This is a hardcover book with 291 pages. In the center of the book there are 8 pages of pictures consisting of both color and in black & white. There's a Discography at the end of the book.

A regular visitor and contributor to the Tejano Home Page said the following about the book:
Mr. Patoski has written a brilliant book, the first one worthy of Selena. All the background material about Tejano music and prejudices that Mexican-Americans have endured really sets the stage for Selena's life very well. The author has done a meticulous job of collecting and arranging the mountains of detail, and has done so with a minimum of errors. This book is a keeper. I'll probably read it through a second time with greater care.

I agree with the above reader. Mr. Patoski went into great detail about Mexican- Americans, the beginning of Mexican/Tejano music, and about Selena's parents, grandparents, friends, music career, etc.

I have to mention that Mr. Quintanilla said that he hasn't read and doesn't plan to read the book. He asked people not to buy Mr. Patoski's book. On the other hand Mr. Ramon Hernandez, who feels very close to the family and who was Selena's publicist and photographer in the beginning, said that if Mr. Qunitanilla would take the time to read the book, he would probably be very content with it since there is nothing really negative in the book.

SELENA Como La Flor
by Joe Nick Patoski
Little, Brown and Company
$22.95   ISBN 0-316-69378-2

The paperback version has 356 pages and cost $6.50