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I've been on the Internet since 1990. My first email address was Believe it or not, I still get junk email that will have as one of the recipient that email address even though it hasn't existed for over 10 yrs!

When Netscape first came out as beta .09b sometime around 1994, I started browsing the great wide web. After a while, I noticed there were no Tejano/Mexicano web sites out there. There were only a few hispanic web sites build by some going to college with articles about mexican music, mariachi, etc but none of them really had anything like what I was looking for: photos, music samples, bios, etc like other web sites out there on music that I liked.

So I decided to start my own web site called Abel's Homeroom in Oct 1994. My web server was running on my own PC in my office at work. At first I had only some stuff on there like links to other hispanic web sites and interesting facts and icons, but then after buying a black & white scanner I started building it up a bit with some photos & music samples of some Tejano music I had on cassette. Soon, I upgraded to a color scanner and re-scanned everything again!

Sometime on Feb 1995 after Valentines day, I decided to move my web site to my company's web server on the other side of the firewall. I was now "live" on the Internet for anyone in the world to see my web site! That's why I always say my web site has been around since March 1995. As you can imagine, I was very excited for having the very first web site with Tejano related information!

Since my company's web site was already running on the server, I had to run my server web site on a different port other than the default of 80. Since it was 1995, I decided to use that as the port number. And since I didn't have my own domain name, I had to use the IP address that my company was running on. So that's why to get to my web site, you had to put something like:
Who remembers that? LOL!

I started emailing everyone that had web sites out there with any hispanic information on it, telling them of my new Tejano Music web site. Others that were searching for Tejano music would of course find only my web site so it got very popular immediately. Within a few weeks I was getting a lot of email. One of the email was from someone at Manny Music asking if I would like any promotional material on their artists for my web site. Of course I said yes! That allowed me to email/call EMI Latin and Sony Discos and says, "well I got Manny Music artists on there, won't you like to have your artists on there too?" Soon I was getting a lot of photos, posters, CD's, Bios on every popular Tejano and Mexicano artists out there. I was now doing a lot of typing in of the Bios, creating music samples and scanning, scanning, scanning. I now had two FULLTIME JOBS! LOL

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