To Tejano Fans Across The Nation,

My name is David Chavez and my company LatinPointe is producing the 2005 National Tejano Music Convention August 12-14 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I am thankful for this opportunity to share our mission, plans for the convention, and to address the other event happening one week prior to the Convention.

Prior to starting my own company last year, I had the fortunate privilege of working the past thirteen years for the National Council of La Raza, the nation's most prominent Hispanic civil rights organization based in Washington, D.C. I coordinated their national convention, one of the largest in the country. I convey this because it is through my experience in seeing firsthand how a gathering of committed Latinos can use "a meeting ground" to make a difference on issues that affect Latinos.

I was asked in 2004 by a few Tejano artists to create an event that would help change the current state of the Tejano industry. An event that would galvanize fans, unite artists, and convene industry professionals, all towards the promotion and growth of the Tejano Music Industry. Last year over 3,000 Tejano attendees came together for the inaugural convention to discuss issues, celebrate the music, and to reenergize a music that by all accounts is not what it used to be. Fan and artist seminars, master class music series, the Vegas Revue, the "Tejano Experience" FanFaire, and the Radio Programmer Directors Summit were just some of the highlights.

This year's Convention August 12-14 will address what I believe to be some of the major challenges in the industry from increasing music distribution and bringing sponsors back to Tejano music events to developing leadership skills in advocating for Tejano music. The Convention will also target two specific areas. First, Tejano Music needs to be seen and heard on English language TV - Network or Cable TV executives need to understand the significance of this cultural music as an American music genre. Therefore, we have extended invitations for those producers to join us in Las Vegas. I expect one or more to attend the event. The Tejano Convention will also start the development of a network of promoters, DJ's and organizations, all of which when "united" can keep artists on the road, making it affordable for some towns in Oregon, Wisconsin or North Carolina to see their favorite groups, as well as keeping the groups from playing the same "Texas routing." every month or so.

Finally with respect to the Tejano Showcase on August 6, we believe in any event that seeks the same mission as ours. There are 365 days in a year; surely I would think that a better "business" and "PR" strategy would have called for a production during some other time of the year. The Tejano Convention could have been used by them to promote their Vegas Showcase. Why make a Tejano fan choose between one or the other event. If the National Tejano Convention wasn't serving the needs of the fans (after only one year) than why would you create the exact same event with workshops, fanfaire and even the "artist brunch." a week prior to the national convention.

On February 23 over 22 of the top Tejano artists will gather for a "unity poster" photoshoot, and the official hotel, artist line-up and Convention Agenda will be announced. Stay close to TEJANOTICKET.COM. Don't Give Up The Fight - The evolution of a musical revolution is now underway. Vamos Pa Vegas!!