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Braving 100+ degree weather, Cielo, a local Dallas band got the show going downtown Dallas at Artist Square for the 3rd Annual Free Tejano Wednesday Concerts brought to you by Rincon Event's Production.
If you're into old school Tejano music, then the Latin Express band is the band for you. This 8 member band ranging from ages 7 to 30 (I'm guessing but will have the real number soon) put on a great show. This was the perfect band to prelude "El Gato Negro", Ruben Ramos.
Infact, Ruben Ramos was so impress by the Roy, Latin Express's bongo player, he invited him to play with them.
The grand finale was of course Ruben Ramos. The heat didn't slow this man down a bit. Doing numbers from his new CD as well as some of his old time favorites, he kept the crowd going way into the heat of the night.


  • Laura Linda Cervera has signed with Joey Records. Laura Linda is best known for her hits "Un Engano Mas" and "Lambada".
  • Rumor has it that Escalofrio are unhappy with the promotions Q-Productions are giving them. They hope to work something out soon.
  • Jennifer Peña is working on her 3rd CD. It's suppose to be more "tejano" than her previous CD.
  • Laura Canales is filming an "unplug" with Joe Lopez of Grupo Mazz this week.
  • Jay Perez's new CD has finally been released.
  • Not only did Oscar quit the group Fama, Israel was fired. So were all but one road crew member. Javier, Edgar (sax), and Francisco (drummer) are now leaving Houston and moving to San Antonio.


  • According to Sony Discos, the new Jay Perez CD entitled Toda Mi Vida, will be released at the end of June....Speaking of Jay Perez, the band is currently looking for a couple of backup singers. If interested call his manager Mark at 210-662-2810.

  • Speaking of bands looking.... The band formerly known as Fama is re-organizing and will now be known as Javier Galvan and Fama. Even though they are already in the studio recording their next new CD, they are still looking for talented musicians whether you play bass, accordion, drums, or keyboard...If interested, call Armando Castillo at 210-475-9048. By the way Javier's brother Oscar, the bass player, is no longer with the band.

  • Q-Productions is having technical problems with their web site. Their server keeps getting overloaded with way too much people trying to access it. They're in the process of going onto a new server.

  • Seems like Cinco Souls, Chris Perez's new Rock En Españo band, will be coming out with a all English Rock CD before releasing an Españo CD.

  • The lovely Patsy Torres has received an award from LULCA for all the work she has done touring telling kids to stay in school, don't do drugs and stay out of gangs. Patsy has just released a Greatest Hits CD.

  • Cesar, the keyboard player for the bad boys of Tejano Super Grupo Mazz, has finally had enough and quit the group.

  • Speaking of the Bad Boys of Tejano Music, seems like Eddie Gonzalez is trying to get that title too. He got arrested in Corpus Christi, after getting rowdy because The Club owner refused to pay the amount agreed to since Eddie failed to draw a large enough crowd to cover the cost.


Warrant Issued for Joe Lopez of Super Grupo Mazz

After failing to appear in court this pass Friday to pay child support, child support judge Juan A. Chavira order Joe Lopez arrested. Even though Joe Lopez's lawyer delivered $3000 to Austin, that was not good enough. Joe Lopez owes almost $16,000 in pass child support for a baby boy born to San Antonio bank teller Norma Jean Johnson back in 1990.

Source: Dallas Morning News


John Gonzales of Stampede is getting married on Saturday, May 30. Congratulations John!

And CONGRATULATIONS to the whole Stampede band for the 4 nominations on the 3rd Annual Tejano Connection Awards.

  • Favorite Tejano Band
  • Favorite Tejano Male Vocalist: (Alex DeLeon)
  • Favorite Tejano Song: Vengo A Entregarte
  • Favorite Tejano Band

Good Luck Guys!


Tejano Music Goes Prime Time
WHO:    La Mafia, two-time Grammy Award winning group.

WHAT:  Cinco de Mayo (5th of May)  Showcase.

WHERE: Prime Time Country/The Nashville Network (TNN) Nashville, Tennessee

WHEN:   Tuesday, May 5th, 8 p.m. - 9 p.m.

WHY:    To see the band live on Nashville's most popular television show.       

HOW:    Tune in on your local cable network.

April, 1998
NASHVILLE - Grammy Award-winning La Mafia travels to Nashville on Tuesday, May 5th for a special appearance on "Prime Time Country," one of most popular television programs in the nation. Based in Houston, the band continues to open doors and pave new roads throughout the music industry.

The special appearance by La Mafia on "Prime Time Country" is part of the Cinco de Mayo (5th of May) celebration which commemorates the Mexican victory over invading French forces at the Battle of Puebla during Mexico's fight for independence and statehood in 1862.

Scheduled to perform two songs on the show which is hosted by Nashville luminary Gary Chapman, La Mafia visits Nashville on the heals of successful concerts in New Orleans, Phoenix and Dallas. In May, the group is slated to appear in Mazatlan, Mexico where they will serenade the candidates competing for the crown in the "Miss Mexico Beauty Pageant," an honor for any group, particularly for a band from north of the border.

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