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    March 2, 1999

    62,280 enthusiastic fans cheered, stomped their feet and danced in the aisles at Houston's Astrodome as DAVID LEE GARZA y LOS MUSICALES roared thru an 80 minute set of maga hits featuring Jay Perez, Ram Herrera, Emilio and Oscar G.

    DAVID LEE GARZA's impeccable accordion stylings kept things flowing nicely as each singer took his turn with Jay Perez ending the "guest-star" segment with this immensely popular songs, "Que Tristesa", "Hasta Cuando" and the heartbreaking country ballad "She's Not Sleeping There Alone".

    DAVID LEE GARZA's current lead singer, Marcos Orosco, delivered a fiery set of his own featuring his hits including "Tonta", and the new song soon to be released to radio, "Me Vuelvo A Enamorar", from the new album titled "NADIE COMO YO" on the Sony Discos label, to be released in April.

    Here are some photos from the DLG reunion show and practice session.


    1st Annual Tejano Entertainment and Music Awards
    Special to Ondanet

    SAN ANTONIO -- (March 1)-- The new Tejano royalty was unveiled here recently when Elida Reyna and Bobby Pulido emerged as the big winners at the new TEMA awards.

    In ceremonies at the Municipal Auditorium, Reyna received the big nod three times: - best female entertainer, vocalist and best mariachi song for her "Duele."

    Meanwhile, the new prince, Bobby Pulido, who's been all over radio on both sides of the border and enjoyed a slew of singles on Billboard's charts, was named the prestigious best Tejano male entertainer.

    "We have been working really hard and it is nice to be recognized," Reyna said. "I'm really feeling ecstatic."

    The crowd was estimated at about 1,300, about one third of the 4,800-seat capacity auditorium. The four hour show was emceed by KSMG radio personality Sonny Melendrez.

    Other winners included Jay Perez, Grupo Vida, David Lee Garza, and Intocable.

    The awards were preceded by the daylong FanFest at Market Square. A bevy of young acts performed on multiple stages attracting loud and loyal fans. Groups included Los Chavalozz of San Antonio, La Vista, a five-man group from Nashville; Becky Mireles of Corpus Christi; Rey Reyna and Elizabeth from Dallas; and Jerry & the Ruf-Nex from Benavides.

    TEMA, an acronym for the Tejano Entertainers and Musicians Association, is a music group started last summer by Rudy R. Trevino, who left his post as director of the Texas Talent Musicians Association. That group is responsible for the original Tejano Music Awards, which take place on March 20.

    The list of winners:

    • Song: "Te Quiero, Te Amo," David Lee Garza.
    • Show band: Grupo Vida.
    • Best female vocalist: Elida Reyna.
    • Best male vocalist: Jay Perez.
    • Best new artist (male): Art Tigerina of Grupo Vida.
    • Best new artist (female): Elizabeth Gutierrez of Texas Fire.
    • Best female entertainer: Elida Reyna.
    • Best male entertainer: Bobby Pulido.
    • Best Tejano album (group): (tie) "Cuantas Veces," Mazz; "Todo Mi Vida," Jay Perez.
    • Best Tejano Album (conjunto traditional): "Intocable," Intocable.
    • Best Tejano album (conjunto progressive): "Tour '98," David Lee Garza.
    • Best norteno album: "Puro Pueblo," Michael Salgado.
    • Best bilingual song by a Tejano artist: "Cowboy Cumbia," Javier Molina.
    • Best mariachi song by Tejano artist: "Duele," Elida Reyna.

    (For additional TEMA story details and/or other Latin music news check out Ramiro Burr's Latin Notes(URL). Burr is also the author of the forthcoming book "The Billboard Guide to Tejano and other Regional/Mexican Musi7c," due in spring 1999 on Billboard Books. Burr can be reached at 1-800-555-1551, ext 3429 or through e-mail at rburr@express-news.net.)


    La Mafia Returns to Tejano Music Awards after a Twelve-year Absence
    For Immediate Release
    March 1, 1999
    Contact: Abel M. Salas
    or Irene Lichtenberger

    HOUSTON: After a twelve year absence, two-time Grammy winner La Mafia has agreed to participate in the Tejano Music Awards being held this year on March 20th at the Alamodome in San Antonio. The performance will highlight an evening of awards and recognition dedicated to the popular Tejano industry.

    Tejano music fans have had the final say, according to producers of the Awards show. For too long, say fans, the most notable vacuum in the Tejano Music Awards annual line-up has been an appearance and performance by La Mafia, who was recognized as one of the top Tejano acts over a decade ago before branching out successfully into the broader realm of international music. Still loyal to the sound with which they launched their careers, La Mafia will kick off their final farewell tour with a power-house, last ever San Antonio concert in the Alamodome.

    "We just want to thank the fans who've stood by us all these years," said La Mafia lead vocalist Oscar De la Rosa, "The fans understand that artists have to try new things in order to survive and to grow."

    "La Mafia is the most well-known group to ever emerge from Texas," said Texas Talent Musicians Association board president and interim director Robert Arellano. "We're excited about having them headline our show this year because we know how popular they are with the people."

    La Mafia producer Mando Lichtenberger, Jr. is pleased to be back. "Our roots are in Tejano. We're proud of the two Grammys and our international success, but we also appreciate the fans here at home. The Alamodome show will be our tribute to them," Lichtenberger explained.

    A press conference in San Antonio with La Mafia is scheduled for 1:00 p.m., Tuesday, March 9th at a location to be announced. For more info, visit the La Mafia web-site at www.lamafia.com.


    Special to Ondanet

    SAN ANTONIO -- (FEB 25) -- There were few surprises at the 1999 Grammy Awards held in Los Angeles.

    As expected odds-on favorite Flaco Jimenez won big -- one for the new best Tejano music performance category and then as part of Los Super Seven on its debut CD which won best Mexican American performance.

    The winners please:

    • Best Tejano music performance: "Live: En Concierto!," La Fiebre; "Fanaticos," Jaime y Los Chamacos; "Leyendas y Raices," Leyendas Y Raices (all-star project featuring Freddie Martinez, Sunny Ozuna, Agustine Ramirez and Carlos Guzman); "Said and Done," Flaco Jimenez; "2000," Little Joe & La Familia.
      WINNER: Flaco Jimenez.
    • Best Mexican-American music: "Casas de Madera," Ramon Ayala; "Entre el Amor y Yo," Vicente Fernandez; "Euforia," La Mafia; "Los Super Seven," Los Super Seven; "Colgado de un Arbol," Los Terribles del Norte.
      WINNER: Los Super Seven.
    • Latin pop: "Atado a tu Amor," Chayanne; "Se¤or Bolero," Jose Feliciano; "Celebrando 25 A¤os: En Concierto en el Palacio de Bellas Artes," Juan Gabriel; "Cosas del Amor," Enrique Iglesias; "Vuelve," Ricky Martin.
      WINNER: Ricky Martin
    • Best Latin rock/alternative: "Caribe Atomico," Aterciopelados; "Fin de Siglo," El Tri; "Traccion Acustica," Enanitos Verdes; "Sue¤os Liquidos," Mana; "Donde Estan Los Ladrones?," Shakira.
      WINNER: Mana
    • Best Tropical Latin: "Contra La Corriente," Marc Anthony; "Suavemente," Elvis Crespo; "Mi Vida es Cantar," Celia Cruz; "El Rumbero del Piano," Eddie Palmieri; "Live at Birdland _ Dancemania '99," Tito Puente; "Babalu Aye," Chucho Valdes & Irakere.
      Marc Anthony.

      (Keep up with Ramiro Burr's updates music reports, interviews and features at expressnews.com: URL: Burr can also be reached at 1-800-555-1551, ext 3429 or by email: rburr@express-news.net.)


    SAN ANTONIO --(Feb. 23) -- A scheduled news conference last week in McAllen to update the situation on Intocable was canceled without explanation.

    However, band business manager Nikki Sandoval indicated the band is likely to resume touring although specifics have not been worked out.

    According to a statement released last week: "Within the next six months Intocable will be releasing a new album, plans are now underway for the return of Intocable...within the next six months."

    "Returning to the stage and playing our music will be difficult to do without our fallen bandmembers. We are asking everyone to give us the opportunity to allow our physical and emotional wounds to heal before we are able to appear with you in person."


    Three-time Grammy winner Flaco Jimenez will be honored with El Premio Billboard, a lifetime achievement award for what the magazine calls "his groundbreaking exposure of polka-flavored conjunto sounds to audiences in the U.S., Europe, and Asia." The ceremonies are scheduled during the annual Billboard Latin Music Awards and Music Conference in Miami in late April.

    For more details on Tejano and other Latin music news, check out Ramiro Burr's Latin notes column.

    Ramiro Burr, Music Reporter
    Arts & Entertainment Department
    San Antonio Express-News
    PO Box 2171
    San Antonio, Texas 78297
    1 800-555-1551, ext. 3429


    by Ramiro Burr


    Special to Ondanet

    ZAPATA --(Feb. 4) The magic of Intocable was remembered here in a small candlelight vigil that was almost canceled because of a brief rain.

    But the rain and the dark purple clouds sweeping overhead -- against a golden-hued sunset -- still didn't damped the spirts or the candles of some 300-strong Intocable fans who gather to honor the fallen bandmembers.

    Bandmembers Ricky Munoz and Rene Ramirez made an appearance to thank the fans "for all your cards and letters."

    Zapata County sherif Sigifredo Gonzalez, Father Peter McNamara and EMI Records promoter Lupe Rosales were also on hand to say a few words on the band's accomplishments and express the communities' appreciation for the group.

    On whether the band would go on, Munoz was quick to respond that is it simply too early for that decision, adding "sometimes psychological scars are harder to heal than physical scars."

    For more on Munoz's comments and details see Ramiro Burr's Express-News reports: Latin Notes

    (Ramiro Burr is a music reporter for the San Antonio Express-News and correspondent for Billboard. Burr is also the author of the forthcoming book "The Billboard Guide to Tejano and other Regional/Mexican Musi7c," due in spring 1999 on Billboard Books. Burr can be reached at 1-800-555-1551, ext 3429 or through e-mail at rburr@express-news.net.)


    by Ramiro Burr

    Tejano fans shocked by 2 deaths
    Tribute planned to honor Intocable musicians

    Special to Ondanet

    SAN ANTONIO --(Feb. 1) Sadness and disbelief were the emotional reactions across the Tex-Mex world Monday as news quickly spread about the deaths of Intocable members in a one-car crash in Mexico Sunday.

    "It's been all over the news today, and TV crews are everywhere trying to get a picture of the band, or interviewing fans,' said Jesse Rodriguez, Voltage Records marketing director from Houston.

    In radio stations in Dallas, Corpus Christi, Laredo, Houston, here and elsewhere the music of Intocable was a constant as well as comments and tributes by tearful fans as they coped with the stunning news that two of Intocable's bandmembers had been killed in the apparent one-vehicle rollover. According to officials, killed were Jose Angel "Pepe" Farias, the band's on-stage MC, 23, of Monterrey; bass player Silvestre Rodriguez Jr., 26, of McAllen; and the band's road manager Joe Angel Gonzalez, age unknown, of Houston. Gonzalez had previously worked as a road manager for La Mafia and Fama.

    Since 1995, Intocable has been one of Tejano's hottest outfits, parlaying a mixture of Tejano and norteno rhythms into the top-selling albums "Intocable IV," "Otro Mundo," "Fuego Eterno."

    Last October, the band was honored by it record label - EMI Latin, for aggregate sales of 1 million albums in the U.S. Last year, Intocable opened for La Mafia at the Astrodome for the Houston Rodeo, drawing 50,000-plus fans.

    A vigil was held Monday night at Houston's T-Town 2000 and officials expected more tributes later this week.

    But even late Monday details on funeral services were still being determined.

    Interested fans and friends can contact the EMI Latin offices in San Antonio at 210-366-9626 for the latest word on services.

    For additional details see Ramiro Burr's news reports in the Express-News at: Latin Notes
    (Check back in a few days for Ramiro Burr's updated reports later this week.)

    (Ramiro Burr is a music reporter for the San Antonio Express-News and correspondent for Billboard. Burr is also the author of the forthcoming book "The Billboard Guide to Tejano and other Regional/Mexican Musi7c," due in spring 1999 on Billboard Books. Burr can be reached at 1-800-555-1551, ext 3429 or through e-mail at rburr@express-news.net.)



    Transcript from CLUB 98.3 Corpus Christi - Special to the Johnny O and Delma Show

    CLUB 98: Is it true that some of the members of Intocable passed away?
    Nicky: Yes, that is true

    CLUB 98: What happened?
    Nicky: The boys had a performance last night in Mcallen, Texas and were picked up this morning and driven out to Monterrey... they were going to be flying in to Mexico City for promotion. And, The suburban that had the musicians had a blow out and the driver lost control. We lost three of our.. we lost our road manager Joe Angel Gonzalez.

    CLUB 98: Who had been with you how long?
    Nicky: One day.. he had started on the road yesterday.

    CLUB 98: Quien mas?
    Nicky: Sylvestre Rodriguez our bass player and Jose Angel Farias our MC (animador).

    CLUB 98: How is Ricky Munoz?
    Nicky: Ricky has a broken arm and some broken ribs.. he is in the hospital in Monterrey along with Rene who was banged up pretty bad, if I'm not mistaken i don't believe he has any broken bones that also applies to Danny (second voice/bajo) I think Danny was banged up and Checho .. Sergio (congas) .. i was told he had a number of broken bones, I don't know the extent of that. They are all strong boys so they will pull out of that okay

    CLUB 98: Were they aware that they had lost Sylvestre and Pepe?
    Nicky: uh.. the last..I.. no.. the last I heard from the boys I know everbody was aware of the situation with Sylvestre but not...

    CLUB 98: .Not that he had passed away?
    Nicky: No.

    CLUB 98: So they haven't told Ricky?
    Nicky: no Riky does.. no the boys are aware of it now... of the three

    CLUB 98: And the record rep from EMI
    NIcky: EMI Mexico. he's in a coma.. he was driving

    CLUB 98: Any information regarding the funeral arrangements
    Nicky: Pepe's will be in Monterrey and right now we are making the arrangements to bring Sylvestre to the Rio Grande Valley and Joe Angel was from Houston... and we are working on the arrangements on getting him back to Houston. So as far as the funeral services are concerned I.. wouldn't be able to give you any information on that just yet.

    CLUB 98: You said that Ricky is still in the hospital in Monterrey
    Nicky: Yes he is

    CLUB 98: Will he remain there or willl he be moved
    Nicky: No, If I'm not mistaken, I think they will keep him there for observation. His family just went out there and I'm sure that as soon as they get to Monterrey they'll give me a call and let me know what the status is... whether he's coming back here or staying out there. Servando Cano who oversees the boys worldwide, is there with the boys at the hospital and they couldn't be in better hands, but i'll keep you all posted.

    CLUB 98: Before you go, is there anything you want to tell the fans
    Nicky: I just appreciate everyones concern. I relayed to the boys earlier... that the phone calls have been overwhelming. There is not really much more to say in a situation like this. I know i'm speaking on behalf of the boys.. we just appreciate everyone calling in . Intocable will continue.. it's in their blood. But, they literally lost brothers. So, it is a set back. But, I appreciate the prayers
    CLUB 98 : We'll keep praying
    Nicky: Thanks for calling

    CLUB 98: As soon as you have more info call us
    Nicky: i'll do

    CLUB 98: Goodbye



    Tejano music nominations
    bring new faces to light


    SAN ANTONIO -- Nominees for the 1999 Tejano Music Awards were announced Saturday at Tejano Texas and the list had few surprises.

    As expected big names recieving multiple nominees included Bobby Pulido and Elida Reyna and fresh acts included the superhot Javier Molina and Masizzo.

    In the spring of Tejano's discontent, the market continues sluggish with anemic CD sales and uneven concert draws. And it is against this background that fans will see not one, but two tejano music awards.

    Earlier, the new group TEMA, announced it's list of nominees and it was pretty similar to the TMA list released Jan. 23.

    A new encouraging twist was the Teen Showcase (a great concept that should have been initiated years ago) which was held during the afternoon and advertised a bill that was supposed to feature 19 acts. Stefani and Stephanie Lynn were no shows and there was no immediate explanation for the artists' absence.

    Other performing artists included Margarita, Amber Rose, Amor y Pasion, Jackie y Romantico, Elizabeth Gutierrez, Los Chavalozz, Nadia y Fantazia, Laura Linda, Los Vidal, Zinzzero, Stampede, Cyomar, Paloma, Laura Yvette, Liza Ybarra and Adrian y Destino. The teen event is being billed as an alcohol-free, nonsmoking event.

    For additional details and the complete list of nominees, check out Ramiro Burr's full news report at: www.expressnews.com

    (Ramiro Burr is a music reporter for the San Antonio Express-News and a Billboard correspondent.)




    SAN ANTONIO -(Jan 17)- The finalists for the new TEMA awards were announed recently in Carrizo Springs.

    The list included familiar face Bobby Pulido and Jennifer Peña as well as newcomers Javier Molina and Margarita.

    But underscoring the new Tejano awards seasons is that for the first time in the history of Tejano music, there are two awards shows recognizing the most popular artists as determined by the public.

    The TMA and TEMA award programs are unfolding against an uncertain backdrop as the market continues to flag with sluggish CD sales, uneven concert attendance and an extremely conservative radio atmosphere.

    Nomines for best new artist (female) were Amber Rose, Elizabeth Gutierrez of Texas Fire, Laura Linda of Puro Oro, Margarita and Alma Pulido.

    For additional details and the complete full list of nominees, check out Ramiro Burr's news report at: www.expressnews.com


    TEMA Music Awards Finalists Announced

    May I have the envelope please.....

    The top five finalist in fourteen categories for the TEMA Musica Awards were announced Saturday, January 16, 1999 during a special public event at Bear Tejano Country Special Event Center in Carrizo Springs, Texas.

    The top five finalists are listed below.

    Rudy R. Trevino, President of the Tejano Entertainers & Music Association (TEMA) said "The winners will be announced at the TEMA Music Awards scheduled at the Municipal Auditorium in San Antonio on Saturday, February 27, 1999.

    "The voting process included the Tejano fans which are the ultimate decision makers for the TEMA Musica Awards" stated Treviño.

    The voting period in this year's TEMA Music Awards began November 15, 1998 and closed January 8, 1999. The voting ballots were received and tabulated by the independent accounting firm of Paul O. Sanchez, Certified Public Accountants of San Antonio whose office verifies and reports the official results for the finalists and winners in the 1999 TEMA Music Awards.

    The founding sponsors for the TEMA Music Awards are John Paul Mitchell Systems, an exclusive Hair Care Product Corporation based in Beverly Hills California and the Bank One Corporation of Columbus Ohio.


              Cowboy Cumbia – Javier Molina 
              Eres Mi Droga – Intocable 
              Mi Chatita – Michael Salgado 
              Porque – Eddie Gonzalez 
              Te Quiero, Te Amo – Los Musicales 
              Eddie Gonzalez 
              Grupo Vida 
              La Tropa F 
              Bobby Pulido 
              Chente Barrera – Taconazo 
              Adrian Gomez – Destino 
              Jesse Marroquin – Calidad 
              Javier Molina – El Dorado 
              Art Tijerina – Grupo Vida 
    BEST NEW ARTIST (Female)
              Amber Rose – Amber Rose 
              Elizabeth Gutierrez – Texas Fire 
              Laura Linda – Puro Oro 
              Margarita – Margarita 
              Alma Pulido – Alma Pulido 
              Elizabeth Gutierrez - Texas Fire
              Shelly Lares - Shelly Lares
              Jennifer Pena - Los Jetz
              Elida Reyna - Avante
              Stefani - Stefani
              Emilio - Rio
              Jay Perez - Jay Perez
              Bobby Pulido _ Bobby Pulido
              Ruben Ramos - Texas Revolution
              Michael Salgado - Michael Salgado
              A Mi Gente - Emilio
              Cuantas Veces - Mazz
              El Gato Negro Smooth-Ruben Ramos
              Eya 1998 - Elida y Avante
              Todo Mi Vida - Jay Perez
    BEST TEJANO ALBUM - (Conjunto Traditional)
              100% -Masizzo
              Como Nunca- The Hometown Boys
              Intocable - Intocable
              Puro Pueblo-Micahel Salgado
              Te Seguire - Los Palominos
    BEST TEJANO ALBUM (Conjunto Progressive)
              Desde El Corazon – La Tropa F 
              Mi Charchina – Eddie Gonzales 
              Todavia Creo En El Amor – Roberto Pulido 
              Tour 98 – Los Musicales 
              Vida – Grupo Vida
              100% -Masizzo 
              Casas De Madera – Ramon Ayala & Sus Bravos
              De Corazon al Corazon – Limite 
              Intocable – Intocable 
              Puro Pueblo – Michael Salgado 
              Candy Boy – Amber Rose 
              Cowboy Cumbia – Javier Molina 
              No Hay Manana – Los Musicales 
              Querida – Dee y Valiente 
              Quiero Bailar Contigo – Unison 
    BEST MARIACHI SONG By a Tejano Artist
              Cielito Linda - Bobby Pulido
              Duele - Elida Reyna
              No Lo Niego - Pete Astudillo
              Si Quieres Verme Llorar - Letty Guval
              Yo Se - Elizabeth Gutierrez
              Elizabeth Gutierrez - Texas Fire
              Shelly Lares - Shelly Lares
              Jennifer Pena - Los Jetz
              Elida Reyna - Elida y Avante
              Stefani - Stefani
              Ricardo Castillon - La Diferenzia
              Joe Lopez - Mazz
              Jay Perez - Jay Perez
              Bobby Pulido - Bobby Pulido
              Michael Salgado - Michael Salgado
    TEMA Music Awards
    Saturday, February 27, 1999
    Municipal Auditorium - San Antonio, Texas

    For ticket information to attend the TEMA Music Awards please call 210-342-STAR or Ticketmaster 210-224-9600.


    Special to ONDANET

    SAN ANTONIO -- (Dec. 5) It tooks years of lobbying but Tejano music finally got its own category this year for the 1999 Grammys Awards announced Tuesday.

    Tejano was only one of three new subgenres added this year to bring the Grammys to a total of 92 categories.

    Big names with several nominations included Lauryn Hill, Madonna, Sheryl Crow and Celine Dion.

    The nominees in the new Tejano category were: "Live, En Concierto!," La Fiebre; "Fanaticos," Jaime Y Los Chamacos; "Said And Done," Flaco Jimenez; "Leyendas Y Raices," Leyendas Y Raices(all star project featuring Freddie Martinez, Sunny Ozuna, Agustine Ramirez and Carlos Guzman); "2000," Little Joe & La Familia.

    This is Jimenez' seventh nomination. He was also nominated as a member of Los Super Seven for its debut CD under the Mexican-American category.

    Other Latin categories include Latin pop, Mexican-American, Latin Jazz, Latin rock/alternative and tropical/salsa.

    Among nominees in the major mainstream categories were:

    Record of the year: "The Boy Is Mine," Brandy & Monica; "My Heart Will Go On," Celine Dion; "Iris," Goo Goo Dolls; "Ray of Light," Madonna; "You're Still the One," Shania Twain.

    Album of the year: "The Globe Sessions," Sheryl Crow; "Version 2.0," Garbage; "The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill," Lauryn Hill; "Ray of Light," Madonna; "Come on Over," Shania Twain.

    Song of the year: "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing," Diane Warren; "Iris," John Rzeznik; "Lean On Me," Kirk Franklin; "My Heart Will Go On," James Horner and Will Jennings; "You're Still The One," Robert John "Mutt" Lange and Shania Twain.

    New artist: Backstreet Boys; Andrea Bocelli; Dixie Chicks; Lauryn Hill; Natalie Imbruglia.

    Pop album: "Pilgrim," Eric Clapton; "Let's Talk About Love," Celine Dion; "Left of the Middle," Natalie Imbruglia; "Ray of Light," Madonna; "The Dirty Boogie," The Brian Setzer Orchestra.

    The Grammys will be presented in Los Angeles on Feb. 24 and televised on CBS.

    (Ramiro Burr is a music reporter for the San Antonio Express-News and correspondent for Billboard. Burr is also the author of the forthcoming book "The Billboard Guide to Tejano and regional/Mexican Music," due April 1999 on Billboard Books. Burr can be reached at 1-800-555-1551, ext 3429 or through e- mail at rburr@express-news.net)

    What were the biggest hits by ranchera heroes Pedro Infante & Jorge Negrete?
    What made Trio Los Panchos the best group in the Golden Age of the Boleros?
    Which is the oldest mariachi troupe in the world?
    What are the Top 10 Tejano CDs of all time? Is Tejano music, American or 
    Mexican music?
    Why is trio, banda, Tejano, conjunto and other regional Mexican genres an 
    important part of the tapestry of American music?
    Find out the answers and more in the fascinating music reference book:
    "The Billboard Guide to Tejano and Regional Mexican Music," written by Ramiro 
    Burr, on Billboard Books, April 1999
    *For the first time in history, there is a fact-based reference book of Latin 
    music (Tejano and Regional Mexican) with un-biased, critical biographies, 
    artistic profiles and select discographies on more than 300 bands, including 
    the major players: Lola Beltran, Pedro Infante, Luis Miguel, Little Joe, 
    Selena, Los Tigres, Los Lobos, Linda Ronstadt, Vicente Fernandez.
    *The sourcebook includes a glossary of music terms and Spanish words, a 
    chronology of historical events, and an insightful chapter on the history of 
    Tejano music as well as Top 10 lists of the greatest CDs and songs in trio, 
    mariachi, Tejano, norteno, etc.
    *Written by Ramiro Burr, a 14-year veteran music reporter/syndicated 
    columnist, the book is the first comprehensive and authoritative work on the 
    subject. Intelligent and insightful, the essays provide the first professional
     survey of music long ignored by the mainstream music press.
    If you would like to pre-order an advance copy of the book, send your name, 
    telephone and address to:
    Ramiro Burr, Music Reporter
    Arts & Entertainment Department
    San Antonio Express-News
    PO Box 2171
    San Antonio, Texas 78297
    1 800-555-1551, ext. 3429


  • MEMORY LANE??????

    Lucy Moreno

    Nostalgic, fantastic, great and informative is a good way to describe the Oldies show on Puro Tejano. Homie Marco and Bob Olivo spin those oldies every Saturday morning to take us back to the days of the infamous Stardust, Pan American and Starlight ballrooms. The sounds of the 70’s and 80’s by Little Joe, Sunny Ozuna, Agustine Ramirez, the Royal Jesters and so many of the wonderful artist of what’s being called "Old School". Homie and Bob have interviewed artists such as Al Chavarria, Freddie Martinez, Sunny Ozuna, Carlos Guzman, Henry Balderama, Pio Trevino, Adalberto Gallegos, and Eddie Perez of the Fabulosos on air. The information so many of these artist have shared with their fans and new fans is important. What I really found awesome was they take dedications – which is almost extinct in radio nowadays. I guess they forget radio is there for the listeners so great going guys. So now as listeners we need to take the responsibility of supporting these guys so they can continue with what we want to hear. Homey Marco must be commended for supporting Tejano when so many have written it off. Bob Olivo’s dedication to producing the music we want to hear is great - I heard this young lady call in - she said she was 14 and loved to hear "Hello Baby Doll" I’ll bet Carlos Moreno never expected to have his song resuscitated in the 90’s.

    Driving around Saturday mornings and listening to their show really puts a smile on my face reminiscing about what I was doing when that particular song was being played back when. While Homey Marco is a seasoned DJ, Bob Olivo is new to the DJ scene, but is doing a fantastic job (even though I’m not going to talk about the Pio, Pio are your there? incident). During a Saturday morning session I overheard Homey giving this young man advise on being a DJ "You have to smile while you’re talking even though it is radio the listeners have to feel that smile coming across" well Homey we feel that smile whenever you guys are on the air – do you feel our smile? Thank you Bob and Homey we appreciate you guys giving up your Saturday mornings to share them with us with that wonderful music of ayer – Y Que Viva La Onda Tejana! If you would like to request or call in a dedication you can call 713-390-5655.




    La Tropa F

    and the


    Featuring Nadia y Fantazia


    Carrizo Springs, Texas

    Saturday, January 16, 1999

    Top (5) TEMA MUSIC AWARDS Nominees Announced

    $12.00 Before 9:00 p.m.Before 9:00 p.m.

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