that offers their kind of music, magazines, food, etc. This is probably a large portion of the USA.

Normally in order for you to advertise on the Internet, you will have to get an Internet Service Provider and then learn or hire someone to write Web pages for you. Someone will also have to maintain your site, scan pictures of your products, write FORMS to accept your customer's orders, etc.

This is where I come in. I'm already subscribing to an Internet Service Provider. You don't have to worry about disk space, how to FTP your programs, images, etc over to the internet site. No need to check for orders or information, etc. from customers. You don't have to worry about learning to write IMAGEMAP, FORMS, scripts, etc. I have a quality scanner to get images of your product. I have over a year of experience of writing Web pages. I have been on the Internet for over 5 years and know how to get around. I read Usenet Newsgroups and keep up with the latest and greatest on the Internet World. I have been programming on the computer for around 20 years. So, this is nothing new to me.

Another problem with advertising on the Internet is just how are people going to know that your company exist on the web in the first place. Again, I have taken care of that. Since the middle of March 1995, my Tejano Music Home Page went online. Because of my large pictures collection and Tejano information, my Tejano Music Home Page has become very popular.

The following recording companies are supplying the Tejano Music Home Page with promotional promotional materials on their recording artists:

  • Manny Music
  • EMI Latin
  • Sony Discos
  • FonoVisa
  • Q-Productions
  • Hacienda Records
  • Joey International
  • Sound Mex
With great tejano journalists like Ramiro Burr, Doug Shannon and Chito De La Torre along with great columns like Tejano News, Latino News, La Caliente Column, CD Reviews, etc, keep hundreds of people constantly becoming back and visiting Tejano Home pages. The Puro Tejano TV show and Pura Vida Awards are also part of this site.

Your advertisement will be seen by hundreds of people every day. My Tejano Music Home Page is also listed on other very popular web pages all over the country, including popular databases such as Yahoo, AltaVisa, NCSA, DFW Yellow Pages, Who's Who, etc. The Tejano Music Home Page has been averaging over 1.5 million hits per month (60,000 per day)! With an average of over 16,000 accesses per day!

What $10/month (+ a one time $25 startup fee) will get you:

  • I will set up a Web site for you with 2 pages. See notes below for an explaination of what a page is.
  • I will upgrade any of the 2 web pages once per month.
  • I will email, fax or send by mail (snail mail) any comments or orders that customers leave.
  • I will keep posting, wherever I'm allowed, an advertisement of your Web page.
  • I will maintain you web page %100. You don't have to do anything other than provide me with paper images and information of your ad.
  • 1 meg of disk space.


  • A page is anything that will fit on a 8"x10" printed page. The smaller you make the images and writing, the harder it will be for someone to look at it.
  • A page will only include simple images and text.
  • Extra pages will be $10 each.
  • Your pages may be updated once per week for a fee of $1/page.
  • Any text that are scanned and can not be converted over to text will be $2 per page to type in.
  • IMAGEMAPS will be done for $15 each. An IMAGEMAP is an image (picture) that have several items in it. When a user clicks on one of these items, the program will jump to a different page that has information on that item. It's a fancier way for customer to access your products.
  • One FORM for orders or comments will be included. Fancy order FORMS will be done for $20 each.
  • There will be a $2/month charge for each additional 1 meg required.
  • If you have an email address, a link to your email will be provided. That way customers may contact you directly.
  • No advertisements that are illegal on any of the States of the United States will be permitted. This is because anyone anywhere in the world can access your Web pages.
  • Your Web page will be displayed from the date of your payment up to the same day in the following month. Five working days after your payment is overdue, your Web page will be pulled off of the site.
  • I can not be responsible for any of the Internet Service Provider problems that may come up. These may be anything from their computer crashing to access delays, to telephone problems. I will keep backups of your Web site (no images) in case their computer does crash.
  • Prices may change depending on demand, but your Web pages will be guaranteed for any paid up months.


Abel M. Hernandez
Voice Mail/Fax: 210-785-9977