April 1, 1995 Corpus Christi, TX

My wife and I happened to stay at the same Days Inn motel where Selena was killed. We had not planned this, it just was the only motel with two rooms available at the time (we went with another couple) and I didn't know that this was the place where the tragedy had happened. And as this turned out, it helped us to get a better feel for what had happened.

The 1-800 number rated this motel as a 4 (with 5 being the best). Well, it was a barely a 3. I base this on my experiences of staying in all types of motels/hotels around the US. From the Sheraton suite downtown San Fransico to a rat hole in downtown Anchorage Alaska (where probably hookers took their tricks), to a 5 star hotel in Barranquilla, Colombia, South America.

Our room was about 5 rooms across from where Selena was shot. We were in the North Bldg but our door was right where the South Bldg started, so we could see down the hall toward the room where Selena was shot. This sort of allowed us to see the constant stream of people and reporters going there for a look. It looked like this went on all day and night. We both woked up about 4am and could hear people walking and talking. There wasn't much of anything to see though.

Selena had a long way to go to get to the lobby of the motel. I would estimate at least 100 feet.

I don't know where Selena parked, but the old hag who shot her was parked in the parking lot far from the parking lot next to her room. Notice the room where Selena was shot (the X mark) and where the the truck was parked (labeled as 3). She could have parked where I marked "Park". The pool is really between where they show it to be and the square labeled "Pool area". Selena must have run along side of the pool to get to the lobby.

Selena lived in a very modest neigborhood. Her 2 story house was next door to her parent's house that was on the corner of the street. I didn't really pay much attention to the other houses. I was trying to film and take pictures of her and her parent's house while watching out for the cars that were constantly going by. Her neigborhood was sort of in the middle income range and well kept.

Selena Etc. was closed of course, but we went there anyway to see it. It was small but looked very nice. We would have liked to see the inside of it. Well, maybe next time. I, like everyone else, feel bad that I didn't make the time to come to Corpus Christi before this happened.

We went to the Silent Prayer they had at the Convention Center. It was large enough for everyone who attended. There were several speakers and they all had alot of nice things to say.

Sunday, they had her in a closed casket for viewing at the same place. You could only walk in single file and NO filming or picture taking were allowed. This really bummed alot of people. It really bummed us out when we found out today that around 9pm the parents went ahead and allowed the casket to be opened! I'm sure the choice of no pictures and close casket were other people's idea because Selena and her parents were close and friendly to people.

All in all, we were very happy that we went and got to see all of the support of her fans from all over Texas and Mexico. I'm sure that there were people from further places that we didn't see.

We are glad that we got to see her several times and will treasure our picture that she autographed for us forever.

Click here for pictures from my trip to Corpus Christi.