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Nydia shines this Saturday!
  • Courtesy Cary Prince

    Nydia Rojas on Sabado Gigante!
    Saturday, October 9
    Univision Network
    7:00-11:00pm PST (times will vary)

    This Saturday, our enchanting 19-year-old mariachi songstress NYDIA ROJAS will perform on Sabado Gigante, Univision's highest rated show a four-hour mega marathon of family entertainment seen by millions around the world. Nydia will perform her first single "No Se Mas De Mi" from her Hollywood Records' debut album "Si Me Conocieras", and wil be honored with a touching retrospective of her prolific career--all which took off upon winning 1st place in Sabado Gigante's International Talent Search at the tender age of 13.


  • Courtesy Cary Prince

    As pioneers who brought their own sense of Latin "cool" to modern rock audiences, Hollywood Records' own LOS LOBOS will be recognized in 2 separate ceremonies for their 25 years of immeasurable musical contributions to the City of Los Angeles and to the State of California:

    Friday, October 8
    City Council Chambers / City Hall, Room 300 / 200 North Main St.
    Adoption of resolution to honor Los Lobos by City Council members Alex Padilla (7th Council District), Mike Hernandez (1st Council District), and Nick Pacheco (14th Council District), recognizing Los Lobos' 25 years of artistic contribution to the Hispanic Community and to the City of Los Angeles.

    Saturday, October 9
    7:00pm VIP Reception w/ Los Lobos & Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante
    9:00pm Resolution Presentation on stage
    9:10pm Los Lobos Concert
    The Greek Theatre / 2700 North Vermont Avenue
    California Lt. Gov. Cruz M. Bustamante to present a resolution honoring Los Lobos for their 25 years of artistic contribution to the State of California. Los Lobos concert immediately follows.


For Immediate Release
October 6, 1999
Contact: Cary Prince, 818-560-5925


WHO:La Costumbre Five-piece young conjunto outfit from Zapata, Texas, acclaimed for delivering unique, modern sound of traditional Regional Mexican music: "Young norteño conjunto rocks with crisp and melodic dance grooves." - Ramiro Burr, author, Billboard Guide to Tejano & Regional Mexican Music
WHAT:Debut Performance!
State Fair of Texas
WHEN:Sunday, October 10, 1999
WHERE:State Fairgrounds
(2mi SE of downtown Dallas I-45 & I-30)
Dallas, Texas
& MORE:La Costumbre makes this special appearance on the heels of its debut album release, La Costumbre, released Oct. 6th.


Tidbits from the Tejano Journal 2000tm you might have missed:
    • Tue Oct 5 13:11:02 1999
      User: (null) ((null)) from s2p2-91.world-net.net ( said:
      Here's Chente Barrera's Schedule for the rest of October.

      October 8-The Patio,Floresville,TX w/Joe Lopez
      9-Private Party,Asherton,TX
      15-Rodeo Grounds,Carrizo Springs,TX W/Emilio
      16-Private Party,Hondo,TX
      22-Tejano Cactus,San Antonio,TX
      23-Bear's Tejano Country,Carrizo Springs,TX
      29-Lady's Choice,Dallas,TX
      31-Halloween Bash,Abilene,TX

      Thanks to Melissa, For more info on Chente, Call Andy Olvera, Road Manager at (210)532-2819
    • Tue Oct 5 09:47:48 1999
      User: (null) ((null)) from spider-to084.proxy.aol.com ( said:
      SOUND MEX RECORDS WOULD like to announce the latest addition to our record label....."The Hometown Boys"
    • Tue Oct 5 08:28:51 1999
      User: (null) ((null)) from user.dallas.isd.tenet.edu ( said:
      Hello, this is La Art Teacher
      I am inviting any of you in the Dallas metroplex to participate at my school's Career Day, which will take place on November 19, 1999, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
      If you would like to share with our students the type of career you are in and give them the information they would need to make good career choices for their future, please contact me and we will fax you further information.
      School number: 214-367-8047
      Fax 214-328-67-95
      Contact persons: Ms. Christina Browning, Mrs. Delia Martinez
    • Tue Oct 5 09:32:27 1999
      User: (null) ((null)) from spider-wj081.proxy.aol.com ( said:
      Future appearances are as follows for the month of October:
      11/08/99 Reynosa, Tamaulipas, MX
      11/09/99 Lena's on the Lake Dallas, TX
      11/10/99 Private Party
      11/15/99 Progreso, Tamaulipas, MX
      11/16/99 Wedding Dallas, TX
      11/23/99 Wedding @ Longhorn Dallas, TX
      11/24/99 Private Party in Weslaco, TX
      11/29/99 Lena's on the Lake Dallas, TX
      11/30/99 Tejano Rose Sherman, TX
      For Booking Information, Call : (214) 357-4072

    • Tue Oct 5 09:13:50 1999
      User: (null) ((null)) from spider-wj081.proxy.aol.com ( said:
      ********** XPRESSION-G / LOS GARCES***********
      We like to thank all our wonderful fans here in Dallas and around the State of Texas for supporting " Xpression-G". We are changing our name to " los Garces" we are the same members only the name is changing, we are currently in and out of the studios recording our 2nd CD. A CD we think is gonna be different from what you hear on the radio these days "Conjunto tradicional" . This CD is being produced by our Uncle ''Juan Villareal'' of the legendary group "Los Cachorros", if you are an accordion fan you know who he is. We are looking forward to our release, the members in our band are: ''Jesse Garces, Jr./Bajo Sexto, Jesse Garces/Voc-Acc, George Garces/Drums, Rick Patino/Sax and me Jerry Garces/Voc-Bass''. Thanks, Web Jefe. LOS GARCES
    • Mon Oct 4 23:41:19 1999
      User: (null) ((null)) from 56k-237.maxtnt5.pdq.net ( said:
      !!!!!!!!!!BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Joey Gutierrez & The Latin Experience is a powerful new project fronted by Joey Gutierrez and backed by the incredible horn section of Ray Talamantez (La Sombra) Eric Jimenez (La Fiebre) and David Flores(La Mafia & Valentino) completing the band is David Reed on Guitar & Leo Zermenio on Drums (both From The Esmi Talamantz Band)and Zak Johnson(bass)Who could imagine this line up!!!!!!! Check out the November 1999 issue of Latin Music Magazine for a feature article on the progress of this new Brass oriented powerhouse band.
    • Mon Oct 4 13:17:37 1999
      User: (null) ((null)) from ppp-207-193-29-52.snantx.swbell.net ( said:
      Congradulations to La Mafia for an 8th consecutive platinum album with "Momentos", which reached sales of 100,000 units this past weekend. Album sales are increasing every week!

      Sony Discos

    • Mon Oct 4 13:08:39 1999
      User: (null) ((null)) from spider-ta053.proxy.aol.com ( said:
      Hi Web Jefe. I have been very busy and was finally able to post my schedule. So here it is

      Stefani Tour Schedule for October
      8 JD's Abilene, TX
      9 fall festival Colorado City, TX
      10 Plaza Mexico Houston, TX
      14 "Dulce Sensacion" CD release party Tejano TX
      15 Covina, CA
      16 El Centro, CA
      21 Albuquerque, NM
      22 Denver, CO
      23 San Francisco, CA
      24 Club Carousel Greely, CO
      29 Club 71 Austin, TX
      30 Bears Tejano Country Carizzo Springs, TX

      Hope you are doing fine and hope to see you soon, and by the way I just wanted to tell you what a great job you've done with this site!

      Tejanoman- It was great meeting you and your family and thank you for supporting us!

      Kamarada- Another long day together... thanks for all the water/coke runs you made for me. Don't know what I would have done without you. Gabe says if it's the Matrix.... anytime. The family says hello and "Cindy" too. hee hee
      Lots of Love~

    • Sun Oct 3 12:30:01 1999
      User: (null) ((null)) from ppp096-sa-tx.icsi.net ( said:


      This posting is in regards to earlier information posted on this Web site regarding the Tejano Music Awards. You can call 1-800-500-8470 for information regarding the Tejano Music Awards or to request a ballot for the upcoming 20th annual Tejano Music Awards. Ask for Lydia. By the way, we will be announcing our plans for the upcoming Tejano Music Awards Kick-Off Dance no later than the end of this coming week.

      Frank Salazar,
      TTMA Board of Directors


  • Michael Salgado does Mariachi!
    By El WebJefe

    In a recent KICK-FM interview, Michael Salgado says his music is "Norteña but accepted in La Onda Tejana." Later he says, "It doesn't matter if it's considered Norteña or Tejana, as long as people like it." Michael feels very fortunate that he's accepted in both the Mexican market and in the Tejano market.

    When asked how he learned to play the accordion, he replied, "As far as I can remember, no one really taught me how to play the accordion. I would just watch and listen to my dad when he would play it." But his Dad was the one that got him into the music. He was around 7 or 8 years old and started with the Bass than went on to the Bajo Sexto. Being left-handed, he would just turn the guitar around to play it. He actually plays the accordion upside down too.

    In the last 10 years, Michael Salgado has 5 platinum and 3 gold albums in the Tejano/Norteño genre and now is trying his hand at Mariachi. He's always dreamed of playing Mariachi and is a little nervous if his fans will accept it. His new CD, "Otra Vez A La Cantina", contains a few ballads too.

    This 28 year old Aries, who was named "Ambassador of Mexican Music" by the Mexican Consulate recently, would like to have been a football player if he wasn't an artist. His record company, Joey International, has crown him "King of Tejano Music."

    Here's a sample of his brand new single, played FIRST on KICK-FM: Otra Vez A La Cantina"


  • "We Want Our Tejano Country Back!"
    By El WebJefe

    Rachel Escobedo, 1997 Tejano Country Island Jam winner of new Ford Truck, has started a campaign to get the Tejano Country video show back in Dallas after WFAA decided to drop it after the end if it's 3 year contract. Rachel posted this information on the Tejano Journal 2000tm last week that started people calling WFAA and Tejano Country.

    Charlene of Tejano Country also posted that she has been away stuck in Orlando in the middle of Hurricane Hugo, "I'm going to look into everything I can, to help get it back on the air."

    Rachel also faxed KICK-FM and asked for their help. Program director Pancho Pistolas asked all listeners to call, write, email or fax WFAA and demand that they put the show back on. Victor said this might serve as a "blessing in disguise" to where not only to get Tejano Country back on the air but at a better time slot. Cilla suggest to leave them a message on their website at www.wfaa.com

    Email the program director David Walthers at programming@wfaa.com
    or call 214-748-9631 in Dallas or 817-336-4142 in Ft. Worth
    or send mail to:
    WFAA Channel 8
    606 Young Street
    Dallas, Texas 75202

  • Casting calls SET for new "Selena Forever" musical.

    SAN ANTONIO -- National casting calls for the new "Selena Forever" theatrical production will begin Oct. 14 here.

    In a recent news conference Robert Trevino of Promotional Management Group said that producers will also be looking for new talent in Houston on Oct. 17; Chicago on Oct. 19; Las Vegas, Oct. 23; Los Angeles, Oct. 30; New York, Nov. 5; and Miami on Nov. 10. San Diego and Corpus Christi may be added. National callbacks are scheduled Nov. 13 in Miami.

    Producers "want to be able to find a new face, a new talent, out there around the country," Trevino said of the seven-city casting call. "We want to give everyone an opportunity. We feel it is something that Selena would have wanted to do."

    Originally set to open this fall, the theatrical production will launch in March 2000 and tour 30 cities, starting in San Antonio or Los Angeles, Trevino said. "This will be the fifth-year anniversary (of her death March 31), and we thought it would be appropriate," he said.

    New York-based Broadway producers Tom Quinn, Forbes Chandlish and Jerry Frankel are looking for about seven young women to play Selena as a little girl and a young adult. They are also looking for understudies.

    Promotional Management Group has been selected as the official agency to handle promotions, sponsorships, tour publicity and marketing(210-341-8877).

    For more details click: http://www.expressnews.com/pantheon/index/burr.shtml

    -- Ramiro Burr, SA Express-News music reporter
    Author of "Billboard Guide to Tejano and regional Mexican Music" at Amazon.com

  • Congratulations to Grupo Impacto, as well as all the other winners and bands out there Sunday, Sept. 26 competing in the annual Tejano Music Competition at Rosedale Park.

    And while there's plenty of reasons to celebrate, remember that getting signed on to a record label is only the first step in your professional recording career. The level of your success will be directly related to the amount of hard work, perseverance and dedication you generate. Good luck to all,

    Ramiro Burr
    Music reporter
    San Antonio Express-News
    1-800-555-1551, ext 3429








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