16th Annual Tejano Music Awards

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Well, it has come to pass, the 16th Annual Tejano Music Awards. Everything went pretty good. There was one small timing problem, but the host, Maria Conchita Alonso, handled it very well.

This artist/singer did a very good job in hosting the show. She was once crowned Miss Teenager of the World in 1971 and Miss World in 1995. She's starring in a film, Caught that is co-starring Edwards James Olmos. It is scheduled for release around the mid-1996. For some information on Maria checkout Steve Turner's web site.

And now, on with the show.
As expected, Emilio and Selena won most of the awards. They both won every award they were nominated for. Emilio has captured the Male Vocalist award since 1993, and Male Entertainer since 1990. Selena has won Female Vocalist since 1987 (except for 1988) and Female Entertainer since 1988.
Here's a list of the Winners.

Persons receiving the awards for Selena were all welcomed very well. On one of the awards received by Selena's sister, Suzette, she said that if Selena was here, she would say, "Whataburgers for everyone!". Selena said that at a previous TMA when she received one of her awards. Selena's mother and father were the ones to accept Selena's last award. They received a standing novation. Mr. Quintanilla said, "I want to dedicate this award to all of the DJs. I have never heard any of them say 'The Late Selena', thank you for keeping Selena alive!".

The special tribute to Selena film that was presented at the end of the show was about the same as any other special tributes that have come out since her death. It was around 10 minutes long and might have had some pictures never shown before of Selena, but I'm not sure if it was just me that haven't seen those pictures before.

Emilio on the other hand had good response from the audience on his first three awards. But, on the fourth one, he received a few boo's. When he received his fifth award (Male Entertainer of the Year???), the booing was pretty loud. The tejano fans wanted that award to go to Jay Perez. And it just happened that Jay Perez was next to perform. He got great response from the audience. The audience weren't really being mean, because when Emilio won his last award, Tejano Video of the Year, he again got a good response.

One good thing about this year's show was the great number of performers. One would walk out, do a number, and then immediately walk off to be replaced by another one. I was suprised that Shelly Lares didn't appear at all. It seemed like everyone else was there. One band I was very impressed with was Potente, with their new hit, Linda Morenita. They put on a very good show.

The performers were:

La Tropa F
Joel Nava
Oscar G
Letty Guval
Bobby Pulido
Ruben Ramos
Annette Arrendondo
Lizza Lamb
La Diferenzia
Delia de Culturas
Ram Herrera
Hometown Boys
Jay Perez
Pete Astudillo
Michael Salgado

And here's a list of the presenters:
Elsa Garica
David Olivarez
David Marez
Elida Reyna
Rene Zapata
Gary Hobbs
Juan P. Moreno
Rhonda Lee
Chris Perez
Suzette Quintanilla-Arriaga
Stephanie Lynn
Bobby Lopez
Esmi Tamamantez
Eddie Gonzales
Rick Gonzales
Roberto Pulido
Elyssia Marie
David Lee Garza
Alberto Lopez
Camille Rojas

Pete Astudillo ended the 5 hour long show by singing Como Te Extrano. After that, most of the presenters and performers got up on stage and join in a song together.

This was the first time I have gone to TMA since they've started having them at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. And this will be the last time I'll go without reserving a table that's on the stadium floor. My viewing wouldn't be any better, but at least you can walk on over to the front of the stage or walk on over and visit the celebrities that are seated on tables around you.

The problem is that the Alamodome is just too big for anyone to have a good seat. First row center is the best you could get, but it's still too far from the stage. I was on the ninth row and really needed binoculars to see good. The two large screen on either side of the stage was the only way everyone got to see the artists up close.

Keep an eye on the Tejano Home Page for exclusive photos and more information from the awards.

~ Abel M. Hernandez